- Sim Racing News – New Season Build Available

iRacing has released a new version of their online racing simulation, adding plenty of new features and improvements to the system.

iRacing has released a new version of their online racing simulation, adding plenty of new features and improvements to the system.

Alongside plenty of other changes you can check out below, the new build adds a comprehensive new league functionality to iRacing that is explained in detail in the video below.

Everyone who wants to check iRacing out can still take advantage of Cadillacs free six month of iRacing offer here.

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Hosted Sessions

  • – Gridding – In a multi-class event you can now select a third gridding option “One class per car – grid all cars in a class together”.
  • – Weight Penalty – You can now specify a weight penalty in kg for each car class independently. The value must be positive and currently the highest the penalty can be set is 250kg.  The value can be set in either lbs or kg. If you click on the label “KG Penalty” it will switch to “LBS Penalty” and vice versa.  Please note, it always stores the value as kg in the database, so there will be some loss of precision when switching back and forth between lbs and kg.


  • – The notification icon on the footer has been updated so that it is more pronounced. The notification box has been re-styled.


  • – You can now create or join a League through a new built-in League section of the iRacing member site.  Leagues provide a place for racers to get together with a group of like-minded iRacers and custom tailor their racing activities to what interests them, as well as a social hub for discussion and organization.  Within each league, competition on many levels can occur: “Race Seasons” can be set up where League admins create a schedule of races with or without Championship standings, or more casual one-off races can be set up at any time for fun.
  • This area is accessible via the new “LEAGUES” link that is located in the primary navigation links area.
  • When you arrive in this area, you are first presented with a Directory of all of the Leagues in iRacing.  Some leagues may be openly recruiting members (indicated by a “Join” button in their row) while others will be closed for private competition.  To join a league, click on that Join button to send the league admin an application for membership.  If your interest is rather to create a league, click on the large “CREATE A LEAGUE” button in the upper right corner of the screen.  This will bring up a dialog where you enter your desired League name and save it (there is a charge for this).  Upon league creation, a league management wizard will appear which allows immediate access to adding members, creating race seasons, or personalizing your new League section.



  • – A mouse rollover help capability has been added to the simulation user interface. For now, help is available on setup items in the garage for all the oval track cars, and also on the graphics options screen.
  • – Try to do something more reasonable if Direct3D 9 has to deal with more than 4 GB of texture memory.
  • – Allow specifying an alternate FPS limit when on battery power.
  • – Auto hide the mouse cursor instead of permanently disabling it while driving.
  • – Fix a bug that caused the mouse scroll wheel to stop working when on secondary monitor.


  • – Make damage spotter messages only play when chatty set to high.
  • – Make leader/pace positions only play when chattiness set to medium.
  • – Bump suspension damage threshold up to > 0.8 from > 0.5 to try and minimize how often we hear the ‘you’ve got wheel damage’ message.
  • – Make SPCC_N21 to SPCC_N99 messages optional, so international translations can override them as needed in custom spotter packs


  • – Log pit stop and in car adjustments to telemetry (dcBrakeBias, etc).
  • – Turn on shock deflection to live telemetry (LFshockVel, etc).
  • – Output shift indicator RPM’s to telemetry.
  • – Marked shiftIndicatorPct telemetry variable as deprecated.  Replaced by DriverCarSLFirstRPM define in the session string.
  • – Output relative track location of players pit stall to telemetry (DriverPitTrkPct: in the Session string).
  • – Output gear grind info to telemetry (ShiftPowerPct and ShiftGrindRPM).

Controls/Force Feedback

  • – Stop G27 shift lights from getting stuck on when you exit the sim.
  • – Tweak G27 shift indicator to be more linear.
  • – Finish filling in shift indicator data for all cars.
  • – Fanatec wheels now display their gear/pit limiter info on the built in numeric display.
  • – Fanatec CSW wheels now use the shift indicator lights.
  • – Fanatec pedals vibrate when locking up the wheels with the brake assist aid turned on.
  • – You can turn off all wheel displays by setting app.ini [misc] enableWheelDisplay=0.
  • – FFB wheels now use FFB effect to limit wheels rotation to the rotation of the virtual car.  Can be disabled with app.ini [misc] steeringBumpStopDeg = -1, or adjusted to any level of firmness using the same variable.
  • – New app.ini option [misc] steeringFFBLinearForce=0, setting it to 1 will turn off the boost we apply to small FFB forces giving you true linear FFB force output.  This will make it more difficult to dial in your FFB feel, so be careful when applying this.
  • – New app.ini option [misc] steeringFFBBaseOffset=0 that forces the FFB motors to output a minimum force.  This can help tighten up a wheel around neutral, when the drivers have a lot of FFB dead zone.  Settings in the 0.05 to 0.15 range are typical (5% to 15%).
  • – Smooth out joystick data when using it to look left/right while driving.
  • – Improve joystick detection code to better deal with small joysticks, like those found on the Fanatec CSW wheel.


