– iRacingTV Episode 15

iRacing has released the newest episode of their iRacingTV web show hosted by Sean Siff.

This episode introduces some of the changes of the latest build release, lets us follow the guys to a Grand Am race at Lime Rock Park and features a segment on SimCraft’s impressive simulators.

  • Chris Allen

    Would have been nice to see some updates on the Lotus, or the Ruf, but instead over half of it is filled with someone’s personal life.

  • GamerMuscle

    Would be nice if i-racing re-evaluated there pricing model.

    I wonder how many users have paid for a good deal of content but don’t bother racing any more due to the cost and lack of users to race with using the content paid for.

    • General Rush Hour

      I don´t race even half the cars i own.
      Still worth it? Every penny…even the shitty Jetta.

      I think you need a job though to be able to pay for iRacing.
      It´s not catered for the 5 year old living at home.

  • Anonymous

    We can not all like the same stuff, but for those who do like it, its still superb value for money. For me personally its so much more then just a sim. its a system… and a darn good one. In its own league, it has no competitors. Every sim / game we use has its better parts… i loved rFactor, GTR, GTR2 and LFS just as much. so lets enjoy the times of plenty…

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