– New Build & Two New Tracks Available

Right in time for Season 4 2012, iRacing has released the newest build of their online racing simulation.

Highlights of the new software version includes new spotter & radio features, a new dirt screen buildup feature and lots more as detailed in the release notes below.

Furthermore, two new tracks have been released as Australia’s Oran Park and Rockingham Speedway have become available. You can check out two videos of the new tracks below, including a cool reality check video of Oran Park made by Pablo Lopez.

Both tracks are now available for purchase on the iRacing members site, selling for $14.95 each.

Click Here for the Full Release Notes


Downloading/Update Manager

The download/update manager for the member site has been updated to improve stability, speed, and graphics:

  • – New design to match other pages on Member Pages, UI/UX update.
  • – The action buttons appear at the top and bottom of the page, to facilitate ease of use and quick updating.
  • – Required updates are hidden by default to make the list shorter.
  • – Page now runs faster.


  • – Spotting allows members to join sessions and act as another driver’s spotter through various voice chat channels. You can spot through themyRacers page, Spectator Sessions, or through the myRacers popup. Enable spotting in the settings panel under “General Settings”. Here, you can also control additional spotter privacy settings.
  • – Select “Anyone can be my spotter”, and any iRacing member can spot for you.
  • – Select “Only friends can be my spotter” to restrict access to just your friends.
  • – Enter a password to restrict access to those who have your spotter password. Regardless of what you choose, with this option anyone who wants to spot for you will need your password.
  • – To join as a spotter, if the driver you want to spot for has a password, you must enter that password before you can spot. If a session has a password and the driver you want to spot for does not, you must enter the session password before you can spot. If a session has a password and the driver you want to spot for has a password, enter the driver’s password to spot.
  • Race Week Scoring
  • – The best 25% of a driver’s race performances (based on points scored) in a given Race Week will be averaged at the conclusion of each Official Series Race during the week. The final average at the conclusion of the Race Week will be the driver’s Race Week Point Total and count towards the season championships in that series.
  • Example: If a driver competes in up to 4 official races in a week, his/her best 1 would count; race 5 to 8 times and the average of the best 2 would count; race 9 to 12 times and the average of the best 3 would count; etc.



  • A lot of internal structural changes have been made to the race servers and the simulation to support some features that will be coming out in future builds. This build includes the first of those features: the ability to have people connect to sessions that you run and be your spotters. For now, we’ll call you and your spotters “teammates”.
  • Spotters are participants in the session, just like drivers. Spotters are there to help the driver do their best during the session. They are not “neutral observers”, like spectators. Therefore, once you have registered for a session as someone’s spotter, you have committed yourself to that driver for the entire session. You cannot disconnect, withdraw from the session, and then re-register for the session as a spectator, as someone else’s spotter, or as a driver yourself.
  • You and your spotters can communicate with each other using your race radio on a channel that is dedicated to your team (see the Radio section). You will not see or hear the communications made between other drivers and their spotters on their team channels, nor will they see or hear the communications within your team on your team channel.
  • You can have up to six people connected to the server on your team at one time – the driver and five teammates. Over the course of the session you can have up to around 60 different people connect to the server as your teammates, but never have more than six connected at once. If a seventh person tries to connect they will be rejected, and the original six will be informed of this. You can then decide whether one of you should disconnect to allow this other person to join. While it is unlikely anyone will use this capability to the extremes for spotting, it is good to be aware of this restriction as additional features become available in future builds.
  • You will see a [Start Spotting] or [Stop Spotting] button on the Session screen if you are registered as someone’s spotter. Clicking on [Start Spotting] declares your intent to spot for the driver and will change the button to [Stop Spotting]. Clicking on [Stop Spotting] declares your intent to cease spotting for the driver. As long as any one person on the team is connected to the session and has declared their intent to spot, the computer-generated spotter’s voice will be disabled, and the computer spotter will only give high priority messages via text chat. Some of the computer-generated spotter’s messages have been adjusted from low to medium as a part of this feature. If there is nobody that you could possibly spot for (the team’s driver is currently disconnected), the button will be grayed out.


  • Text and voice chat within the simulation have been replaced with a race radio. The new radio is a combination scanner and transmitter.
  • The scanner will automatically scan through all of the channels that are programmed into the radio. The scanner can have up to 32 channels.
  • The transmitter will be set to transmit on one of these channels. Any text chat or voice transmissions you make will be on the channel the transmitter is set to. You can assign a key or button to the “Next Channel”/”Previous Channel” controls on the Options/Sound screen. You can use these controls to cycle the transmitter through the set of channels that are programmed into the radio. The channel your transmitter is set to is displayed on the replay and driving screens, above the L/Q/S/P meters. The transmitter-channel indicator will blink each time your radio’s configuration is changed.
  • A channel is identified by its name. Channel names begin with the @ symbol, and can include letters, digits, and the – (dash) symbol. Channel names are converted to all upper case letters, and so they are not case sensitive. Channel names can be up to 15 letters long, including the leading @ symbol.
  • Channels have levels of permission. Only a certain set of people are permitted to talk on a channel, and a different set of people are permitted to scan (listen to) the channel. If you are not permitted to talk on a particular channel, it will be skipped when you cycle your transmitter to the next/previous channel.
  • There are some predefined channel names:
  • @ADMIN – Anyone that has admin privileges on the server can scan and talk on this channel. This channel is intended to allow server admins to talk among themselves, without others on the server listening in.
  • @RACECONTROL – People with admin privileges on the server can talk on this channel. Everyone on the server will scan this channel. It is intended as a way for the server admins to communicate with everyone on the server at once (“I’m going to throw a competition-caution on lap 30”).
  • @DRIVERS – This is roughly the equivalent of the “old” radio. All drivers can scan and talk on this channel.
  • @SPECTATORS – Anyone can scan and talk on this channel, but it is only pre-programmed into the radio for spectators. Spectators can now text and voice chat among themselves, without interrupting the drivers.
  • There are some predefined channel names that actually map to many distinct channels internally:
  • @CLUB – There will be a separate channel for each club. Drivers can only scan and talk on their own club’s channel.
  • @TEAM – Each team will have its own channel. Only people that connect to the server as part of your team can scan and talk on your team channel.
  • @PRIVATE – Each person that connects to the server will have their own private channel. You must scan your own private channel. Private text chat messages are sent to you on your @PRIVATE channel. Anyone can private text chat to you, and only server admins can voice chat to you.
  • Server admins can always scan and talk on any channel, provided they know the channel name.
  • Your radio will come pre-configured with a particular set of channels, depending on how you registered for the server, and your rights on the server:
  • – If you are a driver in the session you will scan the @DRIVERS, @TEAM, @CLUB, @RACECONTROL, and your own @PRIVATE channels.
  • – If you are a spotter for a driver in the session, you will scan the @TEAM, @RACECONTROL, and your own @PRIVATE channels.
  • – If you are a spectator you will scan the @SPECTATORS, @RACECONTROL, and your own @PRIVATE channels.
  • – All server admins will scan the @ADMIN channel.

Since it would be difficult to understand what is being said if several people talk at the same time on different channels, you will only hear one person speaking at a time. The radio channels have priorities. Your radio will automatically silence someone speaking on one channel if someone starts speaking on a higher-priority channel. For example, if you are hearing someone speak on @DRIVERS and one of your teammates starts talking on your @TEAM channel, your teammate’s message will take priority. Channels are ordered as follows, from highest to lowest priority:

@<user created>

You can also create your own channel and add it to your radio (see the @add command, below). If you give the name of this channel to others, they can also add the channel to their radios, and you can then all talk to each other. Just be aware that anyone that knows (or guesses) your channel name can add the channel to their radio and or join the conversation (or just listen in).

