– New Lotus 79 Sounds Preview Video

iRacing has released a new preview video, showing off the improved sounds for the Lotus 79.

The new sound effects for the championship-winning ground-effects race car will be introduced with the May 2013 update to the iRacing software.

You can check out a full lap with the Lotus 79 around Brands Hatch below.

  • Roger

    That sounds REALLY good!!

    Are they improving the in-car sounds as well??

    • Anonymous

      In the future yes, they said they were working on the exterior ones first.

  • Matt Orr

    mmmmm, audio porn.

  • Mario Strada

    I am guessing he was paddling the car. No one downshifted that fast in that car IRL. But nice sounds.

  • Dani .

    0.55 Really?

  • myvracelog

    this was my favorite iracing car and my favorite overall car for several years.
    the poor sound never bothered me. The car is a dream to drive and sad it is not or was not used more. Most under-rated car in iracing.

    The lotus in Pcars is surprisingly comparable in feel of this car, 1979 mod for rf1 a close third. (mostly because it is dated but love the cars)

    wish they would add the other makes of f1 cars that competed against this car.

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