  • – Added a notes tab for entering notes that get saved with a setup, for all cars.


  • – Fixed a bug in the detroit locker differential that wasn’t unlocking the correct wheel when it should have when unloaded. Makes a noticeable change to turn-in characteristics of all the NASCAR cars.
  • – Fixed a bug which would cause engine torque to produce twice as much rearward weight transfer as it should, but only while the clutch is slipping.

Black Box

  • – The F3 black box will now dim the display of other cars that are in a pit lane.
  • Cars
  • – The “Chevrolet Impala SS 2009″ and the “Chevrolet Impala Class B” (formerly part of the same package) have been split out into their own packages.  With this split the Chevrolet Impala SS 2009 has been re-named the Chevrolet National Impala.  Members who owned the single combined package of both cars prior to the Season 3 build will continue to own both cars, but now in the form of two packages instead of one.  Going forward the cars will need to be purchased independently.
  • – The way numbers are displayed on the cars have been adjusted so that there is less space (kerning) between the numbers. This mainly concerns forward and back leaning numbers.

Chevrolet Corvette C6R

  • – Maximum braking torque has been decreased to reduce likelihood of tire lockup.

Chevrolet Impala

  • – Tires have been updated and may feel more forgiving at the limit.  Newer more representative tire staggers have been applied.
  • – The aerodynamics have been updated with newly received data.
  • – Grill tape options now come in 10% increments.
  • – Detroit Locker tuned with more locking/unlocking action torque to match better with the unlocking bug fix.

Chevrolet Impala Class B

  • – Tires have been updated and may feel more forgiving at the limit.  Newer more representative tire staggers have been applied.
  • – The aerodynamics have been updated with newly received data. A fraction less drag at Super Speedway tracks.
  • – Grill tape options now come in 10% increments.
  • – Detroit Locker tuned with more locking/unlocking action torque to match better with the unlocking bug fix.

Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS

  • – Aero forces now act in a fashion more similar to our other high level stockcars.  Handling should remain similar or with no noticeable change at all.

Chevrolet National Impala

  • – The aerodynamics have been updated with newly received data.
  • – Engine power updated to use NASCAR-spec engine.
  • Chevrolet Silverado
  • – Tires have been updated and may feel more forgiving at the limit.  Newer more representative tire staggers have been applied.
  • – The aerodynamics have been updated with newly received data.
  • – Detroit Locker tuned with more locking/unlocking action torque to match better with the unlocking bug fix.
  • – Spek gauges have been added to the cockpit.
  • – Roll bar camera has been updated so the view isn’t blurry.

Dallara IndyCar

  • – Steering effort reduced at oval tracks.
  • – More accurate speed estimates for selecting gears in the garage.
  • – Drafting performance improvements at all track types.
  • Ford Falcon FG01 V8
  • – Increase power steering assist.
  • – Reduced caster limits to more realistic range
  • – Increased tire degradation.
  • – Engine fuel economy has been reduced.

Ford Mustang FR500S

  • – Updates to collision sphere stiffness, damping and strengths.
  • Legends Ford ’34 Coupe and Rookie
  • – Full physics refresh to suspension, chassis, tires and baseline setups.

Lotus 79

  • – Reduce radiator blockage effects while in slipstream.
  • – Aero oversteer with trailing car in close proximity has been reduced.

Modified – SK and Tour

  • – Added the New Tire Model, along with a full physics refresh to suspension, chassis, tires, aero and baseline setups.
  • – Additional garage variables added for setup tuning including: track bar heights, ballast adjustment, steering ratio as well as rebound and compression damping.
  • Pontiac Solstice and Rookie
  • – Added the New Tire Model, along with a full physics refresh to suspension, chassis, tires, aero and baseline setups.
  • Riley MkXX Daytona Prototype
  • – Increased power steering assist.