In addition to the next/prev channel controls, some text chat commands exist that can be used to alter your radio. You enter these commands as if you were going to transmit a text chat message. You can enter these commands no matter what channel your transmitter is set to – the commands are intercepted and acted on without actually being transmitted. These commands are signaled by starting your text chat message with the @ symbol.

Will list the radio commands.

@help cmd (for exmample @help list)
Will give you more information about a specific command.

Will list the set of channels that are programmed into your radio. Each channel will be preceded by up to 4 letters, indicating some properties about the channel.
“s” means that the channel is being scanned by your radio’s scanner.
“t” means that you can transmit on this channel.
“m” means that you have muted this channel.
“a” identifies the channel your transmitter is set to (the “active” channel).

@add <name>
Will add the specified channel name to your radio, and switch your transmitter to that channel. For this and all the other radio chat commands where you specify a channel name, you can include the @ on the name (@add @lizard), or not (@add lizard). Both will work.

@remove <name>
Will remove the specified channel from your radio. Some channels can not be removed.

@transmit <name>
Will switch your transmitter to the channel. If you do not have permission to transmit on the channel, the transmitter will not be changed.

@mute <name>
Will mute the channel. You will no longer see any text chat, or hear any voice chat sent on the channel. Some channels can not be muted.

@unmute <name>
Cancels muting on the specified channel.

Turns off scanning for any channels on your radio that you are allowed to mute. Some channels, like @RACECONTROL, can not be muted, and will still be scanned.

Turns scanning back on.

None of the changes made to your radio using the chat commands are “sticky”. They are forgotten each time you exit the simulation.

64 Bit

  • – This update installs both a 32-bit and a 64-bit version of the simulator into your iRacing installation. If your system is 64-bit capable, the 64-bit version of the simulator will now be used automatically. Older 32-bit systems will continue to use the 32-bit version of the simulator. To force your 64-bit system to use the 32-bit version of the simulator (for any reason), visit the settings page in the member site (there is a button beneath the “race now” button with a wrench on it), and toggle 64-bit mode to off.
  • – The simulator’s splash screen now indicates which version of the simulator has been launched. It states either “ Simulator 64-bit” or “ Simulator 32-bit”.
  • – At this time there are no substantial known differences (bugs or features) between the two modes. There are reports of additional z-fighting/flickering with certain cameras in 64-bit mode.
  • – Some of your existing setups may now produce slightly different ride heights than previous version of the simulator. We discovered and fixed a physics bug that affected the ride heights, they are now more correct.
  • – The 64-bit version of the software has been updated to load the 64-bit versions of trackIR (npclient64.dll) and our fanatec wheel support (ftk_api64.dll), and will also now directly access all of the 64-bit system DLLs, including DirectX.

Touch Driving

  • – The Sim now supports the ability to drive using a touch screen or a mouse.
  • – Added reset/exit buttons to driving display when using touch/mouse driving.
  • – Added reverse/drive button to driving display when using automatic and touch/mouse driving.
  • – Added an auto pit speed limiter, enabled only when touch driving.
  • – Allow user to turn off the mouse interface while driving (exit/reset/drive/black box next buttons)

Dirty Windshields

  • – Windshields will now get dirty as you drive. Driving behind other cars will make the windshield get dirtier faster. Driving through smoke, dust, clouds of oil from blown motors will make the windshield get really dirty really fast. We have added this effect to all cars with full windshields.
  • – Your pit crew have an option to do a windshield tear-off, available in the F4 black box, if the car supports windshield tear-offs. By default they will clear your windshield. At this time there is no limit to how often they will clear your windshield, while in real races you would typically see a maximum of four or five tear-offs.

Black Box

  • – Black boxes now fully usable with touch input or mouse, and can edit and select next/previous items.
  • – Extended the mirror black box to include FOV, touch sensitivity and FFB controls.
  • – Separate out spin controls in garage and black boxes so they are easier to touch.

Controller Support

  • – Allow the user to adjust their steering lock-to-lock range.
  • – Add ‘F’ force feedback force meter to ‘Q’ meters.
  • – Fix a nasty FFB bug that caused the wrong device to be uninitialized when changing controllers.
  • – Retry 5 times when initializing the FFB, hopefully this stops the loss of FFB when entering your car bug that some people have encountered.
  • – Add in some extra protection around the FFB bump stops, it may be possible before for the stops to soften if the FFB forces were just right.
  • – Add in support for the SimRaceway SRW-S1 wheel shift lights.
  • – Tweak the shift lights for all cars so controller shift lights and shift indicators line up better.
  • – Add option to reset FFB settings.
  • – Bring linear and minimum force settings into the options UI. By default we reduce stronger steering torques to provide the ability to feel a larger range of steering effects within the limited torque range of most wheels. Enabling linear mode removes the reduction and gives you a 1:1 ratio for torques all the way up to the wheel’s limit, at the cost of halving the range of torque that can be felt before saturation begins. Min force attempts to remove the ‘dead zone’ around zero found in many wheels. Try a value of 10% and work your way down from there if the wheel begins to vibrate.
  • – Add option to display forces in Nm when using linear mode, use app.ini [Force_Feedback] ffbDisplayLinearInNm=1 to turn this behavior on.
  • – Make all indicators blink the same way, an add in app.ini [Force Feedback] enableWheelDisplayBlink=1 to allow you to shut off the blinking.
  • – Add in settings option to turn on and off wheel displays.
  • – Fix a small bug that could cause FFB forces to be biased to the right when using minimum force.
  • – Fix bug that would cause automatic to get stuck in drive if user switched from h-pattern to sequential mode without restarting the sim.

User Interface

  • – Hide driving text chat when it loses focus.
  • – Add ability to toggle the display of the system meter, driving controls, and black boxes from the options screen.
  • – Shrink all the relevant dialog boxes to fit into a 1200×900 pixel window. That way both the 1280×1024 and 1600×900 monitors will zoom to 100%.


  • – New telemetry output:
  • “ManifoldPress” – Engine intake manifold pressure, in bar.
  • “Lat/Lon/Alt” – Players car “GPS” position, in decimal degrees and meters.
  • “CarIdxOnPitRoad” – Is a car on pit road between the start/end cones, by car index.
  • “OnPitRoad” – Is the player car on pit road between the start/end cones.
  • – New session string info:
  • “DriverInfo: Drivers:CarClassMaxFuel:” – What fuel penalty is applied to this car.
  • “DriverInfo: Drivers:CarClassWeightPenalty:” – What additional weight is applied to this car.


  • – Dump the current track’s file path along with the car’s file path when exporting a setup to html.
  • – Allow adjustment of the car’s penalty weight in the garage, but only in offline test sessions.
  • – When initializing the garage, make sure that if -Current- setup fails to load, drop back to baseline.sto.
  • – Added mouse-over setup descriptions to all road course cars.


  • – Optimized the filtering of the shadow maps to use fewer texture lookups per pixel. This change should decrease the magnitude of any micro-stutters caused by off-screen shadow map rendering. The new filter is a bit sharper and better aligned, but very distant edge on tree shadows may sparkle just a tad more than before.


