iRacingTV – New Lotus 49 Preview Video

iRacing has released the newest episode of iRacingTV, featuring a brand new preview video of the upcoming Lotus 49.

The preview video starts at the 1:09 minute mark, other than that the new episode is packed with iRacing-related interviews and race reports.

Designed around the Cosworth DFV V8 engine that became the de-facto standard in Formula One through the 1970s, the Lotus 49 became one of the company’s most successful Formula One cars.

The car won its debut race at Zandvoort in the hands of Jim Clark, the Scotsman, Graham Hill & Jochen Rindt went on to score 12 Grand Prix wins and no less than two driver & constructors’ world championships in the 49.

Back in November 2012, iRacing decided to delay the release of the Lotus 49 in order to allow more development time to put into the car.

  • Anonymous

    For a premium sim like this, it should have better sounds than RRRE, better graphics than Assetto corsa, better physics than rf2, and where is the shift up & down animation 🙂

    • daz

      How long have the sims you refer to been in production? They are new titles, they should be better than iRacing. They are making use of new technologies. iRacing are looking to do this, but it means a compelte overhaul of the current service which can’t just be done at the click of their fingers.

      Jeez, how long have we been waiting for AC? It doesn’t happen in the blink of an eye. The Tech Demo is still being waited on, never mind the full sim.

      Granted as a subscription service, iRacing probably should be more up to date than they are.

    • Anonymous

      The delicious irony of judging iRacing for being slow against sims which missed their 2012 release dates…

      • Timpie Claessens

        If you can find me a big announcement claiming their full release in 2012, I’ll be impressed mr. iracing spokesperson 😉

      • Anonymous

        RF2 never announced, but they sure added to the speculation it would be out early. Remember when they were saying the beta and release could be in 2011?

        Kunos gets props for not trying to retract their release date, they admitted they missed it and apologised. I definitely like how they do business.

        If those two take that long to make that much progress on the features mentioned, how much longer must it take iRacing to do the same amount of progress while simultaneously supporting a fully released sim that can’t have significant bugs and needs 4 stable releases every year?

      • Anonymous

        And, of course, iRacing 2.0 is the other big one. If release dates were so easy to meet, sim developers would be meeting them all the time. Clearly they don’t, iRacing isn’t unique in this, every developer is guilty to some extent.

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        iRacing 2.0 came out long before AC was even started and it was being hyped for a year before that; and most of the 2.0 features still aren’t implemented. The last few builds have been comical on how little is actually being improved.

      • Anonymous

        And if we’re looking for worst offenders, rF2 was announced less than 6 months from iRacing’s release. EVERY sim developer seems to be slow, that’s just the reality of the industry. When do you think AC work began? Their first announcement was 6 months after the first iR2.0 announcement, do you think they started production the day before their first preview?

        Not sure how you come up with ‘most’ iR 2.0 features not being implemented. I count three: NTM on all cars (missing from just 2), driver swaps and team racing, and because I’m being charitable the sound system updates thanks to not matching the features intended from FMOD. How do you count it?

      • Anonymous

        So, are you impressed? 😉

    • Anonymous

      sounds really sucks in iRacing I have to tune it down when I’m racing in this sim because it sounds so synthetic and repetitive. In rFactor 2 I tune it way up!

      • Anonymous

        Have you tried the sound enhancement plugin that simulates squeal in cold brakes and other effects?

      • Anonymous

        yep I did but still the engine is way off. it seems to be a sound engine problem altogether.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, I can’t wait for the raft of sound improvements to get here. I will agree that it’s probably the biggest place where immersion is lost, especially now that the floating skidmarks will be gone. They’ve made a few improvements lately (Mustang sounds a lot better outside the cockpit, for example) but I want MORE!

    • Matt Orr

      And it should have a proper Zandvoort.

      Oooo wait.

      I was watching some R3E last night, 12C + Zandy… I lol’d hard at how bad it was. The elevations weren’t just off, they weren’t even close. Who cares about the graphics when the track isn’t even close to correct?

  • Ross Siggers

    It is true that just a year ago maybe, iRacings graphics were good in the crop of sims we had. It had plenty of features Gmotor lacked. And then suddenly…boom. It looks kinda bad…

  • Anonymous

    Still no way I’m paying $12 for every car and track. $200 later and you’re sitting for hours waiting for a good race to start.

    • Derek Speare

      Don’t believe the hype – iRacing is a premium sim racing service and worth every penny. Give it a try, and promo codes are easy to find for a free three month sub.

      • Anonymous

        I’ve already tried it twice. I spent most of my time waiting for a race to start and if I screwed up once or had to stop to help my wife/daughter I had to wait another hour for a race to start. I spent 90% of my time in a Miata @ Lime Rock trying to convince myself to spend more money to get more options. This is obviously the case they’re trying to make.

        I found myself going to pCARS for my multiplayer experience and netKar Pro for my hotlapping fun. I had more races in a single weekend of playing pCARS online than I did in 3 months with iRacing.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, if you’re looking for a lot of quick drop-in races, iRacing really isn’t set up for that. I’ve been trying to push for the kind of ‘hopper’ style racing between the official starts, just one short race after another to help pass the time between ‘real’ races instead of just practice sessions. I think that would go a long ways towards helping give iRacing a broader appeal, not everyone wants serious racing all the time.

    • Anonymous

      I can send you a promo code for 3 free months if you want, assuming you can’t get one from Caddy plus some free tracks.

      But if you can get good racing elsewhere, do it. I certainly appreciate the convenience since I usually can’t schedule my races, which means I get more good racing per dollar than elsewhere.

  • Anonymous

    A fix for the too-frequent tank slappers, transmission flex, and an end to floating skidmarks are all BIG deals for me. Also being able to refresh paint schemes in sim will both make designing easier and seems Trading Paints will download on demand now, as well. And that’s just what we know so far. Really looking forward to this build, lots of needed fixes and improvements even if we don’t get any of the big ticket items like team racing and driver swaps.

    • Derek Speare

      I’ll miss the floating skid marks at La Source…not!

  • PetrolheadDen

    One thing iRacing does well is iRacingTV. I don’t watch it very often but the few times I do, I enjoy it.

  • Nazirull Safry Paijo

    if this car is free i wont mind it at all

    • Anonymous

      If you preordered the Lotus originally, they gave a full refund and the car when it does come out. I actually got paid to take the car 🙂

      • Nazirull Safry Paijo

        no. u got ur money back. not paid. So its free.

      • Eric Potvin

        No, No, got paid for it. Being 100% content owner I paid $8.96(25%off) for the pre-release, and they refunded $11.95. So they paid us to get the car. lol 😉

      • Nazirull Safry Paijo

        Oh ic. great investment

      • Anonymous

        Not really an investment, just iRacing going above and beyond. I didn’t need a refund, let alone a full price one, but I do appreciate it.

  • Racin’ Jason

    i tried iracing finally after denying it for years now and it was just disappointing.
    the handling physics remind me of ice skating…race cars are supposed to have a lot of grip….and not just float around

    • Anonymous

      Which cars did you try? You’re in luck that the tires are getting an update as we speak, try it again under the new build and let us know if you feel an improvement.

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