- Sim Racing News – First Interlagos Preview

iRacing has released a first work-in-progress preview of Interlagos, the Brazilian Formula One venue that is due to join their online racing simulation.

iRacing has released a first work-in-progress preview of Interlagos, the Brazilian Formula One venue that is due to join their online racing simulation.

The company ran into some unusual trouble with the Brazilian venue as a first scan attempt failed in the summer of 2011 as iRacing had issues getting their scanning equipment through Brazilian customs. These problems are a thing of the past now though as you can check out a first preview below.

Located in suburban Sao Paulo, Interlagos is officially known as Autódromo José Carlos Pace. The 2.677 mile circuits incorporates 15 corners and has hosted the final race of the Formula One World Championship in numerous seasons.

  • Anonymous

    They never actually got through customs, they ended up buying 3rd party data like the F1 (and other) teams do. Sounds like it wasn’t cheap, though…

    From my understanding, that’s also the only way to get Nurburgring LiDAR data.

    • Derek Speare

      If iRacing has outsourced their scanning data, it will be the first known instance of such a move, one in my opinion is smart (and I am sure the data is very accurate and reliable). I say bring on Monza, Nords and inb4JonathanButelWantsLeMans 🙂

      • Anonymous

        HiSounds like the contractor data is MUCH more expensive than the stuff they collect themselves. I think Nurburgring, Le Mans, and Monaco would be the only tracks both difficult and worthy enough to justify. Other tracks might be too hard to scan for various reasons, but I don’t hear many people begging for Bahrain 😉

      • Diego Colafabio

        100% agree with you Derek!! 😀

  • Eduardo Pimentel

    Being Brazilian, and having been on the F1 closing event this past weekend and getting the chance to talk to some of the drivers of the opener event Porsche Cup, I am convinced that this is by far the most technically complete and challenging circuit that F1 cars can actually drive on (there are awesome tracks out there, but some don’t quite fit the F1 standards because either the pavement is too bumpy, or some other feature on the track that would obliterate the floor of those cars, which already sit close enough to the pavement as it is).
    True, CotA is a promising circuit, but I myself have never driven a sim on it (F1 2012 doesn’t count) and even though F1 drivers liked the circuit, most still hold Interlagos as their favorite track all year. To add to the excitement, Sao Paulo sits in an elevated valley region, so clouds get trapped in around it, and almost always at around the middle of the afternoon, when the temperature rises enough, this triggers the clouds to release their rain. So as long as F1 runs around 14:00 local time, there’s always more than a 60% chance that rain will hit sometime during the race.
    This will be iRacing’s finest product to date!

    • Jorma Stenman

      The chance of rain in iRacing’s Interlagos will be exactly 0%, until they implement rain. I think they have other priorities for now.

      • Randy

        Like fleecing peoples money

  • Nazirull Safry Paijo


  • Varazdat Markosyan

    Chic track. I will go only to her.

  • Weyland Yutani

    I think I see Vettel overtaking under yellows in that screenshot 😀

  • Silvio

    Where is the favelas? (yes, I live near there)