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Aside from the constant stream of content updates, the most anticipated and complicated new feature iRacing will be introducing to their online simulation is the updated tire model.

Michael Main has released a very interesting video interview with Dave Kaemmer as the iRacing creator chats about the challenges and features of the upcoming tire model.

Make sure to check out this very interesting 20-minute interview below, this is not just interesting for iRacing subscribers but sim racers in general that want to get a grasp on the challenges of tire modeling.

  • Simfan

    That was really great and it’s pleasing to know that eventually dynamic road surfaces will be worked on.

  • Matt

    That was amazingly good

  • fake name

    Very nice info, good to hear him talk about it.

  • F1Racer

    So there are finally getting up to par with F1 2010

  • holy_sword

    I wonder what type of education Dave Kaemmer has, sounds like a leader in his field.


    for the dummy talking about ”f1 simulators” in the video, they use rfactor isi code.  f1 2010 has tracks temperatures that heat tires up in in the same manner.  What a suck up HE IS WORRIED ABOUT other peoples opinions on iracings forum board…. typical iracing fanboy. Guy says ”he is not smart enough he should have stopped there”  lol.

    UMMM  WELL ummm  ummm ummm.

  • vigivigi

    DK rocks

  • JonnyB

    LOL teams do not use Rfactor software for their own simulator. Only for showing to public and PR stuff.

    Most F1 teams make their own software. And has been doing that longer then little Rfactor.

  • JonnyB

    Everything ever created is on par with that wallhax game.

  • Alexander Borro

    I don’t think the two can even be compared as far as the implementation goes if  Iracing were to implement such a feature in the future.

    My guess is that Iracing’s approach on how to go about modeling a dynamic track feature would be far more complex and based on sound physical principles, doing a fair amount of R&D and data collection, building perhaps some scratch models, most certainly evolving current ones in the field.

    Whilst the dynamic track feature in f1 21010 feels nice, I highly doubt it is build on anything very advanced. Codemasters probably used some very simple empirical models on how the track interacts with a tyre, something like, stick in a few coeffecients for temp, wetness level per unit track area that evolves over time,  probably, but who knows, I might be underestimating what they really did.

    Codemasters=typical game company of the modern day=”rush rush”

    I like F1 2010 a lot and have fun with it btw, so no offence meant there πŸ™‚

    Iracing=Years of R&D, seems like the fully fledged academic approach to things by Kraemer, He’ll probably publish a few papers on some of this stuff in time perhaps.

    Great watch. It’s refreshing to see a person being able to work in a company like this to that level when it comes to physics in games/sims, a nice insight. 

    Most game companies these days are far too much restricted by time frames and deadlines to do anything creative in game physics IMHO, nor do they have the budget to afford any serious R&D, unfortunately πŸ™ , but understandable πŸ™‚  


    If I was a technical director for an F1 team, I’d probably use something like rFactor just to have a solid framework to start with, so that we could focus on coding our custom physic simulation and not anything else like 3D renderer, sound engine, etc.


    Worried about his neck & back, his screen is way too low from the ergonomic standard

  • mike88

    if i am not mistaken from very early interview with david kaemmer he has bachelors of mathematics.

    plus he has atleast 20 years in computer simulaton industry with papyrus and now iracing so this new tyre modeling he is working on sounds very promising.

    about the F1 comparison with that dumb question from iracing troll on camera there would be no comparison to F1 teams considering teams like mclaren have spent 20-30 million on their simulation and as Kaemmer said they are working on one specific tyre and they have access to all the data they need.

  • Clement

    The new tire model will make rF2 to look like a Kindergarten game

    I can’r wait!!


    This is by far the most important aspect of a simulation. In a year from now racing sims might not look but feel much different with iracing updated, rf2 and LFS3
    oh.. and nkp feels already great from that pov πŸ™‚

  • TΓ³-ManΓ©

    I seriously doubt that.

  • CS

    Pretty interesting. There could be a lot of R&D cost saved if their was more shared between companies, but then again having the edge in model realism is pretty attractive for a sim as well.

  • kamikaze

    If this tire model will really doing what it ment to doing, then this will be really a jackpot. It wil raise iRacing value to 100% and above. From now on i doubt rF2 will reach that level of iRacing Tire model. Maybe will new Tire model from LFS, becouse philosophy of those two developer of Tire model (Dave Kaemmer for iRacing and Scawen for LFS) are pretty much the same. The good simulation need a time to develop, because this is process. When solving puzzles, this lead to new discoveries and so on, and on some point you are deeper in details as you wanted to be in the first place. It’s a long, hard work, but in the end is what really raise the game above the others.

  • svizzy

    there will be a new tire model in rf2 too. what he says in the interview about it is actually the only logical way how an advanced tyremodel should work. so i think both iracing and isi probably are working in the same direction.

  • RacingSlippers

    I will dream happily about slo motion flexing tyre cross sections tonight lol Wonderful stuff.

  • felipe

    This has to stop NOW!

