- Sim Racing News – Lots of Lotus 49 In-Game Previews

iRacing has released first in-game previews of the historical Lotus 49 Formula One car that is coming to the online racing simulation.

iRacing has released first in-game previews of the historical Lotus 49 Formula One car that is coming to the online racing simulation.

The previews show the car on various tracks and from various angles, including shots of the car’s interior.

Designed around the Cosworth DFV V8 engine that became the de-facto standard in Formula One through the 1970s, the Lotus 49 became one of the company’s most successful Formula One cars.

The car won its debut race at Zandvoort in the hands of Jim Clark, the Scotsman, Graham Hill & Jochen Rindt went on to score 12 Grand Prix wins and no less than two driver & constructors’ world championships in the 49.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure this will be controversial, but aside from the advanced shaders of pCARS this is the best looking Lotus 49 in the sim market in the near future. Of course, I think it might help that the car is on the best tracks on the market as well.

    Too bad I’ll never run it at this high of settings with my old PC 🙁

    • Derek Speare

      Seeing as Dave Kaemmer was the first to offer the L49 in a simulation, one could make a strong argument that anything else is simply a copy 😉

      • Marcus Caton


      • devotid


    • hoodge1

      I totally agree with you. I think AC’s version is gonna be beast as well.. But iRacing is a gorgous sim. So smooth and non flickery. And using Nvidia Inspector makes every sim and action game look much better as well..

      iRacing with that engine continue to impress me with the beautiful quality of their car models and tracks. And the icing on the cake is the amazing track online netcode, push to talk VC, spectator sessions and tons more amazing features that make it stand out alone.. That’s why I will NEVER stop using iRacing as a member…

  • gogatrs

    Forget pics, need sound previews!

  • Roger

    This brings some GPL flashbacks! This will force me to subscribe to iRacing! 🙂

    It will be a tough challenge to beat the 67 F1’s in rFactor 2 though! That is by far the best classic formula car ive driven ever, even surpassing GPL (after over 10 years).

    Hope this will be at an equal level or maybe even better! 🙂

  • Art J

    These magnesium rims need more shine, they look a bit too flat on previews above (I’m assuming these are still work in progress shots?). Other than that, the model is damn impressive.

  • devotid

    The suspension and engine are really nice looking…..almost PCARS level (i wonder how many polys?….. as most iracings are around 20k. This is a helluva lot of detail for 20k)

    I too want to here the sounds……. i hope there mean.

  • CodeWrestler

    Looks nice but graphics not even close to pCARS or AC standards…tarmac looks like a 2D puzzle…so Papyrus 90’s style…guess it goes with the ice skating physics 🙂

    • Anonymous

      2D puzzle? Don’t know what track surfaces you’re looking at… the iRacing tarmac is some of the best because it doesn’t repeat the same texture all over.

  • David Wright

    Very nicely modelled but the chrome and aluminium shouldn’t be primer grey.