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Following the big new build release a week ago, iRacing has released a new update to their online racing simulation.

Following the big new build release a week ago, iRacing has released a new update to their online racing simulation.

The new update mainly affects several cars, introducing slight physics changes and new setups. The update also integrates Fanatec’s newest SDK into the simulation, for more details see the changelog below.



– Change the graphics initialization to use an older Direct3D routine. This resolves the issue where ATI Crossfire was using only one card, where the sim would not load in 64-bit using SoftTH, and could potentially resolve additional recent graphics issues.


– Includes the latest Fanatec SDK.


– Added missing sponsor images.


– Updated the car’s graphics model to improve rendering performance in night races.

Chevrolet Camaro Class B

– Removed extra polygons from the cockpit model that were causing wierd reflections in the mirror.

– No longer forces the spoiler color.

– Fixed a bug where the nose of the car could disappear at certain viewing distances.

– Updated the phoenix_2012, iowa_oval, and charlotte_quadoval setups.

Chevrolet Impala Class B

– Updated the phoenix_2012, iowa_oval, and charlotte_quadoval setups.

Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS

– Added a setup for the 2012 version of Phoenix.

Chevrolet National Impala

– Added a setup for the 2012 version of Phoenix.

Chevrolet Silverado

– Adjusted the bristol and pocono_oval setups.

Chevrolet SS-Gen6

– Added a setup for the 2012 version of Phoenix.

– Fix the rear spoiler so that it doesn’t pop in and out.

Dallara IndyCar circa 2011

– Updated the baseline setup, renamed road_lowdownforce.sto to road_low_downforce.sto and updated this setup, updated the road_smooth and road_bumpy setups.

Ford Falcon V8 Supercar

– Now has lap time fall off from additional tire curing when the tires are hot.

Ford Fusion-Gen6

– Added a setup for the 2012 version of Phoenix.

Ford GT

– Now has lap time fall off from additional tire curing when the tires are hot.

Ford Mustang Class B

– Updated the phoenix_2012, iowa_oval, and charlotte_quadoval setups.

Ford Mustang FR500S

– Now has lap time fall off from additional tire curing when the tires are hot.

Legends Ford ’34 Coupe

– Now has lap time fall off from additional tire curing when the tires are hot.

Lotus 49

– We have tweaked the grip level to slow the car down a little as it appears it’s a bit too fast in corners at the moment.

– Now has lap time fall off from additional tire curing when the tires are hot.

– Updated the baseline, road_short and road_long setups.

Lotus 79

– Now has lap time fall off from additional tire curing when the tires are hot.

Mazda MX-5 Cup

– Now has lap time fall off from additional tire curing when the tires are hot.

Mazda MX-5 Roadster

– Now has lap time fall off from additional tire curing when the tires are hot.

– Updated the baseline setup.

Pontiac Solstice

– Now has lap time fall off from additional tire curing when the tires are hot.

Ruf RT 12R AWD

– Now has lap time fall off from additional tire curing when the tires are hot.

Ruf RT 12R RWD

– Now has lap time fall off from additional tire curing when the tires are hot.

Ruf RT 12R Track C-Spec

– Updated the baseline setup.

Skip Barber Formula 2000

– Now has lap time fall off from additional tire curing when the tires are hot.

Spec Racer Ford

– Updated engine sounds to sound better when listening from a distance.

– Now has lap time fall off from additional tire curing when the tires are hot.

Star Mazda

– Now has lap time fall off from additional tire curing when the tires are hot.

Super Late Model

– Improved shadow framerate performance at night tracks.

– Updated all setups.

Toyota Camry-Gen6

– Added a setup for the 2012 version of Phoenix.

VW Jetta TDI Cup

– Now has lap time fall off from additional tire curing when the tires are hot.


Donington Park Circuit

– Added missing pit light to right side of pit exit. Light is attached to catch fence.

  • Markus Ott

    After testing iRacing after a 3 year absence and quite some comments that were like “you have to test iRacing again, it changed so much!” I am sobered by the fact the DW12 has ALL the flaws that made iRacing so unenjoyable, and even more. Unpredictable snap oversteer, death wiggle, extreme sensitive on the gas (hello ice racing!), death curbs, and the DW12 especially with a very very strange behaviour over curbs and bumps. On Mid Ohio the whole car jumps about 4 or 5 times from side to side when i try to take one of the curbs, even when softening the suspension. I am sure the “oldschool” guys of iRacing are so used to that behaviour, they don’t even recognize how wrong many things on the physics engine and in this case the DW12 are, and they are able to deal with all the circumstances, but coming in freshly and with positive thoughts after all the comments of the progression of iRacing I am so glad I only spent $5 for 3 months and the DW12. What a huge let down.