    DK is definitely doing a great job but common iRacing how can such a small team or maybe even a one man team be responsible for such a huge task. Even if Mr. DK is right 100% of the time extra working brains could and would be of great help, even if just to give Mr. DK the confidence hes always right!

  • Aaron Carlisle

    You do realize that half of the teams in F1 do in fact use rFactor Pro for their real personal simulators, correct?  The only one that has shown anything public about it is RBR.  Please look up the correct information before you speak.  Plus, if you go read the A.S.S. article about rFactor Pro, there is a certain Aerodynamicist from a top team that said rF Pro made iRacing look like an arcade game in terms of what the engine is capable of… πŸ˜‰

  • Jonathan Stewart

    That’s basically how it works. rFactor Pro ispretty much a graphics engine that is developed to readily accept the teams own models of the tires, cars, tracks, etc.

  • Jezza

    you douche you

  • f0xx

    Cool stuff.

    Fake F1Racer?

  • driver1

    if rf pro is that good, why arent we all playing that instead of getting ripped off by iRacing?

  • David Wright

    I am amazed that DK doesn’t know that everyone else has either adopted this kind of tyre physics or will do so shortly (e.g. ISI with rF2).  iRacing are bringing up the rear.

  • Fuzzi0n

    rF2 wont be of this standard, I’m pretty sure of that. Also you say everyone has… then name 1 game that’s coming out in the future, nice work. No one else is doing what DK is doing here, they may have good tyre models but its not the same thing.

  • cletus

    Dave talked for so long, I got tired and I got no bachelors in math, when will this model be out? what gonna happen with my parduct I paid for

  • kamikaze

    Actualy it does pretty much the same. Scawen for his livetime project LFS. He study a new tire model now around year and a half. Yes, a bit slowly becouse he has a family now. Probably results of this two guys will be not the same, but i bet, both will be out of the league today’s tire models and each with own strenght.

  • Stu

    I do wish they’d release a standalone offline product which you could later upgrade.

    Some people just enjoy driving cars and testing themselves.

  • KTM

    Yeah I’m absolutely with you ..something like a “iRacing light” package (a few cars/tracks bundle) for the more casual driver without network, but with A.I. instead.

  • Hanzales

    So, where can I send another bottle? ;o) Not sure if current bottle at the desk is “b-day bottle” but my would be definitely “respect bottle.  Keep up the great work and thanks

  • navalhawkeye

    It’s going to get better? Should be out next season, or the following (2010S1 or 2010S2).

  • Jonathan Stewart

    Only iRacing has raw data from tires sliding at extreme angles from Calspan.

  • hoodierocker

    WITH both of you, working 60 hours a week and with family time…I didn’t even have time to get past the Legends cars, I could have if I had atleast 3 more hours of “me” time during the week…but then again after having some little bastard telling me he was going to knife me in the parking lot after wrecking me 3 times in practice kindof turned me off to racing against a bunch of retarded people paying to race a bunch of people with more time than myself on a racing game that costs you monthly, I paid around $30 to get on it and get what i wanted, then pissed off within 2 hours and cancelled my subscription…but I guess if people are still paying and playing, then MR Kaemmer will be making way too much money to care about the people like us…WE (AI) racers with not enough times on our hands arent going to be catered to…

  • Smiley

    Probably a typo but just to remind you, it’s 2010 now πŸ™‚

  • fulapo

    you were not threathened and no one cares about your lack of free time

  • gerrymodo

    Rookie Legends is by far the worst series in terms of safe driving. If you had stuck with it and moved up licenses, or hell tried road racing even, you would have found much better driving.

    Im all road because of this though, its just a pain to try and get SR up in the legends class because of the idiots, but I just don’t like oval much anyways.

  • glenn

    ”’Rookie Legends is by far the worst series in terms of safe driving. If you had stuck with it and moved up licenses, or hell tried road racing even, you would have found much better driving.  ”




    IT IS THAT SIMPLE. FEEL FREE TO FLAME ME IM SURE IDIOTS AND FANBOYS WILL BUT I KNOW I AM 100% CORRECT.  MAKE 1ST RUNG OF IRACING MOST MOREDATED, HAVE PEOPLE WATCH THOSE RACES AND COORECT PEOPLE TEACH THEM THE DO’S AND DON’T … those people in the 1st rung are possible to become A license drivers, instead good people quit and morons stay.

  • F1Racer

    Yes f0xx,  well spotted man.  At least someone has the foresight to spot a fake.

    Ive notified Rob so he won’t be around for long I don’t think

  • F1Racer

    Not me Jezza,  some asswipe (opticalust) pretending to be me.

  • F1Racer

    again…. a fake F1Racer account.      Actually I’m flattered you picked me you imbecile.

  • Sun-Melted Welly

    we all got the hots for dave.   kissy kissy.

  • Sun-Melted Welly

    my parduct is incometz – i incapablez of making issuz.  boreds.

  • John Davidson

    iracing has been talking about this tire model for how long now?  iracing is a huge overpriced joke. 

  • John Davidson

    NetKar has a superior tire model and has set the standard for sims to come.