  • – Fmod support has been removed as part of an internal sound engine design clean-up.

Crash Reporting

  • – If the simulator crashes it will now produce a .log file in your documents\iracing folder. This file will be time-date stamped and include text information about the fault which may help us find and fix the problem more quickly. When reporting a crash via e-mail to [email protected] or to the forums, please attach any associated .log file(s), they really help. Not all crashes will produce a .log file, in that case please continue to just report the standard windows crash report information found in the control panel->event viewer.


  • – Simvibe sponsorship added.
  • – Logitech sponsorship for the Chevrolet Silverado.

Cadillac CTS-V Racecar

  • – Fuel economy is adjusted in order to do full length 45 min races without a stop for fuel.
  • Chevrolet Corvette C6R
  • – Wheels are now black.

Chevrolet Impala

  • – Fixed a bug where bumpstop packers were not working at short tracks and road courses.
  • – Increase bumpstop selection two-fold with same max and min limits.
  • – Intermediate and short tracks have drafting/side-drafting effects improved. No change at superspeedway tracks.

Chevrolet Impala Class B

  • – Intermediate and short tracks have drafting/side-drafting effects improved. No change at superspeedway tracks.

Chevrolet Monte Carlo SS

  • – Fixed opponent car gauges rotating about the wrong axis.

Chevrolet National Impala

  • – Fixed opponent car gauges rotating about the wrong axis.
  • – Intermediate and short tracks have drafting/side-drafting effects improved. No change at superspeedway tracks.

Chevrolet Silverado

  • – Intermediate and short tracks have drafting/side-drafting effects improved. No change at superspeedway tracks.

Dallara IndyCar

  • – Cleaned up the UI so that in an exported setup the order of the gear ratio and speeds for each gear are consistent.
  • – Harder rubber compound for the high speed oval tracks.
  • – Reduce drag at low and high drag speedway tracks by just a bit.
  • – Less draft understeer. Reduced draft effects.

Ford Falcon V8 Supercar

  • – Change the way anti-roll bars are displayed on this car.

Ford GT

  • – Cleaned up the UI so that in an exported setup the order of the gear ratio and speeds for each gear are consistent.
  • – Fuel economy is adjusted in order to do full length 45 min races without a stop for fuel.

Ford Mustang FR500S

  • – Updated engine sounds, mostly for the external sounds.


  • – Cleaned up the UI so that in an exported setup the order of the gear ratio and speeds for each gear are consistent.
  • – Soften maximum possible shock stiffness so the car will stay stable in the garage.

Lotus 79

  • – Now has the New Tire Model, and has had a complete overhaul of the physics including tires and aerodynamics.
  • – Better gauge calibration.
  • – Telltale RPM needle is now functional on tach gauge.
  • – All new setups to go along with the physics updates.
  • – Previous setups are invalidated and will not load in the sim because the car requires such different setups now. Please start with one of our provided setups and move forward from there.

Modified – SK

  • – Much stiffer and stronger collision spheres.

Modified – Tour

  • – Much stiffer and stronger collision spheres.

Riley Daytona Prototype

  • – Stiffen and strengthen body and wheel collision spheres.
  • – Fuel efficiency is reduced.

Silver Crown

  • – Fixed the problem where the front axle was not correctly visually located with the car.

Sprint Car

  • – Fixed chance of engine blow up while on the rev limiter.

Street Stock

  • – Fixed opponent car gauges rotating about the wrong axis.

VW Jetta TDI Cup

  • – The turbo modeling of the TDI engine has been improved to better match correct turbo lag and boost pressures – but it’s a quick, responsive turbo and you probably can barely feel any lag. Unfortunately the car does not have a boost gauge, because they’re really cool, but the new telemetry item “ManifoldPress” will report boost pressure. The torque curve of the motor is better matched to dyno sheets now, there is more high end torque up near the rev limiter, but you will still want to shift before the rpm gets that high on this motor.
  • – Fixed a bug and improved clutch behavior from a standstill, when in 1st or reverse gears. The clutch will let the rpm build up when trying to pull away from a standstill instead of doing a very jerky almost-stall.

Williams-Toyota FW31

  • – Cleaned up the UI so that in an exported setup the order of the gear ratio and speeds for each gear are consistent.
  • – Drafting effects have been improved.


  • – All tracks have had their surface textures rebuilt to eliminate a mip-mapping artifact where a line of brightness change would appear a few meters ahead of the car (and this line would move with the car/camera). This change also fixed an issue where triangle boundaries would sometimes appear in the track surface when viewed from certain distances/angles. This change to our source texture maps fixed this issue for most tracks, however Mosport is known to still exhibit a similar issue for some unknown reason. Some other older tracks may as well.

Oran Park Raceway

  • – Oran Park Raceway added. This track features 6 configurations including Grand Prix, South, North, Moto, North A, and North B.

Rockingham Speedway

  • – Rockingham Speedway added. This track features 4 configurations including Oval, Road, Infield Road, and Short Road.

Sonoma Raceway

  • – Infineon Raceway has been renamed Sonoma Raceway.

Irwindale Speedway

  • – Toyota Speedway at Irwindale has been renamed Irwindale Speedway.

Stafford Motor Speedway

  • – Jack Arute’s Stafford Motor Speedway has been renamed Stafford Motor Speedway.

  • Harold Winston Smith

    The tracks are great. Oran Park is an amazing re creation.

    The physics, tire model and the realism is all a bit of a let down, only the tracks are anything you would call simulation

    The focus is on content before realism, and to be honest there is not a lot of realism in this service.

    They need to ramp that up and fast!

    • Anonymous

      iRacing doesn’t have the best physics programmers that’s fact. They should try outsourcing their car physics to Reiza Studios than we would start to drive proper cars.

    • WaitingForAC

      Good thing you didn’t post that on the membersite, you might find your posting privelages removed.

      • Anonymous

        Uh? you’re confusing with pCARS. For sure the number or whiners and moaners is absolutely impressive on the iracing’s member site.

      • Jarkko Kalkkona

        Beyond impressive, it’s nuts. There’s hundreds of them. And not censured.

        Say anything even remotely bad on the pCars forum on the other hand, and they will threaten you with a lawsuit (and I mean that literally. it’s happened before)

      • Anonymous

        I saw exactly one thread disappear after someone criticised iracing this build, and only because they used profanity to do it. The general complaint is that they don’t moderate enough, rather than they are too draconian.

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        WaitingforAc is a friend of mine, and yes he had his forum privileges revoked for being “too negative”; He hasn’t had voice chat in over two years for asking somebody to “hold their damn brakes”. It is very possible to get blacklisted if you cause too much stink in the forums.

      • Anonymous

        Not saying impossible, but the threshold before getting forum privileges revoked is much higher than just about any other game forum I’ve seen. It takes more than just being negative, you have to be nasty, profane, or abusive, and even then they tend to let people carry on a long time.

      • Anonymous

        Oooh, let me guess, is WaitingforAc The General? H. A.? If so, then we all know exactly why he got forum banned, because he can’t have a civil discussion and immediately blows up at anyone who disagrees with him and starts calling them names. He had a chance to come back and blew it within days by being just as abrasive as before. All he needs to do is walk away from conversations when he can’t handle being civil anymore and he’d be just fine.

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        If H A is Hampuss then no….not even close…next guess?

