- Sim Racing News – Holden VF Commodore Coming

iRacing has confirmed a new addition to their online racing simulation as the Holden VF Commodore has been announced.

iRacing has confirmed a new addition to their online racing simulation as the Holden VF Commodore has been announced.

The Commodore is the second V8 Supercar to join iRacing, following the Ford Falcon that has been available for several years. iRacing expects the car to be available in mid-2014.

The V8 Supercar will be a perfect fit for iRacing’s expanding Australian content, including Phillip Island, Oran Park and, most recently, Bathurst.

Speaking of the latter, iRacing has released a making off video of their Mount Panorama version that you can watch below.

  • Anonymous

    Hmm, I wonder if they’ll get any other new V8s? I can’t personally see this being a good match against the Falcon because I think the new car will be less of a dog to drive…

    • Anonymous

      I doubt they’ll put them together, the two generations of car are completely different. One impression I heard referred the the new car as driving like any other race car, and the old one as a completely unique thing.

      It would definitely be great if they got an additional manufacturer for the CotF.

      • Anonymous

        In saying that the lap times are pretty similar, but of course the COTF is a much easier car to drive so it will probably end up being faster when driven by non-professionals…

      • Anonymous

        The cars will make laptimes so differently, they won’t be able to race against each other well.

  • Morgan

    Agreed, this is one instance where they would have been better to get the older model so it is a good match for the old Falcon.

    • Matt Orr

      Not really, the CotF should be a much better to drive car within iRacing. The old car (what the Falcon is) basically attempts to showcase everything wrong with iRacing’s physics all at once.

      • StarFoxySxv550

        Shouldn’t they fix that then?

      • Anonymous

        I think what Matt’s saying is the old V8SC (the real one) has very unique handling characteristics (thanks to stuff like the LRA and high power:downforce ratio). Those behaviors tend to be current weaknesses of the tire model (especially before the current season’s release).

        Not that they shouldn’t be fixed at some point, but the CotF drives like a standard GT car which makes the physics easier to get right. It also means people will be more willing to drive the car casually, since it will be easier to transfer experience in other cars to the CotF than it was to the Falcon.

      • Anonymous

        Now that I think about it it would be interesting to see how the Project Blueprint Falcon behaves on NTMv5, which I know you’re a big fan of…

  • Mario Strada

    Well, finally the Holden. What about keeping the physics and releasing a new Falcon as well? Would that be such a terrible thing? I’d be happy to buy both cars in addition to the old ford as well.

  • Kendra Jacobs

    This isnt iracings fault but i hate the new v8s. Look at last gen with the solid rear axle, well helped by a watts link but it was still a solid rear axle. They slipped and slided way more than the new ones. The new ones move around so much less. They seem easier to driver, less spinouts, less hairy moments, more like normal gt car racing, less big slip angles, less wheel corections, less sensitivity on the gas.. Aussie v8 guys made a real dumb move with these new gen cars.