VW Jetta TDI Cup

  • – Added the New Tire Model, along with a full physics refresh to suspension, chassis, tires, aero and baseline setups.
  • – The gauge needles and lit numbers shouldn’t overlap each other at night anymore.

Williams-Toyota FW31

  • – Fixed a bug inside our inerter function.  Inerter ranges have been reduced to satisfy simulation integration step limitations.
  • – A fraction more max braking torque available.


  • – Flaggers have been added to the Start/Finish Lines of all tracks to display Green, Yellow, White, and Checkered flags. The initial implementation of the flagger is limited to live timing only and will not display the flags in replays, rather it displays the current live state of the flag in the current session. The flagger will not be visible if Vertex Shaders are disabled. Replay functionality and corner works with local cautions will be coming in a future update.
  • – Older tracks have had their base lighting edited to match some of our newer day tracks.  Difference will be subtle.
  • – Updated track surface shaders have now been added to the following tracks:
  • Barber Motorsports Park
  • Circuit de Spa-Francorchamps
  • Indianapolis Motor Speedway
  • Iowa Speedway
  • Thompson Speedway
  • Watkins Glen International

Barber Motorsports Park

  • – The gas station has been edited so it displays properly, it is no longer inside out.  The attendant at the station is relieved.

Charlotte Motor Speedway

  • – Fixed a section of track exiting pit road where the car would sink below the surface.

Darlington Raceway

  • – Fixed the problem with the black box resetting pit requests – a painted line in the middle portion of the pit lane thought it was racing surface instead of pit lane!

Daytona International Speedway

  • – Adjusted night lighting to reflect the lack of Musco lights.

Infineon Raceway

  • – Fixed a bump/seam on the corner that leads onto Indy config.

Oulton Park Circuit

  • – Removed some x-sections on curbing for Fosters config to improve FPS.
  • – Turn 1 had a segment that was set to concrete that was causing a spec issue, fixed to be set as asphalt.
  • – Fixed a seam in turn 5 sand trap.

Oxford Plains Speedway

  • – Fixed a seam in the infield grass on Turn 2 exit.

New Smyrna Speedway

  • – Adjusted night lighting to reflect the lack of Musco lights.

Suzuka International Racing Course

  • – Fixed a bug in the West configuration so that pit stalls 14 through 23 will have their laps counted properly.

USA International Speedway

  • – Fixed a few camera issues with the camera set.
  • – Widened the race groove by creating a new min and max race line.
  • – Fixed camera tv1_00; turned off manual focus so cars will no longer be out of focus on the front stretch.

Virginia International Raceway

  • – The safety truck just outside pit road has been lowered so that it sits on the terrain.
  • Anonymous

    “adding plenty of new features and improvements to the system.”? Could name at least 3 please Montoya because I can’t see a difference from last build! I feel this is the worse update build in the last 2 and a half years!

    • Anonymous

      This is weird, because A LOT of people are very happy about the new linear FFB, and the FFBbaseoffset parameter on the G25/27.

      Also the NTM is more predictable over the limit, try to drift the Mustang for example.

      There aren’t very big improvments, but it’s a solid build to fix problems and some nice features.

      The staff has also stated they are working for dx11 and 64bit engine, I hope you know they are big projects.

    • Anonymous

      Linear FFB is a huge improvement, many are saying it is a night and day improvement.
      NTM can be drifted, slides can be caught reliably by countersteering, car feels planted.
      Animated flagman at start/finish line.
      League features.
      Weight penalties (ballast).
      Relative timing box dims drivers in the pits.
      Mouseover tooltips.

      There was a lot of wailing and gnashing of teeth when drivers did nothing but read the release notes, but between linear FFB, the NTM improvements, and dozens of fixes to minor things that have been requested since long ago, the build is great despite a single defining awesome feature.

      • terrible1fi

        the corvette feels amazing. I can feel the rubber flexing as I push it through a corner, can’t believe they hid the linear FFB for so long

    • Marco Conti

      After reading these comments I went to test a few cars that were on my “Dislike” list. The Ford GT has been the biggest disappointment for me. I love the car and I waited for it seeminigly forever, then when it arrived it was such a let down. Like many other NYTM cars, but even more so, the GT was impossible to drive properly. Losing the back meant losing the race and it was just unpleasant to drive. Eventually they patched it a bit and it got better, but still not good enough for me to consider racing it.

