– New Interlagos Preview + Article

iRacing has released a new preview of Interlagos, the Brazilian F1 venue that is due to join their simulation in 2013.

The preview has been released as part of an excellent article written by Jon Denton in which he interviews iRacing’s Tony Gardner.

Make sure to check out the article here, below you can also check out a preview of the soon to be released Lotus 49.

Located in suburban Sao Paulo, Interlagos is officially known as Autódromo José Carlos Pace. The 2.677 mile circuits incorporates 15 corners and has hosted the final race of the Formula One World Championship in numerous seasons.

  • Anonymous

    Great article, and very glad to hear about increased dynamics between races. The iRacing devs have previously mentioned they thought without every race having identical conditions it wouldn’t be fair, so this is a welcome turnaround.

    As always, the question isn’t whether iRacing is moving in the right direction, just how long it will take to get there…

    • Tomaž Meglič


  • Anonymous

    Tony Gardner is all out promising stuff for 2013 but where’s the NTM 2.0 promised for this year? No one really knows when it will work as promised what to say about things talked in this article by 2020? iRacing is starting to feel the hit with so many great sim titles coming out in 2013 iRacing is just trying to look good when we know nothing promised in the article will come out in 2013!

    • Neebs

      Nothing was said about 2013…

      • Anonymous

        ok so I was right! he was talking about 2020! Keep waiting!

      • Neebs

        I will, keep trolling.

    • Anonymous

      He never promised, and 2.0 was for last year. You’re a poor troll if you can’t remember that.

      And I thought all those other great sim titles were supposed to come out in 2012… oh, but the wise SBK can’t bitch about anyone missing a deadline but iRacing.

      PS, the iRacing dev timeline goes to 36 months.

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