      • Anonymous

        No other guesses, but seems a similar posting style here 😉

      • WaitingForAC

        I was told by iRacing that I am too negative to post there. I can but I don’t anymore because its not worth the time to discuss the sim there. The kneepadders will never admit something is wrong. Which is crazy because people like Micheal and I can admit more than plenty when they do something right.

        The whole staff refuses to talk to me at all anymore. They don’t respond to anything I post, or any question I ask in forum or Private Message. This is unless Eric Hudec is going to come and get snappy at me because I dared say I don’t like what something drives like. I used to have private message conversations with Steve Myers regarding different stuff, and occasionally Eric Hudec would answer some physics and setup questions I had.

        As soon as I started to question the physics and direction of the sim and realism I was cut off by the entire staff. I received a private message from Shannon telling me I can’t post any more for being negative in one word or another. Fast forward about a year and half and I am told again I can’t post because I am not posting constructive criticism. In both cases the person I was replying to decided to either A) Cuss at me or B)Indirectly insult me or walk around outright cussing me out. I was being civil, talking about the sim and what I think is wrong. However I wasnt on iRacing’s side so I was wrong.

        I wish them well, I really do. None of us win if they keep going down this path. We all lose every cent spent there. There are guys who crusade against them at every corner of the internet. Yeah I slam them for being stupid with decisions, but its not because I long for them to shut down. It’s because I long for them to be the realistic accurate sim we all wanted.

        You can’t claim you are number one when a $15 Ferrari Virtual Academy and a $15 NKP give you feelings through your wheel of feedback from the tires. Let alone correct tire physics to begin with.

      • Anonymous

        Not to be too skeptical, but perhaps it has more to do with your use of delightful terms like ‘kneepadders’… I mean, hard to take someone seriously when the first words out of their mouth are an insult.

      • WaitingForAC

        I am serious. There is not one thing in that comment that is not true.

      • Anonymous

        So am I. Whatever they said, I suspect that your attitude had a lot more to do with it than just saying things were broken, given the vast quantity to straight whiners who aren’t banned that’s the noticable change here.

      • WaitingForAC

        They said I hated them. I don’t, I wish them well. They aren’t the sim they claim to be. I want them to be that. Their decisions are puzzling and its clear that they don’t have any fix coming in the next 2-3 years.

        I know most folks around here aren’t into Oval racing but the Real life Texas Nationwide race was awesome. They were able to utilize the entire racing surface from the white line to the wall to make their cars work. On iRacing we have been stuck on the bottom for 3+years and there is no end in sight. Even if the NSM was released today we still are missing the key element that makes the top grooves work on ovals. Slower cornering speeds, so that momentum from the top of the race track can come on. The staff seems to think its ok that we do anywhere from 15-25mph faster in the corners on race runs then the real guys do in qualifying.

        Its so many different things that are wrong its getting pretty old. Touch screen driving took priority over putting more man power and dollars spent towards getting the cars to drive right and the tracks to have good surfaces.

        Its their sim, they can do what they want with it. The proof is in the pudding. they are driving away hardcore sim fans.

      • what is your iracing login name?

      • Anonymous


      • WaitingForAC

        Nope. I’m not telling you who I am, and it doesnt matter. I am not the only person who feels this way.

      • hoodge1

        I see more negative threads in iR’s forums then I see positive. Tell you much? Funny how the blind fanboys tell you off and to leave iR. Wow guess they truly desire to have less and less official races. Thats why in the end, the only thing that’ll hold iR afloat is hosted racing which will have to go up in price eventually.
        Well makes sense when you’ve invested a lot of coin in total, most are forced to be sensitive over everything negatively said about iR to justify all that dough they dropped.

      • Anonymous

        It has not.

      • hoodge1

        Cant wait for that Lotus 49. “SLIP SLIDING AWAY.”

    • Anonymous

      I don’t get the ‘content over development’ complaint. Seems to me iRacing releases a LOT fewer cars than most of their direct competitors, and the tracks are relatively consistent since it isn’t like they can put these artists on anything else and have them be effective.

      This year there was about a 6 month gap where they put out no cars and I believe just 2 tracks while they worked issues with the current stuff. Guess what happened… people complained that they wanted new content.

    • hoodge1

      Truth be told. I agree

  • Anonymous

    Very disapoting update full of bugs and they managed to destroy the DP plus the Lotus 79 got 30% more downforce than the real one had.

    • Anonymous

      You are a liar.

      The bug of the DP was on the sim since S1 build. BTW:
      [quote=Eric Hudec]During the next maintenance window the fix for this will be rolled out. Sorry and Thanks.[/quote]

      About the L79 this is not true. The 30% downforce more was stated by a guy who used just a 30 years old article to find the right value for downforce.

      • Anonymous

        another ilover you guys should get a life instead of being such iracing suckers! worse fanboyz on the planet!

      • Anonymous

        funny you bash people when someone shows facts regarding issues found in iRacing!

        Do we have to argue like for the inside wheel lift on the CTS-V R?

        You’ve clearly lost all of you credibility a lot of times SBKRacer.

      • Anonymous

        Do you need to be so rude? If he is wrong, i’m sure you can counter it with proof, no?

        this is the type of attitude where mods should pop in and curb it.

      • F1Racer

        This is the type of attitude where I generally do. But thanks for the reminder.

      • F1Racer

        Calm it down SBK.

  • PetrolheadDen

    They actually made the tire model WORSE? I didn’t think that possible. Of course SRT will gush over it regardless.

    • Anonymous

      Where? There weren’t changes on the Tire model on this build. You’er misinformed.

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        Just because something isn’t in the release notes doesn’t mean it hasn’t been changed. Wouldn’t be the first time thats happened.

      • Anonymous

        Infact, people are enjoyng the “underthewood” updates.

      • Anonymous

        What are people saying is worse? I haven’t heard anything yet, have an example?

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        I think in your haste you replied to wrong person here. I wouldn’t know if its worse or better…haven’t driven it

      • Anonymous

        Sorry, thought you were agreeing with Dan that things got worse. You’re absolutely correct undocumented changes get made, but seems this season and last both were improvements. Just waiting on road compounds and tire cure now.

    • Anonymous

      I haven’t heard a single person yet complain about the tires, but heard plenty say the cars feel more planted. Have heard complaints from some oval guys about the draft, but that’s it.

    • Anonymous

      Wait what? There wasn’t any changes to the tire model in this build. Did you even read the release notes? I guess not.

  • Timpie Claessens

    Touch Driving

    – The Sim now supports the ability to drive using a touch screen or a mouse.
    – Added reset/exit buttons to driving display when using touch/mouse driving.
    – Added reverse/drive button to driving display when using automatic and touch/mouse driving.
    – Added an auto pit speed limiter, enabled only when touch driving.
    – Allow user to turn off the mouse interface while driving (exit/reset/drive/black box next buttons)


    • Anonymous

      [quote=David Tucker]This came about from our partnership with Intel. The work was easy, and it gave me a chance to make a lot of little improvements to the black boxes, and driving UI while implementing it. Plus we got our windows 8 support out of it as well.

      I think this little TV commercial more than justifies the effort 🙂 (check out the laptop display at the end).


      p.s. Touch screen is for racing. It works almost as good as a game pad, but not as well as a wheel. Mouse driving works just as good at the touch screen driving. I use the mouse all the time for development and with a little practice you can be quite competitive. I don’t think this is going to replace wheels. Think of it as giving more people a chance to try out (and love) iRacing without investing $200 in a wheel up front.[/quote]

      • Ricoo

        The luck for others to race with more noobs. Great move indeed.