      I just tested it for maybe 1/2 an hour and aside from the steering being too tight still  the driving is night and day. I even drifted it. I saved a tank slapper that once would have ended on the wall.

      Other cars also drive much better and I’ll continue testing, but it looks like finally they have fixed the NTM, at least for the driving part (still waiting for a bunch of other stuff though).

      • Anonymous

        Yup, the cars have continued their ‘easier to drive’ trajectory, which is a good thing. Hopefully with driveability getting to where it needs to be that means falloff, heat, and flatspots will be coming soon.

  • Anonymous

    BTW this reads much more like a prerelease from iRacing than an article! It would be great if you spent time with the sim and making a review of the new build seems like lately is all about pleasing all sim makers out there!

    • Anonymous

      You want me, an employee of another sim studio, to write a review on iRacing? I can only imagine 37162 ways how that would backfire…

      You`re not happy if you can’t accuse me of stuff, aren’t you? First there’s bias towards SMS, now to iRacing… it’s all a big conspiracy, isn’t it?

      • Anonymous

        For the record, as a news site this is exactly what you should be doing. Leave reviews to the ISRs and such.

      • Anonymous

        I like your reviews like the one you did for Fanatec CSW that’s what I meant. I trust your reviews I feel you’re very sincerely my post was in truth an acknowledge of your expertise 🙂

      • Anonymous

        I appreciate the compliment and I’ll continue to do hardware reviews but naturally I’m not in the position to review software anymore.

        It would be a conflict of interest and people would always question my motives so it’s the sensible thing to not do them anymore. 🙂

  • punkfest2000

    Quite fkn whining so much.  Such a god damn sense of entitlement around here.

  • Anonymous

    Can’t see why people seems to be disapointed about this update. NTM on slot of Card and good league lotions added. And still iRacing is one of the best without this update.

  • steve farrell

    I know I will get bashed for this but the one big thing that puts me off iRacing is the fact that they force me to use cockpit view. Ive tried forcing myself to get used to that view in tin tops but I find the view too restrictive and I always end up off track.


      its just practise. try adjust your FOV a bit, that might help. Otherwise look further up the racetrack when you’re driving

      • steve farrell

         I tried adjusting the FOV but the FOV I am a bit comfortable with is no good because I can no longer see the mirrors and I like to keep an eye on my mirrors so that I am not blocking the guy behind me

    • Anonymous

      Once you get used to cockpit view, you will never go back to any other view.  And it makes sense. If you want to experience a race as authentic as possible, then you have to be in the cockpit.

      But i do understand its not easy when you might be used to hood view. I have to say i never understood how people could like the chase car view.If that would be possible in iRacing, i would end my account .  People would hit you without even realising it , or be in control for that matter. 

      • Anonymous

        There is a 3rd person view (don’t remember if it’s hood/roof or chase) in iRacing, but only for hosted sessions which allow it or individual accounts can get an exception made for them to allow for disabilities.

      • steve farrell

         When I started playing racing games at first I used chase view but I cant do that anymore. Now I use hood view in all racing games. As I said though I cant get used to cockpit view. Ive done a lot of racing in cockpit view and on a 24″ single monitor its too restrictive. All I get is that tiny letter box that is’nt natural.

      • Anonymous

        What isn’t natural about being surrounded by a roll cage?

        It took me a bit of effort since I used to race hood cam as well, but I’ve found now I’m able to go even to console titles and race cockpit comfortably. Just feels right that way.

      • steve farrell

        Its not natural because in reality you have a windscreen that is taller and a lot wider than a single 24″ monitor Maybe in your world you drive a real car that has a screen the same size as a 24″ monitor but every car Ive ever sat in I have a lot bigger view than that 24″ monitor I use.

      • Anonymous

        That’s the same FOV issue any sim has. It can’t be any LESS natural than driving from the bumper of a car. 😉

      • steve farrell

        I dont get what your point is. I dont use bumper view myself. i use hood view. Also it isnt natural to be surrounded by a rollcage in a car because I never drove a race car and any car I drove and drive dont have a roll cage. Changing the FOV doesnt help either because if I change it I lose my mirrors and it looks weird. Your point that other sims have a FOV problem is not much of an argument though. How many other sims do you know of that force cockpit view on us?

