- Sim Racing News – BMW Z4 GTE Coming has revealed the next race car to join their online racing simulation – BMW’s Z4 GTE. has revealed the next race car to join their online racing simulation – BMW’s Z4 GTE.

A photo released shows iRacing staff gathering reference material on the car that is currently testing at Sebring International Raceway.

The Z4 GTE is BMW’s weapon of choice for competition in the now folded American Le Mans Championship and next year’s Tudor Sports Car Championship in the United States.

The car is based on BMW’s popular GT3 class car, coming with more advanced aerodynamics and a different engine than the GT3 version.

  • Me

    Measuring it now?
    Man, I can’t wait to drive this car in 2016!

    • StarFoxySxv550

      Oh you 😛 I mean.. me. No, you.. err!

  • FZ50

    Will this car come instead of the BMW Z4 GT3? Or instead of the BMW M3 GT2? Or will we have all three? Any news on that?

    • Matt Orr

      It will probably replace the M3, they mentioned in the past the licensing gives them the option of changing the cars they produce, given the M3 no longer races it’s logical to assume that they won’t be producing that car when they can make this car.

      They may make the GT3, that’s not clear. GT2/GTE > GT3 anyways, and the Ford GT in iRacing is a much better car than the McLaren to drive!

      • Anonymous

        They mentioned they would try and change the cars (namely the old S2000 BMW for the NGTC car to match the Civic), but I don’t remember them confirming they could.

        Definitely a good bet to get the modern GTE instead of an out of date one.

  • Matt Orr

    Someone brought this up on the iRacing forums… but… let’s play things out and read between the lines a bit.

    TUSCC falls within the NASCAR umbrella – you can read as much into that relationship as you want.

    NASCAR certainly works with iRacing closely. How about the Gen6 car a week into the season this year?

    Not a stretch to think there might be some push from TUSCC / NASCAR. Grand Am was a fail, they knew that, that is why they bought the ALMS – nothing more than admitting defeat but doing so in a way that doesn’t shame them.

    The Ford GT (GTE car you could say) has received a lot of love in the last year, it’s become the guinea pig car and is easily the best car on NTMv4 at this point. Even then, it received another update in the last build.

    iRacing has been cagy at best about the RUF and it’s “track” version they are making. Very well could be something very similar to a GTD car. At one point it was a “cup” version, then they said that isn’t necessarily the case, let’s not call it that, it’s a “track” version now. Could be due to Porsche of course, but…. Just throwing that out there.

    ALMS was one of the very few series in iRacing somewhat reflected with Prototype / GT – GT2, GT1 and P2 were / are represented, that was done a while ago. I’d say they like this type of racing.

    Licensing switched from the M3, an old car that one would assume would be ‘easy’ to get data on, to the car being currently run, that probably has less of a profile given it’s raced here in North America only, while that car is based on a GT3 car we all expected to happen as their next car after the RUF.

    So yea, I won’t be surprised if this car comes out in miraculously fast fashion nor by any announcements of other TUSCC machinery. GTLM just works best as we already have a car in that “class” – the Ford GT is still very much the same as the current cars.

    • Anonymous

      I wouldn’t put the M3 as a very international car, either. They only visited Le Mans twice with it in the last decade.

      I’d love to see a TUSCC partnership, especially if it means a boost to the DP. IMSA is really pushing the marketing angle.

      I wouldn’t consider the Ford GT to be up to date. The regs have changed a bunch since then. It can be made to work (see Falkenstein) but it will need the tweaks to BoP to make it work (aka, not in the 2008 or whenever spec). BoP is my biggest fear, I hope iRacing gets it right but fear they won’t.

      • Matt Orr

        The M3 is the M3 and gets a boost from that. The Z4 though… it’s only raced here and it’s a Z4. The M3 won the Nurby24h as well. At least the GT3 car Z4 wise is raced world wide, I bet some people don’t even know the Z4 GTE is a thing.

        The Ford is a 2010/2011 spec car (least visually), though it’s been updated to who knows what.

      • Anonymous

        I never knew the GT2 raced the Nurburgring 24h. Cool!

      • kahel grahf

        “The M3 is the M3 and gets a boost from that. The Z4 though… it’s only raced here and it’s a Z4″…

        …November 2013.

  • Anonymous

    Just got back from the TUSCC Sebring Test. Already saw an iRacing guy taking measurements, photos and videos of the car at the track. Definitely one of the cars I’m looking forward to the most.

    • Nick1

      They should take GAINSCO up on the offer to do a DP. I think they contacted them on FB

  • Rick Lopatic

    Nothing iracing comes out with represents anyting near real world cars. Steel Wheel Roller skate sums up iRacing.

    • Sean_S36

      The Radical is good has some grip and some fun to be had , but I agree about the rest. just to much tippy toeing around to keep them on track instead of enjoying the racing. just 1 mans view; thousands like it. 🙂 (i-racing)

    • Diego Colafabio

      oh, i was waiting the same “classic” message in each iR article! welcome 😀

  • Gulyás Tamás

    Yes Yes Yes ( a BMW owner ) :)))

  • David Wright

    Judging by the image above it would appear rain is also coming to iRacing.

  • Diego Colafabio

    I just don’t understand why a GTE choice. I would prefer to have a M3 GT2 and a Z4 GT3, not both (maybe) Z4 GTE and Z4 GT3.

    • Anonymous

      Probably because the M3 is out of date, BMW doesn’t race it anymore except in DTM (where it really isn’t an M3 anyway).

      • Diego Colafabio

        Well, in GT2 category we already have an “old” car (but i don’t care at all about the age)..and surely the M3 it would fit a lot better in GT2 category 😀 future we would have two versions of the same car, maybe not a “good” idea IMHO.

      • Anonymous

        Well, that depends whether they want a 2010-era series, or a modern series.

        We have two Mazdas, two Legends, and will have three RuFs.

      • Elurztac

        I don’t think the BMW M3 come back on racetrack anymore, since the release of the BMW M4.
        In DTM, the 2014 season was with a BMW M4 DTM Racecar… In other competition, it’s the BMW Z4.

  • DrDeathO5

    it’s not certain a GTE version is coming
    They used to GTE version to get data because it was available (and the GT3 wasn’t).
    The GT3 version is 100% confirmed.