    • Christopher Trees

      You must be driving rather poorly then! Matts below video shows plenty of controlled slides in the dw12.

    • Bakkster

      Did you work with the setup at all (even grabbing one recommended on the forums), or did you just grab the baseline?

    • lullilulli

      No matter how much iR gets improved… Haters gonna hate.

      Dw12 on ice? Man you are doing something seriously wrong, it’s sure.

    • Matt Orr

      If you think the death wiggle is a thing you never drove the McLaren in S1-2014, and by your own admission you didn’t. lol

      PS – watch an Indycar race, particularly earlier in the DW12’s life span. Lots of bouncing like crazy though it’s gotten better as the teams have figured the car out. On some of the street circuits the car used to pogo over bumps sideways half the time. 😉

      • Markus Ott

        Yeah ok, for sure the car is new, but when iRacing gives out basic setups I at least expect them to handle the car and make it runable. Also for sure I am no sim pro, but there are things going on that are not normal. I drive out of the pits on Mid Ohio in third gear, I hit that curb separating the race track from the pit lane exit with about 90 km/h… the car flips over. I hit the inside curb in the last corner… the car flips over. Both happend just once to be honest, but still. When the car loses ground it flips it just doesn’t in a normal way, it flips totally weird 10 times. Reading the forums stiffer springs give the car more mechanical grip. There are several turns on Mid Ohio where one wheel loses ground, funny enough in turn 8 it is the rear wheel which means the rear has less suspension than the front (lol?) while on the last corner the inner front rear was up in the air. Obviously there were also setups, based on the base setups, where there cars bottomed out on the straight without any feedback to the drivers and it was only visible in the telemetry. And above all that I don’t even want to talk about the bug with stuttering wheels when standing still.
        You know… ofc it needs time to understand the car, but the base setups are crap, the car has bugs and watching one of the races as spectator it was one huge spin and crash fest. For me nothing has changed to the better in iRacing in the last 3 years. Its online structure will remain unrivaled, the graphics have made a step forward, FFB out of the box is a plus. But the racing itself is less about fighting and racing but more about surviving and praying to keep the car on the track and be glas to avoid all crashed for the race.
        At least I will enjoy your videos about the DW12 you want to race this season, Empty Box.

      • Bakkster

        Bad base setups are nothing new, I thought everyone understood this and knew to fix them when a car sucks on first impression. Sometimes it helps, sometimes it doesn’t.

        That’s also why it’s good to be open to running different cars. When one gets broken, there are other options that aren’t. I still think it’s unfair to say ‘nothing’ has changed for the better after testing one car. The service is bigger than the DW12.

        FWIW, the fight the car to stay on the track was what stopped me racing the Ruf Cup last season, but the SRF was golden. I don’t think I had a single self-spin. Neither did I have one in a big race at Suzuka after the latest build (though others were pushing too hard and did). YMMV.

      • Matt Orr

        Try the setup I posted in the setup shop if you see this / that. Baseline sets suck, and that isn’t just an iRacing issue either.

        Softer springs for more mechanical grip, not stiffer. Stiffer springs are better for aero control, but worse for mechanical grip. A track like Mid Ohio will benefit from more mechanical grip than having a more stable aero platform – considering many of the corners already have crests in them that destroy that aero. T1 is really the only aero heavy corner there.

        Re: Tire temps – disregard the outside temps more or less. The temps (AFAIK) are basically reported from a place from between the tread and the carcass, so the temps look “weird”. Watch the F1 thermal cam videos and you will see it isn’t entirely crazy. It’s different than every other sim yes, but we’ll survive. Look for hottest insides, then about 5 degrees colder in the middle. 100-110C are fairly normal temps on the road courses, nothing alarming.

        Re: Bottoming – bug probably worth reporting. Also solved with a simple visual inspection, which with a ground effect car is probably worth doing regardless of if you hear a noise or not. 🙂

        Ctrl+F12 and use the camera controls to get a look at the car from ground level, no telemetry required.

        Re: carrying wheels – seems like people are running really soft ARBs and dampers, which is what is causing that behavior. You can get the same behavior (if not even worse not to start that fight) with rF2 cars, the Marussia is particularly bad with carrying wheels. Point being, if the setup is wrong, the setup is wrong.

      • myvracelog

        this weeks Pocono set for trucks was an accident waiting to happen. 4 page thread on forums and they did nothing about it.