      • Anonymous

        By rollcage, I mean the body of the car. You’ve never driven your street car from the hood, right?

        Hood cam gives unnaturally too much visibility. Cockpit gives the right amount.

      • steve farrell

        Yes I drive my car by sitting on the hood because I am Dynamo. With a 24″ monitor thats just over three foot away hood view doesnt give as much visibility as a real car does. I wont place my monitor closer because its not good for your eyes.

      • StarFoXySxv550

        I drive exclusively in Cockpit now really, even on console, I love it… however my only concern with it being forced is people with multiple monitors possibly having the advantage when it comes to car awareness. No matter how restrictive the roll-cages and safety-nets might be, it’s nowhere close to what you see around you on a single screen. I find that my confidence fades slightly in door-to-door situation for being over-cautious.. never a good thing, as equals slower laps, and possible collisions.

      • Anonymous

        That is nothing but an FOV issue. Same FOV means hood/bumper view will actually have LESS peripheral view than cockpit since the focal point is farther forward. Only way outside cockpit is better on same FOV is chase cam.

      • StarFoXySxv550

        I dunno man, messing with my FOV in rfactor to see more around me gives me this look:
        While that’s an extreme example, it’s totally unrealistic, and I’m sure adjusting it any other way other than the idea method give you that “fisheye” look, both headache inducing (for me), and also throws the perspectives off.
        I don’t think you would have less periph view with hood or cockpit, It would be the same, you’d just be further forward as you said, but in those positions you’re usually able to see each leading edge of the hood, not always the case in cockpit view.

      • Anonymous

        I agree, proper FOV is important. I use around 50 in iRacing. Can’t see the mirrors, but my GPU can’t render them without killing FPS anyway. That’s what the look left/right buttons are for, anyway.

        If you keep the same FOV but move the vocal point 2 feet forward, another car won’t enter your vision until it is 2 feet farther forward. In other words, you will see cars sooner from cockpit view.

        Why do you need to see the front edge of your hood? I can’t see that in my street car either and I drive just fine.

      • StarFoXySxv550

        Technically, you can see more of what’s around you in chase view, especially with a look back button (I doubt iRacing has that), and/or virtual mirrors. I agree, it would be hard to control.. for us maybe, but for sure there would be some “third-person” aliens too.

      • Anonymous

        iRacing has a virtual rearview mirror which you can set the FOV for.

    • Marco Conti

      Funny, I have never been able to use the chase view. I think I tried my first driving game 20 years ago and I was absolutely unable to drive the car straight because it felt so utterly unnatural.

      Could it be that those that like the chase view like it because they started using it before they ever drove a real car from the cockpit?

      In any event, the reason why iRacing forces the cockpit view on you is because on some tracks any other view would be an advantage. In rFactor and GSC there are mods/track combos where I am over a second faster in  bonnet view than I am in cockpit. This is especially true on tracks you don;t know that well 

      But just look at it this way: try driving a real car in chase view. When you succeed doing that I am sure iracing will accommodate you.

    • Anonymous

      Yah its annoying on small screens , you realy need a 42″ tv minimum maybe 3 of them , and in general you should always drive with around 60FOV ( give or take depending on distance from screen)

      I don’t have an issue with people driving bumper cam that’s accentually what Red bull and other teams do when they set up a rig.

      One advantage having the in cockpit view has over bumper is more details to see relative movement of the car from.

      and unless you have a physical rig that blends into the game in general i think its more immersive.

      In the end all simulators compromise in some place or another and are abstract from real world racing. Sure in real life you have higher viewing angle from eyes but then you have Gforces and shake moving you around and a helmet cutting off your view.

      I think Top down TV cam should be blocked along with chase cam , but bonnet cam is fine. I don’t see it giving an unfair advantage.

      I went from 22″ – 3x 24″ – 1x 42″ and having a single 42″ screen had the biggest impact in terms of comfort and being able to identify brake points speed and lateral car movements.

      • Anonymous

        The F1 sims don’t use a bonnet cam. Their focal point is still where the driver’s head is, they just don’t render the first 2 feet or so of the chassis because their physical cockpit is there.

