- Sim Racing News – First BMW Z4 GT3 Render has released a first render of the BMW Z4 GT3 that is poised to join their online racing simulation this summer. has released a first render of the BMW Z4 GT3 that is poised to join their online racing simulation this summer.

BMW’s GT3 class challenger will form iRacing’s GT3 series, joining the Mclaren MP4 12C as well as the semi-fictional RUF racing car, iRacing is also planning on creating GT3-style versions of the Ford GT and Cadillac CTS-V to further flesh out the new series.

  • Dani .

    Every sim, same type of cars, even the same models. Where is the originality? how about a Viper, TVR, Maseratti, Lister, Marcos, Mosler, Toyota (lexus) and much, much more…

    I am getting tired of the same cars, hope somebody remakes GTR 2002 by simbin, one of the best car combinations in a mod series.

    • Alexandre Martini

      these are probably the easiest/cheapest options to license… the ones you listed may be more difficult to get a good deal… but i feel the same way about it.

      • Dani .

        Maybe some are for licenses. Maybe they are much difficult to obtain. But I truly think it’s not because that, i don’t think they even try, it’s more about today series, which are limited in number and kind, compared to the near past. I want to drive lotus turbo spirit, diablo, countach…(Only talking about GT of course)

    • Anonymous

      Why not. The same cars are part in many different racing series in reality too (e.g. FIA GT1, Blancpain Endurance Series, ADAC GT Masters, LeMans and other 8h, 12h or 24h races around the globe, etc. etc. etc.). So you are getting tired of this too?
      I for myself can’t get enough of these great GT cars, and it’s good to have them in different sims, because everyone have a different taste which sim is “the best”. 😉

      • Anonymous

        Exactly, if you want variety and ubiquity for sim GT cars, GT3 is the best place to look. And I think it’s quite likely a better bet to go with the cars like the McLaren and BMW and Audi before the Morgan and Venturi.

        PS, FIA GT1 is dead, somewhat replaced by the Blancpain sprint series, and Le Mans has never allowed GT3 (although the Z4 GTE that’s eligible is based on the GT3).

      • Realkman666

        “FIA GT1 is dead”
        Don’t you say that! The memories live on!

      • Anonymous

        I’m not even talking about the GT1 class (which was cool), but the FIA GT1 years when they were just GT3 class cars with mid season development (pretty lame).

      • Realkman666

        The fake GT1 was a sad affair indeed. :/

    • Anonymous

      Quote ” Every sim, same type of cars, even the same models. Where is the originality?” End of Quote.

      rFactor 2 isn’t copying every sim, But yes I agree with you, every sim seems to be getting the same cars & tracks.

    • Hurdy Hurdy

      All the cars you listed are already in Gran Turismo and Forza.

      Where’s the originality?

      • Dani .

        They are not in the same market. Test drive 3 has a Ferrari Mythos, Diablo, and a Corvette prototype. I mean “original” to not make copy one of another in the same time. That’s is for me a lack of originality. (Sure yo can use your lexicon to extrapolate more meanings).

    • Anonymous

      I think what we are seeing is developers talking to the copyright holders that are the most willing to deal and be showcased in our virtual motorsport industry. Some manufactures even reach out to the developers offering licensing of their products and recognition of their brands.
      Some companies however would rather write exclusive licenses to the highest bidder with no interest in true simulations.
      I do like the brands you mention but at the end of the day these companies have to be willing to offer affordable licenses.

  • Anonymous

    Even if i’m not an iRacer, but it’s good to see that there will be more cars
    which fit into the same class and can race against each other.

  • Miroslav Davidovic

    Hope this car will push me into iRacing again, really hope it lol.

  • Diego Colafabio

    “iRacing is also planning on creating GT3-style versions of the Ford GT and Cadillac CTS-V to further flesh out the new series”
    I hope not, because:
    1) there’s not FIA GT3 Cadillac CTS-V available in real life
    2) Our Ford GT is a Doran Ford GT-R, nothing close to a real FIA GT3 car

    Give us a Merc SLS or a Lambo instead of fantasy cars 🙂

    • Michael Hornbuckle

      Two or three years ago we couldn’t get iracing to change the Mustang into the spec that it was running in real life at the time. (The series the car iracing licensed quit running around the same time the car came out.)
      Now the supposed “most realistic simulator” is in the business of simulating fantasy cars. Weird.

      • Diego Colafabio

        Yeah that’s weird. I joined iRacing because the “realism” of series, and of course the quality of the simulation but…now with these “fantasy” things..i’m not so happy.

        Cmon this is not Need for Speed or Gran Turismo, i want to see realism in a simulation.

      • Anonymous

        Having a series of performance balanced cars built to a common race specification and including models the OEMs haven’t homologated (yet) seems wholly different to me than the ability to add random turbochargers and removing restrictor plates.

        It’s what GT3 could/should be, not ‘run what you brung even if it’s an FXX with a supercharger and AWD swap’.

      • Anonymous

        I still hope the Mustang races against the Kia.Any maybe that they add the Ruf and McLaren to the World Challenge series. It’s nothing but well documented tweaks and a BoP change.

