- Sim Racing News – Nearing 500 Million Laps – Nearing 500 Million Laps is closing in on an important milestone as the online racing service is getting close to celebrating 500 million laps completed by its members.

Since iRacing opened for business in mid 2008, iRacing subscribers have completed over 380 million laps, 170 million of which have been completed in one of iRacing’s 30 official series. Another 115 million laps have been completed in open practice while the over 200 private leagues account for 50 million laps run. The impressive figures don’t even include the laps run by sim racers in private testing, a number which iRacing estimates goes into the hundreds of millions as well.

To celebrate the big 500 million milestone, iRacing will be having several prizes for their subscribers in store. The person who completes the 500 million lap will get a free 5-year membership in reward, all iRacing subscribers racing in one of the official series the day the milestone is reached will be getting $5 of iRacing credit as well.

Furthermore, the driver who completes the most series laps between now and the milestone will be getting $500 of credit, since oval drivers can complete laps quicker than road course racers there will also be a $500 credit for the busiest road course racer. To wrap things up, the subscribers with the most wins between now and the milestone will be getting $500 of credit as well.

  • Ghoults

    Hmm so the best change to get this prize is to run some really short track in some really fast car?

  • Riches

    500$ for the most laps, you should not have a job to get such milage.
    When i see the insane amount of laps some people do already without this prize.

  • Riches

    It’s only for official races, so you can’t really choose your weapon.

  • stabiz

    And its 500$ for both road and oval.

  • Nathan Robinson

    Yea, if your an iracing member, search kenneth okeefe. That kid has 20,000 road laps, 35,000 oval laps,and you guessed it, 0 friends lol. Either way, 500 million is a lot of laps in 3 years but i dont get why 380 million was news?? Maybe 400 mil or 450 but why 380? seems very random.

  • Noel Hibbard

    I run in an rFactor endurance league and we logged 69,000 laps at Road Atlanta on our server over about 1.5 months. 😛

  • Cenotaph

    Search Chris Hughson.

    1451 road wins… and counting

  • EmptyBox

    That was my first thought… FW31 at Bristol. lol

    But it has to be official. Spoiling the fun.

  • Dave Robinson

    Agreed there is no way for most of us to win any of these prizes. If you have a life and a family then you dont get to race much so thanks to iracing for considering us casual racers. Racers who pay their salaries as much as any other members.