- Sim Racing News – First Montreal Scan Images

iRacing has released new scan images of the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve Montreal as work on the Canadian F1 venue has started.

iRacing has released new scan images of the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve Montreal as work on the Canadian F1 venue has started.

Located on the man-made Île Notre-Dame that is part of the city of Montreal, the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is a 4.3 kilometer race track incorporating 13 turns.

The track has been hosting the Canadian Formula One Grand Prix since 1978 and is most famous for it’s final corner that has ended the race of many famous drivers, earning it the nickname wall of champions.


  • Derek Speare

    While I know we’ll have to wait for it, I am looking forward to when it comes out! If you’ve not signed up for iRacing, you’re missing out on an excellent racing sim.

  • Matt Orr

    Most exciting circuit coming to iRacing in a loooooong while. It’s so different compared to everything else currently there. Plus it’s an awesome layout.

  • Diego Colafabio

    I really like this track. Cant wait to drive on it.

  • Anonymous

    do they still charge for every bit of content on top of the annual subscription? its been a while since i last played

  • Anonymous

    Haha you can see where they placed the scanner from the circular holes!

    You would think they would scan with slight overlap from 2 different points to avoid that if you’re going to all that effort anyway.

    Either that or at least not place the scanner so that you lose data right into the braking zone for the hairpin :s Surely if you’re going to do that, putting the scanner on the grass in the middle would have been a better idea?

    • Anonymous

      They do scan with an overlap, but these images just show the points from the closest scanner, so they look like they have holes. There is no actual hole in the data.

      • Anonymous

        Ah okay, that explains it! Goodo.

  • Anonymous

    iRacing is so badass, they release Montreal scan images for the first time, a second time πŸ™‚

    • Neebs

      Maybe VR ment spline, since this is the first we have seen of the spline and scan data together, ha.

  • wajdi nujeidat

    They can make all the tracks in the world, but the physics and tire model sucks so bad! for me, Iceracing is the best racing simulation out there with a great online experience, great community support , but when it comes to physics,ffb and tire model…. it is the most overrated driving-simulator out there!

    Ps: I used to like Iceracing in the past! in the past!!!!!!!!!!

    • Tomas Beha

      Are you referring to GTR2 ? πŸ˜‰

      • wajdi nujeidat

        No no, I’m referring to iRacing that I call Iceracing! I’m not a hater and I apreciate iR for the great professionality that they have! laser scanned tracks, a very good online code, clean races, realistic graphics,great community…. but when it comes to physics and ffb it is very very delusional, specialy after the last tires model upgrade!

        Iracing is the same game after many years! A sim racing like iR that costs me 200$ a year that claims to be the best simulator in the market that doesn’t have Real-Road like tecnology? that doesn’t have variable weather?! that doesn’t have a 24H progressione?! it doesn’t have even a wet races! even GT5 has already variable weather and day/night progression! even an 7years old game like GTR2 has all this features!

      • Anonymous

        It amaze me people talk about physic and ffb but never did a race or official session:

        So what last tire update are you talking about? You’re last login is on 2012/04/17…

        We all know how much do you like rF2, you’re very well know on drivingitalia, trying to bash every other sim on the market.

        What will you do when AC will be released without real road and so on? Bash also AC?

        Every developer can choose what feature implement on a sim, iR and AC have very few features and developers try to let them work well.
        RF2 have a massive number of features that ATM are crap.

      • Anonymous

        Your last login is 2012/04/17, so what tire update you’re talking about? Also, on your account there aren’t official session registered, so how can you criticize something that you spent very few time on it?

        200$ a year? WTH??????

        You’re talking about those rF2 features, that ATM, after 1 year are just broken. Cars undrivable with a green track and then glued to the track when the rubber builds up, graphics ugly, no rain on the windshield, awful mod system, ecc ecc.

        I prefer few good features than broken ones.

        Will you bash also AC when released due to the lack of “real road” and “dynamic weather”? Looking at your history on drivingitalia I think the answer is: “yes”.

      • wajdi nujeidat

        I use rarely my my name in iR! I don’t have a credit card so I use a credit card of other person!
        Now I don’t race iR any more( 6-7months), but I tested it very times using others accounts!

