- Sim Racing News – First Lotus 49 Render has released a first render of their upcoming Lotus 49 historical Formula One car. has released a first render of their upcoming Lotus 49 historical Formula One car.

The render shows the cars chassis and plenty of under the hood details such as the Ford Cosworth V8 engine and gearbox.

Designed around the Cosworth DFV V8 engine that became the de-facto standard in Formula One through the 1970s, the Lotus 49 became one of the company’s most successful Formula One cars.

The car won its debut race at Zandvoort in the hands of Jim Clark, the Scotsman, Graham Hill & Jochen Rindt went on to score 12 Grand Prix wins and no less than two driver & constructors’ world championships in the 49.

  • Henk Ensing

    Interesting, afaik the rear wheel break disks of the lotus 49 where connected to the drive shaft next to the gearbox housing and not inside the wheels.

    • Alan Dallas

      Nope, Lotus 49 Disc Brakes are at the Wheel.

      • Marcus Caton

        You should of left the edit out of your post bro.
        Went from kewl to wtf?

      • Alan Dallas

        Soooo am I to understand when someones gives a personal opinion you get confused? Interesting.

      • Henk Ensing

        They’ve definitely changed the physics for the Lotus 49 in pCars in the last two builds. Steering feels completely different and the accelerator has become a lot more critical (reminds me a little of GPL). But I digress.

    • Anonymous

      but iracing laser scanned the car how did the thing end up inside the wheels?! btw the iracing’s cadillac is 4 seconds faster than the real car iracing is such a disappointment when it comes to building cars that it makes laser scanned tracks almost worthless on fake cars!

      • Anonymous

        This story is getting boring.
        On iR the same car is faster on some tracks, but slower on others. Don’t you know this?
        This is affected probably by the grip level different track by track, and will be addressed with the nsm (new surface model), the next big work after the ntm.

      • Lemming77

        Also, remember, the grip not only varies from track to track, but on a day by day basis. Rubber stuck to the track surface improves grip, and that’s all washed away by the rain.

      • MosportMike

        No marbles, which means an open racing line, no track temps, etc… That is why iRacing cars are quicker.

      • Big Ron

        You have to keep in mind, that there isn´t any fear factor and careness about a lot circumstances in racing games like you have to care about in real life. That´s why cars in sims often are qicker than in rl. That´s not a negative thing at all.

    • David Wright

      Maybe confused with the Lotus 72 which had inboard disc brakes front and rear. Or GPL fans may remember the 67 Ferrari 312 with its inboard rear discs.

    • Justin Schmidt

      u got the idea from the early pcars version when they did not had the license. they have changed it by now.

  • David Wright

    Sorry to nit pick but the engine and gearbox of a Lotus 49 are hardly under the hood details. The 49 has no hood 🙂

  • Lemming77

    This is certainly proving to be a popular car these days.
    Assetto Corsa , pCARS and now iRacing are showing it some love. On top of that, the Zonda R is present in GTR3, Race 07, pCARS and Assetto Corsa aswell. These two cars certainly seem popular right now, and it suits me perfectly. As I adore them both! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    The forums also have screenshots of a fully textured McLaren and the Oran Park spline. Tony. Said the Lotus might be ready for the next build, though the McLaren still has physics to finish thanks to being so complex. He also confirmed they’re working on grime buildup on the windshields.

    Looking really good, can’t wait to see it in british racing green, though with all those visible parts under the hood my PC might have some issues. 🙂

    • Richard Hessels

      Would be great to finally have a visible windscreen on the touringcars.
      Was something i found lacking for a really long time.

  • Anonymous

    I can see there will be a lot of comparison videos of Lotus 49 from different platform

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