- Sim Racing News – Basic Training Video Part 3

iRacing has released the next part of their video training series.

iRacing has released the next part of their video training series.

Part 3 of the Basic Video Training sets players up with everything they need to go to tackle their first races.

The first parts of the video training series can be found here.

  • GamerMuscle

    Given that there is no prize money and its all a game why practise in practise why not just race ……

    If your someone that cant drive then you will lose SR and not be able to race anyway , All these videos try in some way to make out that i racing is not a game and should be treated like real world racing. I guess it adds the perception of value to the service and if people go in thinking of it like real racing it might fool them into not realising that its just a pc game.

    Ultimately i racing is as much a game as Call of duty , sure it has simulation physics and different rules that in some ways Mach a real world object / activity but its still a computer video game.

    I’m not saying people should just go out and crash and be total noobs / get in the way of everyone but ultimately you will only get proper practise from a race session because people simply wont drive the same in a practise session as they would in a race context.

    One of the crippling things for i racing is so many people doing laps on there own or in practise mode instead of populating races.

    Why don’t they have a super sprint mode separate to the full length races to allow people to practise in an environment that’s more analogous to a full length race with the benefit of it being an actual race rather than aimless lapping ?

    • Anonymous

      Why practice? Because racing is more fun (IMO) when you’re racing with people who are well practiced and knows their limits. I know I tend to take a few dozen laps to find pace with a track and car I know, more for unfamiliar tracks and cars. I like racing where everyone knows what they’re doing more than just cruising while some guys streak off ahead of me and others fall off the track because they are unprepared for the race.

      I’m with you that there should be unofficial quick races between the official races for those looking for 5 minutes of casual fun racing at a time, but official will always be the meat and potatoes for me.

      If it weren’t for official racing I’d have stuck with Forza. This isn’t about being like real world racing, it’s about bringing the preparation people do for league racing to races that happen throughout the week.

      • GamerMuscle

        Why not just practice by racing more , surly that’s the best form of practise.

        Its like playing poker with play money its not real practise unlike poker i racing is free to learn in the “real” mode so might as well just do that all the time.

        Unless your setting up graphics or are so bad that you cannot even do a single clean lap without maternally walling it and so need to be able to restart.

        If your going to start doing proper crazy practise and get religious about when you play then you might as well do a league in another simulator and save a good deal of money.

      • Anonymous

        I think the intent is to start off on the right foot. Practice before your first race so you don’t wreck out and get permanently stuck in the bottom split rookie races from Hell. Practice enough that you know you can run a complete race clean (that’s my method now that I’m under a time crunch, practice 10-20 minutes in a car I know to remember the track, race as often as I can) so that the quality of driving remains high.

        And again, I totally agree that frequent, short, unofficial races would be a great addition to learn how to perform race starts and go two wide and all that before you’re in the more serious environment of official series. I’m with you there.

    • Not_Wayne_Rooney

      Very few people practice iRacing by themselves. Almost everyone practices on the track with other drivers. Some sessions will have 50 or more drivers. There is a leaderboard that some use to compete with to move up the leaderboard. Others use it to see if they are on pace with others. I don’t think many people hate practicing. It’s fun and a great place to work on your lines or setup.

      When it comes time to race, iRacers want to be prepared. I suppose everyone is different, but I do it out of respect for my fellow iRacers. I don’t want to be a menace or the guy, who crashes out in 1 lap, because he’s practicing in a race.

      Public servers often start with 10 racers and within a couple of laps they race is down to 5 racers. By the 5th lap it’s 3 guys and near the end it’s often 1 guy, who just say’s, “Ah, to heck with it. There is nobody even left in the race. I’ll just quit”.

      iRacing isn’t like that. I’ve been in 70 to 90 minute races with 28 of our 35 cars still running at the end. It’s very different than open server pickup racing and a big reason is that everyone practices before they race.

      I’m glad they do.

  • John Karagiannis

    Fun comes when you do what you like to do in the correct manner, be it a game, a hoby or whatever this is. Otherwise, why bother doing it, the first place?