- Sim Racing News – First High-Resolution Williams FW31 Preview – First High-Resolution Williams FW31 Preview

A week ago, iRacing’s Steve Myers included a first small in-game preview of the upcoming Williams FW31 Formula One car in his latest cat herder blog.

Now, iRacing has released a high-resolution version of the screenshot, letting us check out all the details of the laser-scanned Formula One car. Development on the FW31 has already quite far progressed as the car is currently being tested by the iRacing staff.

Driven by Nico Rosberg & Kazuki Nakajima, the FW31 was powered by a Toyota V8-engine and was one of the first cars to make use of the controversial rear diffusor in the early parts of the 2009 season. Rosberg managed to clinch 34.5 championship points, helping Williams to a 7th place in the manufacturers championship.

  • Eddie Itt

    Looks good

  • beyond

    Me want

  • shadeshift

    I will re-subscribe for this once Spa is out.  

  • Hompe


  • NicoloPicolo

    You should subscribe now if you want to be somewhat competitive with it.

  • F1

    They are currently talking about making it avaliable to everyone. So you don´t have to have A license in order to drive it. 

    So get ready to join now you poor SOB´s 😀

  • stabiz

    I hardly think a Formula 1 car will be available to race as a rookie, it would be mayhem extrordinaire.

  • gniewko

    make the game 4$/month and I will renew…

  • marc1111

    Ha ha gniewko!!!

    If they make it $2 a month, then I will renew!  😉

    Does anybody actually think this car will be any good?  Why?  Just because iRacing did it?  Are these iRacing cars actually any better than rFactor mods?  I don’t actually know because I have never driven rFactor!

  • navalhawkeye

    They didn’t actually say what that meant yet…so don’t spready a bunch of false info. No one knows what the license situation will be like.

  • Fuzzi0n

    Considering they have real data and laser scanned the car, it’ll destroy any rFactor mod.

  • Eddie Itt

    They have been working with the guy who does the Williams sim, so I am sure it will be as good as we can have for regular PCs. We wont ever get something that is up to the standards of real team sims, but if its close enough it will be fun and a new thing to try and master.

  • free2game

    I think it’s silly that they don’t have any AI racing.

  • NicoloPicolo


    AI is useless. AI would be dumber than the dumber iRacer.

  • NicoloPicolo

    You should ask they pay you to subscribe !

  • Ace Racer

    Nico Hülkenberg also has an account, so it wouldn’t surprise me if they had him driving the car and providing some feedback…

  • Chad Smith

    Why do you need AI racing when you have real people to race or practice against all the time?

    Practice is usually pretty laid back, and it really doesn’t matter if you wreck someone. 

  • Explosive Face

    “Are these iRacing cars actually any better than rFactor mods?”

    Yes. By far.

  • F1

    You´ll see…

  • Vince

    Williams gave iRacing the actual 3D CAD data to build the car from. When have you ever heard of a F1 team giving that kind of information out for a general public sim racing game? Never. The fact that iRacing got last years model as well is simply amazing. Williams also has an employee that is helping iRacing develop the car. When have you heard of that happening for rFactor? Never. So will it be better than rFactor mods. Yes. Hell Yes. Combined with a laser scanned Spa track it is pretty much the Holy Grail of sim racing. 

  • Eddie Itt

    The way I took it, there would be a D4.00-C class and a C4.00-Pro class, with the lower one maybe being fixed and shorter races.