– Kansas Speedway Available

iRacing has added another oval track of NASCAR Sprint Cup fame to their simulation as Kansas Speedway is now available for members to buy.

Kansas is one of the few tracks from NASCAR’s top-tier series that had not been available in iRacing so far. You can check out a few laps on the track below, courtesy of jrsrusty99.

The 1.5 mile tri-oval was opened in 2001 and hosts two annual rounds of the NASCAR Sprint Cup series as well as lots of lower-tier NASCAR racing.

  • Gulyás Tamás

    Boring ovals …

    • Anonymous

      Is this the one with the left turns?

      • Andrew McP

        No, it’s the one without any right turns.

        I just wish I knew why I’d bought them all. Obsessive compulsive disorder is the best answer I’ve managed so far.

    • Anonymous

      Obviously you just don’t understand oval racing and that’s okay but I bet you would get less down votes if you were to say things like To me oval racing is boring.

  • myvracelog

    ya so boring and lack of preciseness.

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