        Size of the screen is only half of it, how close to you is just as important. I run with a 24″ just behind my wheel, only about 50* FOV. Worth it, can look to the sides when I need to.

  • Anonymous

    While it wasn’t explicitly called out in the build notes, the NTM got a nice handling update this season. While the compound optimal temp issues haven’t been resolved, the feel has greatly. Many drivers are reporting between the NTM update and the linear FFB that many previous problems have been fixed (inability to drift, too hard to catch slides via countersteering, car feels connected instead of floating on the road).

    Quite the improvement to drivability, heard very few drivers who aren’t happy with it.

  • Anonymous

    Personally I’ve been fading away since August last year, I’ve look elsewhere for some fun and it’s still there so that suits me just fine.

  • Anonymous

    Why is it that i-racing is still worse than NKP when it comes to the raw tactility and dynamics of the cars?

    Granted some of the cars in NKP are a bit slippy but fundamentally they handle like real cars, i-racing seems to do that well with the very slow cars but the faster the cars get the worse i-racing simulation gets.

    • Anonymous

      Have you driven the latest build with linear FFB? Not as good as nKP, but definitely improving, and quickly!

      • Anonymous

        Unfortunately i-racing is practically empty on the road side with the faster cars and to me is not worth the cost.

        I have spent £200 or so on it in the past. As much as I like the general structure of i racing the pricing and lack of people playing faster road cars stops me from bothering with it again.

        There is also the fragmentation of the user base with the way they sell cars and tracks compounding the issue of a lack of racers , personaly if I’m going to be doing a 30 lap race then it has to be with a full grid of racers.

        On top of that when I seem to race 5pm-2am GMT there are allot of laggy users and they flicker on and off , 1 in 10 people I would say.

        Then you have the damage system that acts as if the car is made of paper even from tiny bumps that are a natural part of racing.

        Then the safty rating system which in general is really good but you get people that simply wont race at all due to fear of losing SR points and you still have the same T1 and inside corner crashers.

        I generally like the physics in i racing for the slower cars but I find them to slow and dull to keep me entertained especially driving them on the same couple of tracks.

        Some people dispute when people bring up the lack of users but its a fact on the road side (with anything above Skippy) the game is a total fail.

        I cannot remember the link to the site but you can get the data for how many users are on and that clearly shows how bad it is.

        Mind you i-racing is 100% perfect for people that like oval racing with good user numbers and the structure to support the racing. If I could enjoy doing car set-ups and only turning left then I’d probably justify the cost of i racing to myself.

      • Anonymous

        I don’t think it should be a surprise that the top-level cars are less populated. Most people don’t have the skills to drive them, the majority of us have club level talent so we race club level cars.

        The fixed setup IndyCar has pretty solid participation.

      • Anonymous

        Its not a surprise but its certainly a reason to not bother playing i racing or paying such a substantial amount of money to only find out no one races.

        If you are only into racing slower cars and want something you can jump in and race GTRevo surprisingly does quite well for that.

        Mind you if i-racing expands the prize pay outs and competition for cash then I would take part.

      • Anonymous

        The two Premier series this season are Grand-Am (including the Mustang) and the Skip Barber car. Payout for the second includes a three-day school.

        I most enjoy the Mustang and SRF, they’re slow enough to be controllable, and close races happen with regularity. Hate downforce cars in general, too tough to pass, a problem you don’t have in a touring car. Really looking forward to the Civic, will probably be the fastest car I can enjoy racing.

        But yes, if you’re ONLY into the faster cars, iRacing is only marginally better than a league in another sim. On the other hand, if the tire model keeps on its trajectory of being more forgiving, we might see more people driving the faster cars because they start feeling comfortable in them.

  • Anonymous

    Really loving the new build! the feel has been improved absolutely no end and it seems like those ridiculous low speed spins have gone along with the 2fmsh, you can now oversteer without ending up in the wall every time. Although there was no new content as such the bug fix list is long overdue! now the tyre feel is more or less there we should see the other bits like proper wear come into future builds!

    • Anonymous

      I’m pretty surprised it hasn’t made a bigger splash. Lots of skeptics feel it handles better, even.

      Would love to hear what some of the guys on 6 month free promos think.

  • Anonymous

    just thought i’d say that members renewing can get 2 years for the price of one at the moment, maybe its time to renew or reactivate that dusty old account!