      • Chris D

        funny huh

    • Matt Orr

      The CTS-VR is only kept out of GT3 because there is no legitimate GT3 racing in the US, as well as GM has next to no interest promoting Cadillac globably when it has the Corvette.

      That changes next year with Pirelli World Challenge (where the CTS-VR races) goes directly against FIA GT3 cars.

      Yes the GT3s will be slowed down a little bit (much of it tire wise I do believe as the PWC tire is spec and not very long lifed) but in all likelyhood it would simply need the GT3 rubber and it would be competitive with the GT3 cars because it should have a bit of a power advantage already anyways. So yea, it’s not a GT3 car, but it’s not entirely out of the element of GT3 performance, races GT3 cars and within iRacing’s system, would in theory create more participation, which is never a bad thing.

      Heck, most of the PWC cars could easily hang with FIA GT3 cars if they let them go balls out on GT3 rubber.

      • Diego Colafabio

        “So yea, it’s not a GT3 car, but it’s not entirely out of the element of GT3 performance”
        I understand your point but..i prefer to have only real FIA GT3 cars. McLaren, BMW (and RUF Track…well thanks by EA) are real FIA GT3 cars but…sorry the CTS-V is not at all.
        So, in my opinion, i still prefer to have fewer cars but real ones.
        I “hate” this kind of unreal mix, tuning etc..

      • Mario Strada

        These days we are lucky if game designers don’t add RPG launchers on the sidepod of our open wheel cars and giant magic mushrooms at track in and track out.

        Of course I would prefer a “real” car instead of the Caddy, but if they can manage its performance and make it fit it is not totally unrealistic and would add variety to a sim that has been bound to race multiclass or spec only.

      • Matt Orr

        I’ll put it this way.

        Which looks more out of place on the race track with the McLaren / eventually the Z4.

        The CTS-VR purpose built full on race car that visually matches what you would expect to see in a GT3 car.


        The Ruf Track car which visually is a road car.

        I’ll also mention that I’m not sure the GT3 cars running in PWC next year will be “nerfed”, or if the current WC GT cars will be beefed up a bit. You do realize there is more to racing than just Europe, right? 😉

        I do think the Ford needs to stay as is as it is fundamentally different and it has it’s home (and eventually will get a friend, not to mention the participation issue), however the Cadillac isn’t far removed at all, is free and would not require any goofy tweaking to get it to race the GT3 cars. It’s a match, a closer match than any other car in the iRacing service to anything else.

        ABS (not a crazy unreal tweak – if they wanted / were allowed it’s a simple change for them), paddle shifting (if you even want to), the same tires and less weight isn’t unreal at all. Tires change on the real cars all the time and the CTS-VR as a factory car is in all likelyhood weighted down by the rules, not because the car is heavy. It is built by Pratt & Miller, and they do know a thing or two about making fast cars – they build the Corvettes in GTE. If you want a fast car, you ballast up to the weight you need.

        Consider it a rule change – which depending on how PWC runs, may actually be entirely real – again, FIA GT3 is not the end all be all only thing that exists or the cars can race in. The race would not be any worse with a Cadillac in it doing the same speeds as a road car that is somehow a GT3 car. Considering Cadillac came to iRacing to build the car, they may have more than enough data to convert it into a true GT3 spec without anything that would be considered unrealistic other than the sense “it’s not a FIA GT3 car!” even though everything else says it is.

      • Anonymous

        GT3 has two tire compounds, I believe. It’s one of the ways they balance cars. The CTS-V also got ABS the year after iRacing scanned it, they found that was its biggest competitive disadvantage, especially in the rain.

        I’m definitely with you, the CTS-V is at least as legitimate as the Ruf Track, if not more. GT3 is an imaginary rulebook anyway.

      • Diego Colafabio

        Not really, because the Ruf track IS a FIA GT3 car (sadly not for the graphic side), but..the CTS-V at the moment is not. Waiting for the homologation 🙂

      • Matt Orr

        It’s more of a GT3 car than the Ruf, end of.

        And I’m a fan of the way they handled the Ruf.

      • Diego Colafabio

        hahahahah not at all! But if it makes you happy, good for you. Give me a prove that it would fast as a factory Z4 GT3 or a factory Porsche GT3 R..european ones of course.

      • Diego Colafabio

        If iRacing scans FIA GT3 cars, i expect to see a virtual FIA GT3 serie, nothing less or more. We already have the right serie for the Cadillac, the World Challenge. We don’t really need this fantasy thing. The day that i’ll see the official FIA homologation of rhe Caddy i’ll change idea. This is my “realism” idea.

      • Anonymous

        Really, it’s mostly the homologation. There’s nothing Cadillac have done that’s not allowed in GT3, they’d just need to design the car to work for endurance events and submit it to the FIA.

        The tires aren’t a huge difference (their Pirellis are pretty good for spec tires, not too much fall off), but both series BoP on weight, engine, and tire width/diameter. They have more in common than different, and if a 5 car class is just a BoP away I’m all for it.