      • Timpie Claessens

        And which ano ir dude are you? First of all, I joined that game in 09 when even a damn gamepad was out of the question because, you know what? The original vision was a full on simulator (and dont give me the bs “but we simulate racing” cus then it’s just as terrible as a GT5 ), no compromise or nothing. Then came gamepad support, than came driving aids in rookie series, couple months later driving aids in series upto C? And as far as I remember, the last time I drove I could even use them at a B-class race.

        Second, since you obviously browse the forums alot since copy pasting posts is what you do, have u ever noticed theres quite a massacre going on in alot of races for new drivers. O yes, this is certainly gonne help.
        “Woeps my finger slipped of my screen, sorry for driving hard left into u brah”

      • Anonymous

        Please speak in English because not everyone can understand what you have wrote.

        I’m on iRacing since August 2009.

        I’m totally indifferent to Aids, gamepad support ecc ecc, simply because to be competitive and fast you don’t need them.

        Maybe you just like to race with rookies, because I never had problems with people using joystic or driving aids.

        What you guys don’t understand, is that we need more people into the service, the rookie series will be a carnage but there will be more possibility to find some good drivers on D-C-B-A class.

        You like to complain becuase there are few official races on some series, but you also complain if iR do something to became more popular.

        I hope you are more happy in real life, because angry people are boring.

      • Timpie Claessens

        Great way to start an argument, whine about someones (3rd) language? Sure my man, I’m not even gotta bother trying to discuss with you. After scrolling down this page real quick I’ve already come to the conclusion that nothing negative about ir will ever exit your mouth which seriously hampers the ability to have a discussion.

      • Anonymous

        I whine cus I’m not native english so for me it’s difficult understand what u write.

        I’m sorry you think we can’t discuss, becuse there are a lot of things I dislike on iR, especially the slow development;

        but this isn’t the right place to for a discussion between people, simple because there are a lot of haters who love to bash iracing just for fun.
        The most of posts I have answered are just false!

        You showed the realase notes about the touch driving, but you didn’t reported why the staff implemented it. You don’t want to discuss, you just wanted to show how much dumb was the staff making iR arcadish.

      • Anonymous

        Gamepads weren’t officially supported, but there really wasn’t anything preventing you from using them, either. I also find it laughable that people think there’s a direct relationship between input device and someone becoming a wrecker. Huttu held the top of GPLRank with a joystick for years, and a rookie who can’t hold a line won’t suddenly become safe just because they have a 900 degree wheel…

      • hoodge1

        Love this comment.. Like I said above as well, it was all about true driving simulation with a wheel. Now downhill to this latest build.. SMH in shame.. iRacing is digressing faster then people are leaving. But no joking, members WiLL be leaving if they don’t get back to reality.. Gorgous and the best looking laser scanned tracks won’t help.

      • hoodge1


      • Anonymous

        It’s funny how all the hate is about iR aids and joypad driving.

        Look at Assetto Corsa. We know already it will support keyboards and joystich input. It has aids. But anyone is moaning about it.

        pCars, people do world records with keyboard, external view and aids.

        rF2, GSC, have aids and can be driven with keyboard and aids.

        The same for LFS.

        Netkar Pro had an “hardcore mode”, but the people was so stupid that was crying because can’t start from the pit without stalling the engine, and in the succesive build the “hardcore mode” was removed.

        You guys are boring. Take an holiday and relax.

    • hoodge1

      The sim that calls itself “The premium Simulator”, strikes out with touch pad driving now. A first in the Sim Racing To BE industry.. If that doesn’t spell disaster, I don’t know what does.. Can’t wait for voice driving control…ROFL.

      • Anonymous

        A disaster that continue to grows.

      • hoodge1

        can’t wait to hear the payed SRT guys say touchpad racing is the next greatest sim innovation iRacing has bestoyed upon this premium sim. I’m betting on it.

      • John Carr

        Low class shot at a group of people that have done a lot for sim racing.

      • hoodge1

        They have for iRacing. I truly agree with you.

      • John Carr

        InsideSimRacing covers all PC sims and console games along with a wide variety of hardware.You are so lost in your mouth lathering hate for iRacing to see this clearly so the the rest of your statements lose any validity with me making you simply a troll in my eyes.

  • Michael Hornbuckle

    iPaying has jumped the shark. Instead of fixing a tire model that reacts completely opposite of a real tire, can’t be flatspotted, or even get dirty when you go off they are busy making it so people on ipads can play. I wish I could sell my account to recoup some of the money I’ve wasted. Wonder how long until the console port comes out?

    • Anonymous

      [quote=David Tucker]To a computer and the simulator part of iRacing, it really does not matter what input you use. All analog controllers look basically the same. Anything that gives you a range from 0% to 100% will work just as well as anything else (touch, mouse, joystick, wheel, trackball, etc). The only difference between a wheel and any other device is how accurate you can be with it, and how intuitive it is to learn.

      Personally I don’t get the complaining about the input device you use to drive. iRacing is a simulator not because it does not have mouse support but because it attempts to mathematically simulate the physics of a real life car. Where as other games may sacrifice accuracy in order to make the experience more exiting or fun (Cruis’n USA anyone?). We will be moving away from simulation and into games when we start adding mysterious forces that keep your car on the road even when you are driving poorly, and that part has never changed in iRacing.[/quote]

      Maybe is better pCars where people can do WR with keyboard?

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        So did iracing provide you with kneepads or did you have to buy your own? So you think no mysterious forces are at work smoothing the inputs on joysticks and touchpads. Do you think a Nascar truck drafts up on another truck from 20 lengths back at a mile and a half track?

        The fact of the matter is that many of us were sold on iracing becoming the final word in racing simulators. The fact that this long after the hype of iracing 2.0 most of the features promised are nowhere to be found and instead the game gets dumbed down more with every build.

        realistic tire model – nope
        realistic transmission model – nope (can’t even stall the car lol)
        multiple grooves on ovals – nope
        flat spots – nope
        dirt and debris on tire or track – nope
        concrete having different grip than asphalt – nope
        visible backfires, animated corner workers – nope
        animated pit crews – nope
        solid cars on pit road – nope

        Everything on that list (other than solid cars on pit road) are features that were said to be coming “soon” three or more years ago. Pretty key features to be missing from the self proclaimed most realistic simulator on the planet.

      • Anonymous

        If you’re not happy with the development, don’t renew the subscription. It’s so simple.
        Or maybe you’re just a rF2 or pCars fanboy?
        I really don’t understand why people get mad on a videogame.

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        After being a 100% content owner and member for three years I let my membership run out and haven’t renewed in a couple months. People get mad because they spent a thousand dollars supporting a product that was supposed to be the most realistic and hardcore simulator possible; not a game with driving aids, joystick support, and now touch driving.

      • Anonymous

        I understand your point, but we need people who try the sim, like it, buy a wheel and start to be competitive.

        The touch interface is just an opportunity offered by Intel to gain visibility on the market.

        People complain about series with few partecipation, this is a fast way to let the people know about iracing and maybe subscirve.

        In the meantime there are big project to make it the “best” sim:
        the work on the NTM continues and never stop, same on the physics, and the switch to 64bit and dx11.

      • Eric Zehnder

        That’s why most sensible sim racers by their games at $50 and then don’t need to pay anymore. I tried iRacing for a few months and to play any decent amount of a season I would have had to pay over $100. The value just wasn’t there for me.

