- Sim Racing News – First Montreal Preview

iRacing has released a first preview of the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve Montreal in

iRacing has released a first preview of the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve Montreal in

Located on the man-made Île Notre-Dame that is part of the city of Montreal, the Circuit Gilles Villeneuve is a 4.3 kilometer race track incorporating 13 turns.

The track has been hosting the Canadian Formula One Grand Prix since 1978 and is most famous for it’s final corner that has ended the race of many famous drivers, earning it the nickname wall of champions.

  • MC Hammer

    Guys, it will still have shitty iRacing physics! Don’t fall into the trap.

    • Diego Colafabio

      OMG true!!!!! iRacing s**ks and all other SIMs FTW!! yeah!

      Here we go again -_-

    • Phil Oakley

      Oh, we’re doing this again? Cool.

    • Wim

      In history class i learned about people who had the habit to try and force their view to the world… most of them where pretty nasty people who are in the history books for all the wrong reasons. just so you know…

      • MC Hammer

        Well, quite ironically iRenters are the first to try to shove their tiny views on anyone that says their “divine” sim is anything less than flawless. Where in reality the flaws are bigger than the tragedy of the titanic.

      • Rhys Gardiner

        1500 people dying in one of the worst maritime disasters in history? Screw that, people need to get their priorities straight, we’ve got a racing sim with questionable physics on our hands! *gasp*

    • Anonymous

      yes ok… thanks for saving the world!

      …the next please!

    • Marcel Penzkofer

      Seriously… every sim has it’s flaws and problems. There’ll never be a perfect sim. But then – which sim is so much better you could call iRacing shitty? I don’t think there is any. iRacing is weak in some categories but in others noone can challenge it.

      I pretty much own every sim there has been of the past 15 years, raced rFactor 1 from the release date until christmas 2012 – quite successfully aswell. Ialways hated iRacing in 2011 and didn’t subsribe to it for an entire year until March 2013. But there are two things which have changed: iRacing 2.0 is a completely different animal to previous versions and even though I am not fast, I am a much better driver now than in 2011. Being a better driver makes iRacing more entertaining, you don’t have to be fast to feel that. But being a steady driver on the racetrack saves you from a lot of dissappointments and so the circle goes on and on.

      I also will try Assetto Corse once it’s done, pCARS, and even rF2 which seems a bit hopeless at the moment, but I am sure in 2013 I’ll entirely stick with one sim for the first time in 15 years of simracing – and that’ll be iRacing.

    • Hurdy Hurdy

      The last time you ran iRacing was?

  • Diego Colafabio

    I want to drive that crane!! lol

  • Richard

    It’s not a first preview
    and it doesn’t really look much different to previous stuff….

  • Derek Speare

    How about a free 3 month sub! Here’s a promo code:


    • MC Hammer

      Well at least being free it won’t feel like a ripoff. Now charge a penny and it is a rip off.

  • John G. Hill

    I went to that sim site, that has all the sims in one place. Can’t think of the name now, but when I went to the forums, there were all these comments about how to download this or that, or so and so couldn’t get in because of this or that.

    40,000 subscribers now in iRacing. Literally the 900 lb. Gorilla in the PC sim room. It’s arrive and drive and for many of us, that’s all we need. Nitpick all you want, but for me, (and I’m not speaking for anyone else) and for right now, it’s perfect. Something else down the road that might be more perfect, I’ll check that out too, but I won’t waste my time in post after post mashing my teeth about something out of my control.