- Sim Racing News – First Motegi Preview

iRacing has released a first preview of the Twin Ring Motegi and gives us an outlook on upcoming improvements. has released a first preview of the Twin Ring Motegi, the third Japanese race track to make it into iRacing.

Motegi is a highly versatile racing facility, featuring a 1.5 mile oval that has hosted several Indy Car races as well as a 4.8 kilometer road course including 14 corners.

Aside from Motegi, iRacing is also working on Oulton Park, first footage of that is expected to surface in the next iRacingTV episode.

Furthermore, the guys are busy adding new graphical details such as animated driver arms, pit road objects and track animations.

  • Benjamin G.

    Thought it was a GT5 fantasy track, sweet! (Now hoping the same thing happens w/ Trial Mountain circuit)

    • General Rush Hour

      Trial Mountain is a fantasy track, (my favorite in GT)

      Same with Tokyo track even if it theoretically is possible.

    • daz

      I doubt you will find fantasy tracks on iRacing, seeing as they only scan real life venues, lol.

      Twin Ring Motegi (which is owned by Honda) is used by Indy Car Series, MotoGP as well as homegrown Japanese series.

  • Hompe

    Looks like a work in progress track for nascar racing 2003, but when its done it will probably look awesome, must have their hands full with adding all this animation stuff to all the tracks..

  • Anonymous

    i love this track!

  • Matt Orr

    Hmm. Did they decide to just give up the ghost on showing people those awesome scan images?

    Cause those things were cool. I don’t remember seeing one for here or Oulton.

    • Luke Maple

      They released the scan image for oulton park way back when they also showed scans of Pocono! it’s just been in the works for a seriously long time! you can find the scan images here on virtualr!

  • Anonymous

    let’s hope this new build is what we are all expecting!

  • StarFoXySxv550

    How long ago did they scan this?

    I heard the Motegi Oval was damaged in the earthquakes and the owners decided not to rebuild it. I could have heard wrong though, but No other Japanese oval springs to mind.

    Anyway, fun Road track. Now all iRacing needs some JGTC :oP

    • Luke Maple

      I believe they scanned it when the scanned okayama and suzuka so yeah before the oval was damaged! I hadn’t heard that but it would be a shame to close it down!