      • Anonymous

        but you dont have to use those features.. they are for the others who want to use it. It’s just a choice you don’t have to enable those options.

      • hoodge1

        Your gonna love those touch screen guys running you off the track im sure

      • Laurent Cortier

        You didn’t spend a thousand dollars to support iRacing, but to use their features. You signed a contract with iRacing, you knew what you were getting for your money.
        No one pointed a gun at you, you made your own choice !
        Complaining won’t get you anywhere…

      • Anonymous

        Why would you buy all the content if you don’t like it?!

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        Because for the first year or so the tracks were the kool aid and the kool aid was good…I was willing to drive broken cars because of all the years playing Laguna Seca (one example, it could be any track) on close to a dozen different games and finally knowing that this is as precise and close to real life as is possible; I bought cars hoping that the next one would be better and even if not, all the things I wanted in a hardcore sim would be delivered “soon”.
        I don’t regret purchasing any of the tracks and I’m sure at some point I’m going to miss oval racing; broken or not its the only game in town for that.

      • hoodge1

        hype train

      • Anonymous

        will you pay him for the money he wasted (in his case was a waste) it’s not like you spend 1k bucks with iRacing and once you don’t renew you get your money back. I would sell my account as well I’ve spent around USD900 and I would be happy to get USD400 for it I also would give the guy 5k in iRating 40% wins!

      • Anonymous

        Absolutely no.

        Everyone can choose to spend money or not. If you want to spend money on something you hope will become better, you’re wrong.

        I spend money on something I actually like.

      • Anonymous

        or when you have a billioneire with some credibility out there assuring you that his product will deliver what was promised “soon” and it never happens it’s not about spending money on something you don’t like it’s more like you trusting the guy and his promise never coming to life.

      • Anonymous

        Promise? Spend 900$ on promises is the most dumb thing someone can do.

      • Anonymous

        Lesson learned, right? Don’t pay for promises. That’s exactly why I didn’t buy into pCARS. I pay for iRacing because I enjoy it NOW, not because I hope I will enjoy it later, that would be stupid.

      • hoodge1

        What if iR shuts her down? Your investment goes out the door with the iR guys. Funny how people say their cars and tracks. Nope sorry. Rent to play. You dont own anything.

      • Anonymous

        you do realise they have different grip levels for asphalt and concrete already and have done for at least a couple years? tyre model is pretty good and still under development, much closer than the old tyre model and only really beaten by LFS and NKpro. I agree multiple grooves on the ovals is a necessary addition they should get stuck into, i believe they have to develop the surface model first to enable multiple grooves. the other things you mention will be great when they come but aren’t essential to have a good race, animations just make it pretty.

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        Please share a link thats not in the member site showing where they stated they fixed the different grip levels. Last I heard it was going to take the new surface model to do that. Last time I played (couple months or so ago) I sure couldn’t tell a difference. Guess since I’m just a 2500ir thats not a professional real life driver I’m not qualified to know.

      • Anonymous

        “not in the member site”?? And where?
        Eric Hudec stated there are 2 different grip level for asphalt and concrete on the forum a lot of time ago.

      • WaitingForAC

        Thats an absolute lie and you know it, read the NTM discussion forum. You know the place where the “Sim God” Dave K talks in his thread (14 months ago was our last real update to whats going on by a staff member)about how he has no idea what the tires are doing, and then slowly starts to say the problem is the surface model. Aka the scapegoat by iPay and the other fanboys will be that if the NTM is a complete failure when finished then they will say oh just give us 3 years for the surface model.

        Which gets back to my original point, they said in that post that every surface in the game has the same static grip regardless of what the track is in real life.

      • Anonymous

        Nooo!! the different grip between asphalt and concrete exist! I will search the post made by heric hudec and will post it. The NewSurfaceModel is a more advanced thing!!

      • WaitingForAC

        Ok so its a slight difference great. Dover and Bristol (both all concrete) feel the same to me through the wheel as an asphalt oval, where as in real life its a completely different ball game.

        Thats not the point, don’t you see where this is going? The OTM was the scapegoat for everything wrong in the sim, now going on 18 months into the NTM the scapegoat for the fanboys is slowly shifting into the “OSM” needs to be removed and the NSM will fix all the problems from not only the OSM but the NTM too!

        Regarding membership- 30,000 people? You’re lucky if a few hundred are racing through out any given weeknight and not just logged into the membersite. That logged in number is closer to 3000 but usually that many arent racing.

        Either way its sad, who wants the place to go down the tubes? I paid a ton of my hard earned dollars on the place like Micheal and others mentioned. Just observe a top split race on the oval side and see how many big names that were regualrs every night on the service now race few and far between. People are slowly not caring and its happening quicker than I think iRacing even themselves thought.

        The pissed off the memberbase with crappy updates in the past, this one is quite special. Nothing physics wise was done to the sim other than make the cars draft happy on ovals.

        This is a great build? This warrants the “THANK YOU IRACING HAVE MY CHILDREN THREADS?”


      • Anonymous

        Ah, the ‘sheeple’ argument, the best way to debate… And you are wrong, there are two different grip levels for asphalt and concrete, the surface model would be further improvements and differentiation to those two.

      • Anonymous

        You are wrong, go to lime rock and test it’s obvious.

      • hoodge1

        He also blurted out (i remember oh so well): “I don’t care what any of you think about my tyre model.”

        Oh yes in that huge thread there was a LOT of unhappy members on his genious NTM.

        Wonder why they are stuck at 30,000 members and can’t seem to get that train rolling to hit 50k or more? No need to wonder…

      • Anonymous

        Let’s give the whole story, the actual quote is “As for the wear modeling, it is really close to reality, I don’t care what you say!” This was mostly in reference to members who think the harder tires should cord within an hour (they shouldn’t), contrary to what his data shows.

      • hoodge1

        Still doesn’t change the fact that Davy’s NTM is coming along slow as a tortouse. Since when do you get maximum grip rolling out of the pits to having less grip on the second lap. I’d say Dave’s smoking some bad weed and maybe needs to get into a real skippy once again, and start following real racing on TV as well..

        He just doesn’t seem to get it. No flatspotting. Go into the grass and sand like it’s not even there. Save it. Get back on the track with the same grip level you went off with.. NOW that’s realism at it’s best.

        Now to simulate tire pickup of sand/gravel/grass would mean driving slow and rubbing that crap off your tires.. Something iSkating fails to clue in on.. All hype as it always has been with very little gain…

        Argue that..

      • Anonymous

        You’re free to have an opinion different from mine, just don’t make false quotes to back it up. I would never argue that the tire model wasn’t taking a long time to be ‘complete’, probably longer than he expected. There’s definitely a difference between knowing something is wrong, and knowing how to fix it though. Just because things are broken currently doesn’t mean that Dave thinks they’re right. He has said he intends to add flatspots and dirt pickup, but he wants to fix the more fundamental issues first, and as we already covered that’s going slower than anticipated. Which cars do you think skate around? The last two builds in particular have the cars feeling much more planted and predictable, so I’ve been happy with that progress despite wishing for even more every build.

      • hoodge1

        false qoutes. everything I stated in my comment above is factual in real racing. So Dave says thats all coming. Wonder what year that’ll be. iRacing 5.0?

      • Anonymous

        Is there anything factual? Hard to tell behind the extreme trolling…

        Again, which cars don’t you like? Some are far better than others. Or, have you not driven it and just like to whinge?

