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Less than three weeks ago, iRacing announced a partnership with Mclaren Electronic Systems that allows iRacing subscribers to take advantage of the company’s rich experience with telemetry solutions.

Now, the ATLAS Express data analysis software is available for download, giving iRacing subscribers access to a professional-grade telemetry solution that is based on the one used in real-world racing series such as Formula One.

ATLAS Express provides iRacing subscribers with detailed data such as real time tire surface temperatures, lateral acceleration data, steering wheel angle and damper/spring deflection.

Furthermore, the telemetry system comes with a powerful API that allows the data to be used for several purposes such as real-time data overlay for race broadcasts and a broad support for hardware devices such as motion platforms.

Below is a little sneak peak sz the software, iRacing subscribers can now download the software and an extensive quickstart guide on the iRacing members site.

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