- Sim Racing News – Daytona Reality Check Video

Check out a reality check comparison video of iRacing’s new Daytona International Speedway.

As reported here, iRacing has released a rescanned version of the Daytona International Speedway, bringing the repaved version of the World Center of Racing to their online racing simulation.

Pablo Lopez has put the new track to the test right away, creating a reality check comparison video of the road course layout.

The video below shows footage of the Riley Daytona Prototype around the Florida track both in iRacing and reality. The new Daytona is available for iRacing subscribers to purchase, owners of the old Daytona version receive the track for free.

  • General Rush Hour


  • Diego Colafabio

    looks great ūüėĬ†

  • Ricoo

    Nice work. The sky is very beautiful. Reflections are lacking on windshield, otherwise very realistic.

    • Anonymous

      The night sky for the oval has a beautiful red glow from the setting sun ūüôā

  • Anonymous

    I guess by now no one doubts the¬†superiority¬†of iRacing laser scanned tracks so this isn’t news no more. But on the other hand their cars selection and realism is becoming day by day¬†questionable¬†which puts all the pros not so much worth no more when you take the cons into consideration.¬†

    • Anonymous

      Any particular examples of ‘questionable’ reality or car selection? Particularly, anything unique to the sim?

      Haven’t heard about an updated DP, but the new IndyCar will be upcoming (shortly after the specs are finalized they should begin work on it). Aside from a European touring car and Grand Am GT, I can’t think of any real significant holes in the car selection when you count upcoming cars. Which ones were you thinking?