      • Anonymous

        Is there anything factual? Hard to tell behind the extreme trolling…

        Again, which cars do you think drive poorly currently? Some are far better than others, some far worse. Or, have you not driven it and just like to whinge?

      • hoodge1

        Not trolling. Its called facts. Dave is good at dangling the carrot a little lower each build to make you buy all the content. Then he gives you a little nibble here and there until years later he finally dangles you another carrot. Promising this and that. Hype train we go.

      • Guest

        Is there anything factual? Hard to tell behind the extreme trolling…

        Again, which cars do you think drive poorly currently? Some are far better than others, some far worse. Or, have you not driven it and just like to whinge?

      • Andrew Male

        “Since when do you get maximum grip rolling out of the pits to having less grip on the second lap.”

        F1? Or any series with tyre blankets.

      • hoodge1

        F1 and thats its friend. Still tyre blankets dont heat up a tyre the way the car does while racing. Not even close.. Irrelevant.

      • Anonymous

        30,000 active members are a lot more than lfs members, or rF2 members, or GSC & NetKar members uh? Strange…

      • hoodge1

        not rF1 members. not even close

      • Anonymous

        Here’s the quote for you: “There is a slight difference between asphalt and concrete yes. We also have variations in asphalts, and so on.” Eric Hudec 2/1/2012, so about 6 months after Dave’s big NTM brain dump (which I hope he repeats once the next version of the tire model comes out). Of course, Dave originally said the differences weren’t that big to begin with, so it might be below the radar unless you’re paying very close attention. Definitely some tracks like Okayama and Homestead feel much slicker.

      • hoodge1

        Please tell me why this tyre model is gonna take another 2 yrs to nail? Like paying to basically be a beta tester (which is the reality of it) for iRacing and letting them continue to sell you cars and tracks and maybe in the end, the physics and tyre model never get solved..? Be my guest.

      • hoodge1

        Again Michael, you hit the nail on the head. DEAD BANG.. Truth hurts those who know it’s the truth, but won’t give in to factual reasoning… How about this one added to your list.

        Being able to do donuts in sandtraps that on the real track your car would have to be towed out. Donuts in sandtraps.. Now iPaying, thats realism at it’s finest. Or how about nudging a wall. Just grazing it and your car needs major repairs. Brilliant..

        That’s why rF2 and now Cars is stealing the thunder away and you can be rest assured when AC arrives and is mod capable, I will have to let my iRacing membership and my investment on it go. No choice.. I see very little progress and much less participation as when I began back in the beginning of 2010…

    • Anonymous

      The tire model change isn’t out because it isn’t ready yet, unfortunately.

      There’s nothing wrong with the sim being hardware agnostic on driver inputs, especially since Intel paid for the development (plus mouse interface while driving, Windows 8 support, inclusion on their new laptops, and a Best Buy ad spot). I mean, it isn’t like iRacing is the first SIMULATION to let you drive with a mouse, and that never bothered us before. OMG, Indy 500 was mostly played with a keyboard, so what’s the big deal?

      • Anonymous

        “it isn’t like iRacing is the first SIMULATION to let you drive with a mouse” lol simulation you call a game that lets people do that a simulation?! Simulation of what??!!!

      • Anonymous

        alot of the fastest laps in LFS were set with a mouse…Still the best feeling sim to date IMO

      • Anonymous

        Try driving a real car controlled by some wireless mechanism using a keyboard and let me know the results ok. BTW iRacing should release an iRacing version for Android so I can play it with my Samsung Note 2!

      • hoodge1

        My saying for sim racers goes like this: “If you’re not using a steering wheel, you’re not really driving at all”. And I think most will agree. If your gonna treat a sim like a sim, drop the pads, keyboard and mouse, and now the ipad peripherals.

        I don’t think upcoming racers learn to drive a car any other way then a good steering wheel and set of pedals.. But again games like NFS Most wanted and other simcade racers taught people {especially on consoles} to get comfortable with pads, and they won’t go the steering wheel route. Sad how EVERY sim out there has to cater to the new ones who Won’t change their style of driving a virtual car. And it will always be like this.. SAD.

      • Anonymous

        So, what’s rFactor then? It allows mouse driving? Hell, driving with a keyboard was the standard back in the days of Indy 500 and F1GP… but they must not be sims, right?

      • hoodge1

        Like I said Bakkster: “EVERY sim has to cater to all the different driving options.” Wasn’t arguing with you at all.

      • Anonymous

        Check the post, it was a reply to SBK. That said, I disagree that newbies to simming ever started on wheels. I think it’s asking a lot for someone who hasn’t tried a sim racer (or even semi-sim) yet to just straight to a wheel if they have no other use for it. The time before wheels, joysticks were the norm, this is just a return to those days because the hardware is plentiful.

    • hoodge1

      Know what it’s called Michael? “We need new blood bad, cause lately we’re finding more people leaving then joining. So we must cater to every kind of racer we can now to help finance our operations.” The Ipad gizmo is a joke to me.. I mean, I’ve been a happy iracer since the beginning of 2012. But the participation since iRacing 2.0 with the new tyre model has pissed off a lot of people and it’s evolution is taking such a long time..

      Anyone know from their knowledge of real racing that usually when a car gets a new set of sticker tires, it takes a few laps or more for the tire temps and pressures to go up and usually you got to take it easy till that happens cause the grip is not there.. iPaying has it set up opposite where on just the first lap of a new set of slicks, the car sticks like glue, and then on lap two the understeer and grip levels go down. Brilliant Dave {the math expert} Kammaer
      is at tire model physics. Maybe by 2015, he’ll figure it out. Till then whether you iRipoff fans will poo poo the truths i’m saying or not, we are ALL consistently being used as beta physics/tire model testers.

      Let’s hear some damage control answers to cover the truth I just bestowed upon all of the iRacing community here.. Can’t wait.. I find very little to argue about.

    • Anonymous

      Wait, who is ‘they’? David Tucker doesn’t work physics, so taking him off the mouse and touch project wouldn’t increase physics development.

  • Mr Banana

    – Allow the user to adjust their steering lock-to-lock range.

    • Anonymous

      People were misconfuring the steering lock-to-lock also before this build. So, where is the news?

      Every sim on the market can do this.

      • Mr Banana

        We had to short-calibrate to affect he lock-to-lock right?

        > Every sim on the market can do this.
        Now this is true 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Native 64-bit. Let me know when another sim developer gets a 64-bit client.

    • Anonymous

      what’s the point in having stunning tracks when you got Forza like cars to drive at those tracks. iRacing tracks are the best but their cars are simply pathetic! I expect a lot of dislikes from iLoverz 😉

      • Anonymous

        It’s a lot easier to fix a car than to fix a track, especially if you don’t have accurate data on the track 😉

      • Marcus Caton

        I think you meant to say that in a PCARS post.

    • daz

      Bakkster said…. “I can’t quite believe they actually race V8 Supercars there!”

      They don’t anymore, as the area that was the Oran Park circuit is now a housing estate. iRacing got in just in time to laser scan the track before it was bulldozed.

      • Anonymous

        I’m aware, meant to say raced, missed a letter 😉

  • Joeri Blootacker

    aren’t all iRacing tracks laser scanned ? not meant as offensive critics, but some parts do look different than the real track, so i’m wondering if they only use the laser scan data for the track itself and not the surrounding parts for these ones. since some of there other tracks do look spot on.

