– First Dallara DW12 Render

iRacing has released a first preview shot of the Dallara DW12 Indycar.

Named DW12 in honor of the late Dan Wheldon, the current-spec Indycar chassis is being used since the start of the 2012 Indycar Series season. The render below shows the front part of the open wheeler as modeling is currently in progress.

In related news, iRacing has announced that seven additiional models will be getting the newest tire model version with the next build as the Ruf, McLaren, CTS-V, Kia, Mustang FR500S, Radical SR8, and Super Late Model are due to be upgraded to the latest spec.

  • Arie Beuker, de

    I say “aaaah yeah”

  • Chris D

    This will be the greatest sim car ever for the first 2 weeks until everyone says that they are waiting for the next tire update to fix it.

    Pick any car, rinse wash repeat.

    • Anonymous

      Haven’t heard that for the Ruf, yet. Definitely not the Track.

      • Realkman666

        The real one or the made-up racing model with the normal dashboard?

      • Anonymous

        The GT3-esque Track car. The only complaints with the Cup (911 Cup style car) I’ve heard are the glitch of too much grip at high angles like the Solstice used to have when it first got on the NTM and cause it to roll.

        On the other hand, I also know people never to have rolled it who prefer the Cup, so YMMV.

      • Realkman666

        Ah yes, the roll. Just like the ISI Honda Civic. It’s a great year for virtual stuntmen so far.

      • Timpie

        I guess you haven’t driven the C-Spec? It feels broken on the same level the Ford GT was for over a year.

      • Anonymous

        I have, and see below.

      • Timpie

        Didn’t see that one. Still can’t believe how it was released like this, such a fundamental giant flaw which becomes obvious after the first few corners. I guess they really wanted to one up AC with some kind of exotic european car… And still it gets praised to heaven.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, not the first time (again, see rolling Solstice). At least it was an easy fix then, and should be again. The Track has definitely gotten rave reviews, and while it’s an older car I haven’t yet heard a single complaint about the SRF. Miata seems to need more tire pressure (baseline setup is bad, shocker).

  • Adrian Herrera

    If there’s enough positive feedback when the car is released I will renew my subscription just for it.

  • John Karagiannis

    …and like the old saying: “When the new tire model blows, all setups are off”

  • Anonymous

    I’m curious what held it up in the first place. Word is they planned to have it released before its first race. I know OEMs often sign deals then withhold the engineering data (HSV, for instance).

    • Lasse Jakobi Ougaard

      Someone on Facebook suggested just that. According to him, Dallara went through severel iterations of the bodywork, before iRacing got any CAD data..

  • Austin Ogonoski

    inb4 greatest sim car ever and then everyone stops playing in 2 weeks waiting for the next tire model update to fix it.

    • Mark

      I keep seeing, on various websites, that you don’t like this sim. So, why do you continue to waste your time and energy reading and commenting on related articles?

  • Mark

    Looking forward to the release of the DW12 on iRacing. 🙂

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