      • Anonymous

        There is only one person on iR with your name displayed here, on DI, and isi forum. No official session nor hosted where joined.

        You know how much difficult is to understand how to drive a car on a Sim (due to what you wrote on DI forum), so I really can’t understand how you can judge a sim with so few experience on it.

        No race sessions, and just few tests with a friend account? And you say the ffb and physics on iR sucks bad? LOL amazing.

        Haters gonna hate.

      • wajdi nujeidat

        I have about 50 hours of driving in iR and I think that 50H are sufficient to judge a racing game!

        I have used a free pass for 3 months gifted by DSD and I used them to test the Sim! I have made a lot of private sessions! and after the last update I have tested it again with the account of my friend( I can’t write his name here)!

        I didn’t say that iR sucks in every thing! I love the graphisc, it is very clean and light! I love the menu, very easy and intuitive, the community is very professional and collaborative, but when it comes to the driving experience I don’t like it!

        However, I have more 3 months free pass and I have the intention to test it again!

      • Anonymous

        “I don’t like it” is so much better to read. πŸ˜‰

        IMO we don’t need flame war on what in our opinion is better/worse. Every sim has pros/cons, so every one can choose the sim he likes more.

        The NTM has a lot of flaws atm, we all know that, but just say “it sucks bad” because we don’t like the feeling, IMO is just childish.

      • jswarthoff

        iceracing? I’ve driven the c6r in rfactor2 and that pretty much feels like iceracing too…..

    • Diego Colafabio

      Your opinion.

      • wajdi nujeidat

        Sure! it is my opinion,,,,,,,,,,,,,

    • Anonymous

      Lol are you talking about the rf2 Corvette?? Because based on what you say on drivingitalia that car is soo much ice feeling than the iR vette. So please, troll in another place πŸ˜‰

      • Tomas Beha


      • Mrslfrsl

        This has nothing to do with hating dude. I race there every day nearly and it’s a mess. If any other sim out there would have such bugs like iRacing has, people would burn it down immediately.

        Setting fastest laps with cold tires, gearboxes messed up, the odd traction control (you can’t even do a propper burnout with an F1 car!!!) and many many more.

        If there would be one sim out there with such an online service I would leave iRacing in the dust immediately. But as the new sims are getting better and better and some still to come I personaly see my iRacing account soon closed.

        No hating, just my opinion and I am a customer there.

    • Michael Hornbuckle

      I have to agree….I love the laser scanned tracks but there isn’t one car that feels anywhere near realistic, IMO.

    • Lachlan Salter

      hehehe iceracing…classic

  • Tomas Beha

    So here we go again “iRacing tracks are identical to the real thing down to a millimeter!”, Wrong! The polycount of suchs a track would be MASSIVE – they use the pointcloud only for layout and positioning of regular “lowpoly” objects…

    But my hat’s off to iRacing, their strategy works – people suck it all up πŸ™‚

    • Diego Colafabio

      50% true. For graphical side you’re right, but for physics side they’re using the true scan data, with much better resolution.

      • Tomas Beha

        So iRacing tracks are like 2Gb ? Please…

      • Diego Colafabio

        Well that’s the truth. If you don’t believe it, is not my problem.

        inb4 10 downvotes

    • Anonymous

      Btw they are by far the most precise reproduction of real tracks.

      Are they precise to the mm? Maybe…I don’t know…
      Are they better than all others track in sim racing history? Absolutely YES.

      This is enough for me.

      • Michael Hornbuckle

        Even though I have become somewhat of an iracing hater I have to agree with lullilulli (thats kinda a fun name to type, lol) on this one.

      • Anonymous

        This is exactly why I have chosen this nick name LOL πŸ˜€

    • Anonymous

      The point cloud that they capture is accurate to several mm. They then convert that into a bump map which never deviates more than 1cm from the points captured and has a control point every 10cm.

      Take that for what you will.

  • Derek Speare

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    I have more πŸ˜‰

    • pez2k .

      Much appreciated Derek.

  • Derek Speare

    Ok – Here’s a few more promo codes for a free three month sub:


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  • LaflΓ¨che David

    finally the track that is currently only 45 miles from me… on iracing … i am waiting to race on it!!!