    Note : no fanboy’ism here…. i’m a fan of all racing titles 😉

    • Michael Hornbuckle

      All iracing tracks are laser scanned…pretty sure everything around the track is scanned also…If a track has been reconfigured since the scan, like Silverstone, then yes it will be different until rescanned and updated.

    • Anonymous

      The laser data is used to position most of the trackside objects. The problem is that things change between when videos are done and when the track was scanned.

  • Anonymous

    funny all dislikes when someone shows facts regarding issues found in iRacing those suckers are in full swing damage control mode lol.

  • Anonymous

    It seems to me that people should realise that there is no such thing as an accurate Simulation of the driving experience yet. I’ve never driven a racecar that handles like any simulator and i doubt that i will experience for a long time. (Maybe an F1 teams simulator). What we have are some really great games that are fun so there are going to be a few differences. Great to see another couple of nice tracks in virtual form. They are a work of art. looking forward to the lotus that is coming with this build shortly!

  • Anonymous

    just reading iRacing forum so many people pissed about touch screen…also not many are happy that you can set times very close to world record with mouse lol reminds me of lfs days………

    there is lot of things I don’t agree with iRacing however flame suit on the multiplayer is just too good that I sometimes overlook the faults.

    • hoodge1

      Yes our sim racing pioneers that went for realism, are taking the sim racing community and now creating the sim genre into the gadgets to play genre. Well I guess they gotta make a buck anyway they can. Ya I bet the iRacing forums are in an uproar over this. Going over to check it out.

      • Anonymous

        Didn’t the ‘pioneers’ allow keyboard control in their sims?

      • hoodge1

        Be my guest. Go keyboard drive all you want. Thankyou very much, i’ll stick with the real way to drive a real car and a virtual one. WHEEL FTW.

  • Damon Clewlow

    Funny how they spend all that money acquiring licenses and laser scanning, selling the game as the most realistic sim available etc etc. But isn’t it a bit crap how they can’t get the track textures and vegetation even close to accurate in some areas? Don’t get me wrong, they’re pretty and I’m sure the most important bit (the track) is spot on.. but it fails when comparison vids don’t match up in some areas.

    I await the many down-votes this post will generate. Knock yourselves out, kids 😉

    • Anonymous

      Specific example? Don’t forget that the track and vegetation do change over time, it’s only guaranteed accurate to the day they scanned it.

  • F1Racer

    Its just got you a weeks ban here too. Read the rules mate !

  • Undastir Pushin

    Its funny how so many cry, yet dont do anything about it. I have stopped my sub, because the sim stopped heading in the direction I felt it needed to. I have not been a member for a while now, I have stopped sim racing all together, because nothing else can live up to iRacing’s standards, but the direction it is headed for me was not the right one, so I left, and they no longer get my money. It would be nice if everyone would do that, stop crying, get out, and stop sim racing or go to another sim, at least we would not have to see so much BS. And no, this direction with the touch screen or any other driving aids has nothing to do with it, who cares, worry about your own car and how you drive.

    • Anonymous

      That’s quite a refeshing perspective I wish more people shared.

      • Richard Hessels

        Would mean a lot less simracers, if they would stopped simracing al together.

      • Anonymous

        Perhaps, but I don’t think anyone should sim race if it isn’t hat they enjoy. If they regret stopping the time off can help them appreciate it more, and if not then maybe sim racing isn’t the best use of their time.

        Either way, it’s better than them being miserable and telling everyone about it.

    • PetrolheadDen

      I made the mistake of renewing until Spring 2013 just before the vaunted ‘IRACING TWO POINT OH!!!!!” was launched. Needless to say, I’ve hardly touched it since and doubt I’ll renew again. I updated it this time but as usual don’t seem to have much urge to bother using it. I consider it a good online racer but hardly a “simulator”. Luckily I have GTL and now P&G3 to take that position in my time.

    • fendersauce

      what is hilarious about this is they started on a bad note. (running around threatening a thriving community that was using n2003.) Rather then admonishing the pappy community they somewhat shunned then. On top of that they basically said we don’t want your leagues here…… then 3 years later realizing the huge mistake that they made said ut oh.. Leagues please join us. LOL ……….. just wow.

      No it is showing in full force Ipays LADDER sr fail system is not enough… 4X 4X 4X 4X THAT! You can stuff your 4x . 🙂

      If they made game league friendly from the start with NO sub, content costs only and renting servers to leagues Iracing would be ridiculously full. Instead I watched old leagues dwindle and divide with no new nascar league friendly game to go to.

      Then anyone that had constructive criticism on iracings 1st forum boards (which actually was pwf prodect wild fire) was banned by Shannon Whitmore.

      Then second forum board that was used up to 2 years ago gets removed so that old conversations that could be referenced as ”I told you so” facts also removed.

      Notice a trend? iracing is a decent product is my feeling, but completely mis managed in so many ways. God I am glad I got out when I did. Also for those of you that get banned there is a way to get full refund it you are smart enough. The forums are part of the game service. Interrupting service is a contract breech.

      • Harold Winston Smith

        lol Dont want to pay and cant handle crashing!?. What racing service would want customers that have attitudes like that?

        I like that the structure keeps some elements out.

      • fendersauce

        More like can’t handle incompetent racers. Can’t even count how many blatant wreckers allowed to stay in the A license brackets.

        ”Good leagues” in n2003 or Gpl would never allow such crap racing.

      • Undastir Pushin

        Its people like this (fendersauce) that were a huge factor in me leaving, hopefully they weed the rest of them out of there soon.

      • ackerman_r

        Thanks for posting my exact feelings.

  • Diego Colafabio

    Less words, more racing

  • hoodge1

    I agree. There are some cars that have improved really well. The riley proto is now my favorite car, whereas before it was rear end slippery. So yes the ntm has done good on some of the cars. No argument there.

    • Harold Winston Smith

      The Riley has no feel to it at all. You just react to graphics happening on the screen. It’s an example of how hopeless the NTM is regarding feel.

      Nothing it does makes sense, it’s inconsistent wishy washy rubbish.

  • Matt Orr

    The comments section here is sad. Funny, but sad.

  • sargentjack86

    They still trying to flog this dead horse??? It’s amazing that people are still being conned by these guys.

    I remember trying a 3 month trial with the promise of unrivaled physics and fair racing. Well the physics were total rubbish and still are by the sounds of it………… for the racing…….people were more worried about buffing thier SR than doing any actual racing.
    $14 for a track?? $10 for a car??? Good one guys……
    I just feel sorry for the people who invested anything from $100-$1000 on this trash.

  • Lola Vacca

    I’m hearing praise for the NTM Lotus79 from multiple sources:

    “I recommend everyone gives the L79 a try, it’s phenomenal on the NTM,
    doesn’t have any of the usual NTM problems, cold tyres aren’t faster, it
    can slide and be caught, tyres don’t turn to mush after 1 tiny slide.
    It’s fantastic, if you’re not driving it you’re missing out on the best
    car on the service at the moment.” (Deko from LFS forum)

    Maybe the L79 is running a preview of the NTM5 while the other NTM cars are on older iterations?

  • fendersauce

    sounds like ipay is having a mutiny. LOL awesome you reap what you sow.

  • ackerman_r

    I said this was more of a scheme than a real friend of the sim community long ago. I cant believe how many still pay for this ongoing beta test. GPL is still here and going strong. Come visit us, the can am mod is out now too, free free free.

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