    • dangerscouse

      Am similar to u with my casual approach to iracing mainly to reinforce my derision towards the sim and my wasted money…but…I also had to retry the ntm v19 and must admit I had genuine grin factor driving iracings default sets (wtf) mainly with the l79 and esp the old indycar…dont have the new. For the first time in 4 years I honestly had zero wtf moments and experienced similar handling and predictability to that felt by AC and GSC..I am now confused on what to do..upgrade pc for ac or re embrace iracing

    • LukeMaple

      Its a shame you didn’t enjoy it, I struggled with frustration but managed to dial it out with a few setup tweaks, mainly tyre pressures but I am really enjoying this new build now, it sounds like your pushing too hard, try the V8 supercar if you can as it beautifully transitions from grip to slip and really forces you not to punish the tyre.

  • myvracelog

    In the last month I’ve race more then I have in about a year. Racing AC, PC and Ir, and pretty much as far as car feel goes the same order.

    Iracing has gotten worse not better. I can’t say it is all software related though.

    Auto racing has been on a steady slide in popularity for about a decade now, the seats are empty and the people that make the decisions completely out of touch.

    Nascar and Indycar/ Cart had a massive following in the 90’s and early 2000’s and has dwindled because of ticket esculation. That spills into are hobby. Less race fans means less sim fans.

    When I got into sim racing I was a race fan and played race games. Over the years I got into other games and I guess I can be called a gamer. But I was always a sim racer 1st, it was my 1st real passion because I was a hardcore race fan.

    Now our race sim hobby is full of gamers who really our not race fans or true fans of the auto racing sport. It is good to convert them and the industry needs there dollars to continue but.. they have diluted the hobby.

    They play the sims like they play there shooters like a GAME. A true race fan plays the sim like it is real or real to them and try’s to use what they have learned from years and decades of watching pros on tv.

    I raced 5 races last night on IR, I have never seen such a gathering of disrespectful jerks. I am very slow and very rusty and don’t like the way some of the cars feel so I hop in races for seat time.

    I race in the back and have a front row seat to all the stupidity, rudeness and overall poor sportsmanship. Very disheartening, the amount or should I say instead the lack of good will and give and take between people sharing the hobby.

    Is it more a sociological issue or just everyone wants to be better then the next guy so bad or have something to prove while playing there pixels that they can’t be good sports?

    One race after another people swearing at each other, like the kind of talk you would reserve for some one that made a comment about your wife or mother. Just pathetic gathering of poor sports and dregs of gaming. These all were license A and B drivers so this bs that people sling out there that the racing gets better as you go higher is a load of crap.

    I thought maybe it is just by chance, so I ghost raced in some of the races. Same thing race after race not one race going on without a ugly dispute with distasteful juvenile conversation ensuing. Race after race I watched people who don’t even know basic common sense rules of decency on the track. Car spinning out then pulling into on coming traffic to wreck innocent bystanders, people forcing passes in turns where they could easily pass in the straight, bump drafting in corners, idiots racing at full speed under caution, list goes on and on and I guarantee there are races going on right now as I speak with the same jerks with different names disrespecting the hobby.

    Iracing should look at its body of racers more so, then its tire model. Place is like a cess pool for the demented, if you let it and lower yourself after a short time the parade of idiots will absorb you as one of there own.

    • Justin Cruze

      While I agree on the general rudeness and lack of sportsmanship (but not only in iracing), I’m not entirely sure what you want iracing or any sim to do about it – I mean you’re racing a bunch of random people on the internet. Random people on the internet can be rude.

      I guess they could start banning people to weed out the “gamers”…..but banning your customers in an already niche market sounds like a pretty bad business plan to me.

      I’d say the best solution for you is league racing.

      • myvracelog

        no a bad business plan is letting clients drive each other off the subscription by allowing bad behavior go rampant. Just after my post I raced again and had one guy ask another guy to please stop using the f=word on open mic comms, he told the guy to f off and proceeded to say why does an american company not allow freedom of speech.

        It is like having a 3 star restaurant become invaded with a constant drunken bar crowd. At some point you lose the original customer base.

        What I want them to do is enforce the sporting code by either hiring a group of stewards to spot monitor races, even hire some minimum wage hires or interns. Or allow even volunteers to spend a certain amount of hours per week monitoring races in trade for idollars.

      • MirceaR

        Lower splits are the worst. Just had a race in the 2nd split, leader went off track, came back in and went across the track to take the racing line, I was second, had to brake to avoid him, got hit from behind, end of race. For this kind of stuff I can race on public servers, I don’t have to pay a subscription. Not to mention the language… Somebody has to take some action on this, it’s a lot worse than it was a couple if years ago.

