- Sim Racing News – Mclaren MP4-12C GT3 Available has released their Mclaren MP4-12C GT3 that is now available for subscribers to buy. has released their Mclaren MP4-12C GT3 that is now available for subscribers to buy.

The MP4-12C GT3 is the first FIA GT3-spec race car to join iRacing, the car can be bought for $11.95.

Powered by a 3.8 liter V8 bi-turbo engine, the MP4-12C is build to the FIA GT3 regulations based on the MP4-12C road car. The car made its competition debut in the British GT Championship last year and went on to compete in various events, including the Spa 24 Hours race.

  • Anonymous

    Hearing good things so far, and even better the rest of the cars should be getting similar steering and sound updates next build. The steering update is tying the two front tires together with the steering rack, so hitting a bump or wall with one tire pushes against the other one.

    • Brad Allen

      you would have thought that would have been the case already, surely a pretty simple thing among all the other physics components

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, a bit of an interesting simplification to have made. I’m guessing it was just legacy code from GPL/NR2k3 and they didn’t think it was worth updating til now.

    • Anonymous

      getting similar sound??? are you kidding me??? the Macca is sounding like the Star Mazda. As usual totally crappy sound and slow speed spins! iRacing needs a full makeover engine asap!

      • Anonymous

        The audio sounds like an improvement to me, YMMV. This car didn’t get the big N5TM update either, so not sure why you would expect the low speed spin issue fixed.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, slow speed spins… the car is unpredictable at slow speed… LOL

        Learn how to manage weight transfers and throttle control instead writing bulls***s.

        It sounds like the star Mazda? wtf?

      • Niels Heusinkveld

        That looks quite odd to me how it behaves over the limit. Seems the oversteer stops, it straightens, and then you let go of the opposite lock. Also seems non linear steering or at least overly quick steering. The car slides but it doesn’t look ‘real’ to me.

      • Anonymous

        Did you consider the movement of the arms locked at 180°?
        The steering is linear, g25 stock, 900°

        What do you think about this: ??

      • Niels Heusinkveld

        Ah so the hand animation stops, but you keep steering? That would make more sense from a physics point of view. Though a 3 man team added good hand animations for 720 degrees in what was it 2003 (live for speed) but that’s not the topic. 🙂

      • Anonymous

        Yeah exactly, the animation is only 90°+90° because it is still WIP, like a lot of other things!

        btw I prefer a 180° animation and continue updates instead 720° with the last serious update on October 2009… still waiting the Scirocco 😉

      • Anonymous

        There’s a known issue with the current NTM iterations that the tires end up with too much grip loss past peak slip and the devs are trying to remedy it. It sounds as if that’s the primary cause of a lot of the exaggerated issues with the NTM, both the sudden low speed spins and the 2FMSH.

      • Anonymous

        @lullilulli “Learn how to manage weight” – sorry but I’m not your average driver! I’ve got over 40% wins (in ten different cars or so) in 200 races and iRating over 5000. Try to bully your typical fanboyz not me get that!

      • Anonymous

        I’m not trying to bully anyone. If I can manage the car at slow speed without any sort of problem, and have fun powersliding it, I can’t understand how a 5000+ irating guy continue to spin. Maybe he is too used to the grip fest on another “sim” 😉

      • Anonymous

        not a problem topping the timing charts with the Mclaren but for that as usual you need weirdest setups!

      • Marco Conti

        Not quite in my opinion, but I did find some behavior a bit odd.

        For instance, on lap one at Suzuka the car was well planted in the S section and I approached it fast but not close to the limit,
        lap 2 the car definately was a bit looser. I had to go in a bit slower than I did on lap 1 or it felt like it was losing the back.

        So I decided to chart the behavior. Clearly, this is not a scientific test as it relies on my driving skill and on how well I can get the car to enter a turn in a similar fashion lap after lap at a similar speed, but including my limitations it seemed clear to me that at equal speed and using the very same track-in|track-out markers an entry speed and braking as close to consistent as I could do it, the car is definitely looser in the second and third laps than the first.

        Once the car is over the limit, like many iR cars it snaps oversteers. But that’s nothing new.

        Overall, I like the car, but I will need a lot of time before I’ll feel confident enough to race it. I hope they will fix this cold tires behaviors as they seem totally unrealistic to me. In the ovals, you can clock your best time only on lap one, in the road side you have these snap oversteers that get worse as the tires warm up while it should be the opposite.

        I think it’s Time iracing comes out with a real Tire model that behaves like a tire should. I am starting to suspect that something is terribly wrong with the NTM, but given the amount of hype and the time investment they are understandably trying to fix it rather than scrap it and start from scratch, but it may very well be that it is not fixable.
        Sometime you have to cut your losses but in iR case that would be devastating to the membership, credibility and the very life of the sim.
        On the flip side, leaving it like it is is definitely hurting the business.

  • Anonymous

    Here’s a video someone made as well. Pure engine sounds, which are much better 🙂

  • Matt Orr

    I went ahead and made a video. In car laps, some exterior TV cam shots, sound clip and the incar adjustments are covered. Bit of everything.

  • Diego Colafabio

    Amazing job. Really beautiful car, and really fun to drive. Well done guys.

  • Henk Ensing

    Nice car, I suppose… But honestly, it’s not the Lotus 49 I’d hope to see this christmas. I know, I know it’s a bit sour post to make – but it’s an important reason that I’m a bit underwhelmed with iRacing at this stage. Still, interested to know how this car turns out though!

  • Derek Speare

    This is a sweet car!

  • Anonymous

    Difficult decision whether or not to take up my half-off year subscription offer. Haven’t heard too many bad things about the MP4-12C but looking past the hype of a new car, iRacing is still missing a lot of features in my opinion (day/night transitions, driver swaps, animated corner workers, etc) that would make it a complete package. Nevertheless, still the best online racing.


  • Richard Hessels

    I’m having loads of fun with this great car.
    Spend some time to set it up properly and you can fully control this car from almost any angle.
    Loosen up the rear arb and put a little less pressure on the diff and the car gives little to no suprises coming out of corners.

  • Filip Verbert

    A very nice car! It just looks amazing and the sound is also better then I expected from iRacing. Car behaviour and NTM discussions… Guys, you are driving from your chair or simrig and do not feel any movement or lateral G-forces. You also don’t feel the speed the car is driving and that’s the problem I think. We push and don’t feel the car, that’s why many drivers exagerate there movements. Ok, it’s also the setup that mostly isn’t perfect. You need to feel the car and not going over the maximum. FFB in iRacing still is weak and not realistic when I compare it with my Lotus Elise car. The feedback is to slow. In iRacing you can’t feel the car stick on the road. It’s rather an intuitive reaction then a feeling-of-the-car.