– Bathurst Reality Check

Radicals Online have released a reality check video for iRacing’s recently released Bathurst track.

The Australian track was made available as part of the new season build release, the video below shows a lap around the track both in the simulation and in real-life, footage has been recorded during a F1 car demo run at Bathurst.

Bathurst is Australia’s most iconic racing facility, featuring a stunning run up Mount Panorama using mostly public roads, the 3.8 mile circuit hosts the annual Bathurst 1000, V8 Supercars’ marquee event as well as several sports car races.

  • Hugo Stiglitz

    Such an awesome track. Now all iracing needs is the Nordschliefe, and Macau (unlikely)

    • Anonymous

      And Ai’s and single player game off line, so when those that have ended their subscription can have something to show, for all that money they have spent.

      • Christopher Trees

        Do you ever have anything positive to say?

      • Anonymous

        Yes I’m going to purchase all the new racing sims.

      • Griphy

        I’ve seen you complain about nearly every game post today (Iracing, Pcars, R3E)… Do you show any appreciation for anything that doesn’t have the word “corsa” in it?

      • Anonymous

        Yes I praised Simbin for the new DTM game, Pcars for offering a wide range of content more than any of the new sims so far, iRacing for the brilliant Bathurst circuit.

        Your first post, brilliant.

    • Chris

      Interesting that you mention Macau – arguably the world’s most difficult circuit to gather accurate reference material for due to it being open to public transport each day when racing finishes, and nobody is allowed on the track in-between races. I went there a couple of years ago for that very purpose and failed miserably.

      • Anonymous

        Macua ain’t fun for online racing.. half of the track overtaking is impossible. It’s so narrow you can only wait till the guy before you makes a mistake and hope you are not part of it when it goes wrong.

      • Nesho Kasapov

        Just go Plato on their rear end, that’s how I do it

  • Slaven Ćorluka

    some trees are kind of off or missing but the track surface seems spot on.

  • Tomaž Meglič

    Good comparision, Track is even better than i expected, elevation downhill is just crazy when you drive it 🙂
    Just for info: in reality check FOV is not identical in both versions – it should be higher in Iracing replay….

    • Anonymous

      Thanks for the comment, the problem with the FOV is that the real camera on Jenson’s car is GoPro like with an eyefish effect, so i couldnt achieve the same FOV, i tried my best tho

    • Olivier Prenten

      Hi Tomo, just hoping everything is ok for you! Cheers, Oli 😉

  • Anonymous

    Well, been doing a lot of laps with a friend yesterday.
    It’s sure one of the most difficult tracks in the iRacing service.
    Very narrow, no room for mistakes.
    Quite a challenge just to do a handful of laps without crashing.

    • Anonymous

      Definitely a challenge for fast laps. The trick is straightening out the sharpest corner of the esses and the dipper where they fall away so you aren’t turning when it drops off. Especially on the NTMv5, it’s pretty predictable if you take your time and realize the limit is way earlier than you think at first.

      The latest tire is simply incredible, mistakes have you washing out and losing time, rather than spinning. It’s becoming a joy just to drive, not just to race competitive fields.

  • Olivier Prenten

    Very impressive and accurate! Shall I leave rF2 for iRacing now?

    • João Dário

      not really, the real track looks more wide, and the down hill its not so down(in lack of the correct word)

      • Anonymous

        See below, the real video has a fisheye effect.

        It’s laser scanned, how do you think the track would end up too wide and with too much elevation? If you dispute the elevation, it’s pretty simple for someone to make a GPS trace of the circuit in telemetry to compare to reality. I could do that for you if you like.

      • João Dário

        do it then

      • Anonymous

        Within a meter of the official total altitude, 50m from official length (I took the racing line). Data is straight from telemetry, only converting from lat/long to distance traveled in the X/Y plane and normalizing altitude.

        Hard to find a real world plot, but matches best I can tell. I’ll try and do an overlay of the track boundaries tomorrow.

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