      • myvracelog

        yes im definitely a lower split guy. low Irating with about 2.0 incidents per race in 280 races combined in road and oval. So I am not wrecker and race clean.
        Very frustrating when your trying hard to improve or just at least get your feet wet normally without all the circus stuff to boot.

      • Christopher Trees

        2.0 incidents per race isn’t low.

      • Bakkster

        Sure it is. Lower than mine.

      • myvracelog

        lol really… you go race oval and come back with the results.

      • Bakkster

        Fortunately, a quick protest for ‘f-word guy’ will get his comms taken away so he can’t continue. The problem is people don’t want to file the protests.

      • myvracelog

        I been down the protest road. It is a aggravating road that makes you come away with why am I paying for this. I do this to enjoy and really don’t want to spend a hour a day filling out forms. But hey if they want to give me a job doing it my ear is open.

      • Bakkster

        Protests for language are easy and a slam dunk. Five minutes, especially now that it’s a built in form from the race results. iRacing stores their own chat logs, they just ask for a brief replay from that point in the race so they know where in the logs to look.

        If it’s not worth protesting, it’s not worth complaining about, IMO.

      • Justin Cruze

        Well first of all, I’ve heard a lot of bad rap for the truck series from a few people… maybe try a different series.

        But like Bakkster mentioned, iracing does allow you to file a protest – if you’re so adverse to swearing then use it.

        Beyond the language issue, most on-track incidents seem to occur because people are over-zealous, or because they make wrong decisions like going for the pass that isn’t there.
        I don’t see how you can complain about that – anyone who’s seen lower tiers of motorsport would know that this happens in real life as well. Obviously to a lesser degree, since those guys/gals are at least semi-pros who have most likely been racing since they were young…..whereas online it’s just some dude sitting in an chair pretending to drive.

        Basically you’re expecting professional levels while racing against amateurs – sorry, ain’t gonna happen. I think the sooner you realise that, the more fun you’ll have.

      • myvracelog

        there is no excuse for bad behavior. especially with stuff you pay for. I am old school, 3o years of customer service experience. No one is going to tell me I am wrong about my 1st sentence.

      • Chris Wright

        The problem is that experienced racers are extremely intolerant of newbies. In an ideal world the ‘twain would never meet, but the realities of many classes are that there’s no opportunity for proper segregation.

      • Bakkster

        Some experienced racers. Unfortunately, they’re the loudest ones, especially when a new driver comes in like they own the place rather than looking for help.

        Maybe the oval side is worse for this, but there’s a really strong core group of experienced road racers who will do whatever they can to help new guys. Watch and critique replays, share stable sets, personal help in practice sessions, and just general encouragement.

        That’s actually part of the reason the rookie Street Stocks are no longer accessible to C+ drivers, but the rookie Miata is. On the oval side, the veterans saw new members as an impediment, on the road side there was a lot more education to help new drivers improve.

      • Hugo Stiglitz

        Yea the experienced guys have always been super nice to me. Road seems like a much better place to race.

      • RazerZ

        Just start in the back

    • Bakkster

      Which series were you experiencing that in?

      • myvracelog

        truck series mostly.

      • Bakkster

        Well, that explains it. Lowest common denominator.

      • Christopher Trees

        Bader bup burrrrrp whatcha say naaaaow. I have me a truck get outa maaaay waaaay.

        Needless to say I always found trucks and legends the worst place to race in terms of attitude. Good thing I prefer road racing in gts and lmps. I only ever race the super speedways or road courses with the nascars and Indys. As soon as brakes are involved on ovals crap gets thrown at the fan!

    • Chris Wright

      I tend to dip in and out of iRacing, usually after they’ve made me a stupidly cheap “return to us” offer I can’t refuse. The usual form is I’ll enjoy it for a while, then tire of having to schedule my sim racing, fitting it in with all the other calls on my time in the evenings. When it comes to renewing my sub, I find it hard to keep up enough enthusiasm to press the button.

      There are lots of good things about iRacing, but the newer sims just have more appeal to me, as I really do prefer to offline race.

      Like you, I’ve also witnessed the elitism and rudeness that abounds in the game and that’s also very off putting.

      A shame, then, that they don’t bite the bullet and release a genuine successor to Nascar Racing 2003. Given the abysmal mess that ETX Racing are making of their Nascar games they’d clean up.

      • myvracelog

        ya i still love n2003, ive tweaked the AI as best I can to get them most out of it. Changed almost all the ini settings to make it look and feel better. Overall I still enjoy it better then IR.

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