– First Interlagos Scan Image

iRacing has released a first scan-image of Interlagos, showing progress on a long-running track project.

The company ran into some unusual trouble with the Brazilian venue as a first scan attempt failed in the summer of 2011 as iRacing had issues getting their scanning equipment through Brazilian customs.

These issues are a thing of the past though as you can see that the required data has been acquired, more previews of the track are expected to be shown in an upcoming iRacing TV episode.

Located in suburban Sao Paulo, Interlagos is officially known as Autódromo José Carlos Pace. The 2.677 mile circuits incorporates 15 corners and has hosted the final race of the Formula One World Championship in numerous seasons.

  • Jorge Ferrari Freitas

    Aeeeeeeeeeeee! Finaly!

  • Anonymous

    Seems this will be the year of top international circuits in iRacing. Zolder, Interlagos, Montreal, Bathurst, new Silverstone, Donnington, and rumors of Monza. Can’t wait!

  • Harold

    Great news!! Cant Wait. Wondering if surface model will have same detail??

  • Derek Speare

    Looks like it’s time to start learning Portuguese!

  • Anonymous

    is it only me or does this scan have more pixel details than all other scan pictures we’ve seen to date?

  • Marcus Caton

    Boobs boobs boobs~
    Thinking about something else to keep away this boner!

  • Anonymous

    Hope they can match the Interlagos from Game Stock Car. :)

  • Richard Hessels

    Looking at the iRacing track quality of the last 2 years that should be no problem.

  • Andrew Male


  • Anonymous

    Is it just me or the track does look a lot scarier than in tv and other sims?, can wait for this track, i keep telling to myself “no more iracing” and then they release another awesome track

  • Anonymous

    Well, being a mobile scan the points will be better distributed and more dense. You’re right, it seems they didn’t do their usual screenshot where they showed less density in the points the farther away you are.

  • Timpie

    This isn’t their own scan material but from a 3rd party company.

  • Anonymous

    Sometimes i dont get those negative “likes”..
    I didnt say anything negative about iRacing. Childish..

  • Diego Colafabio

    Can’t wait to drive on this beauty!! :D

  • Anonymous

    I think they’re just disagreement, those who believe the iRacing version should surpass, rather than match the GSC version.

  • Anonymous

    agree! I for once will take the dust off my old Toyota Williams and tell myself I’m driving a top F1 car in a track with so much history epic battles unmatched wins plus so many titles won and lost at this track!

  • Anonymous

    that’s interesting because this is the best work in a laser scanned track I’ve ever seen.

  • daz

    Don’t worry. It will just be folks reading far too much in to what you actually typed.

  • Anonymous

    I think some of that is because the mobile scanner has a more regular spacing to its points, compared to the spherical grid of the tripod scanners. The blue tint (instead of the usual yellow/orange/green we see) with the fade from track texture to points is also very nice, wish they used it more often.

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