- 100% Independent Sim Racing News – Future Tracks Progress Update president Tony Gardner has revealed plenty of information on the company’s track creation process in a recent interview. president Tony Gardner has revealed plenty of information on the company’s track creation process in a recent interview.

In the article, Gardner shares plenty of interesting info on the company’s motives of using laser-scanning instead of other technologies:

We tested a bunch of things, including mounting cameras to cars to try and get a true picture of the track from the driver’s perspective, then trying to figure a way import that or do something with that complete picture of the track.

We looked at a number of other photographic methods for a while. Some companies had developed technologies using photographic methods that you could possibly import or build a model from that.  None of the photographic methods turned out to be that great. We looked at lidar from airplanes and other things as well.  However laser-scanning looked to be the most promising and have the most potential so we kept coming back to that.

The article is full of other interesting info, including a list of tracks currently in progress and their status:

  • Auto Club Speedway (aka Fontana) – Not scanned yet – rumors about it changing.
  • Autodromo Jose Carlos (aka Interlagos)  – Working on getting a scan, some progress. Would love to get this track done.
  • Kansas Speedway – Making sure no changes to track before scanning.
  • Langley Speedway – Scanned, will finish this track in 2012.
  • Long Beach – Production was started and stopped as some members know. The spline is completely done. We will pick up working on this track again in 2012! It is big so not promising releasing in 2012!
  • Lucas Oil Raceway (aka IRP) – Production has started.
  • Miller Motorsports Park – On list to do at some point.
  • New Jersey Motorsports Park – Scanned, on list to do at some point
  • New Smyrna Speedway – Releasing next month – December 2011 – both night and day versions!
  • Oran Park Raceway – Will finish in 2012.
  • Tsukuba Circuit – Some production has started; would expect it will be done in 2012.
  • Willow Springs International Motorsports Park – Scanned, some production work done, but put on hold for now.
  • Circuit Zolder – Spline started; will finish in 2012.
  • Twing Ring Motegi is next road course that will be done and, I might add, a great track!
  • Daytona rescan is also coming before the Daytona 500.

The article also reveals a first scan-image of Long Beach that you can check out below, make sure to check out the full thing here as it’s packed with interesting info.

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