- Sim Racing News – AJ Allmendinger on SPEED’s Racehub – AJ Allmendinger on SPEED’s Racehub

There have been quite a lot videos of racing drivers trying various titles lately and here’s the next in line: AJ Allmendinger was recently featured in SPEED TV’s Racehub program, showing the NASCAR Sprint Cup driver competing in an iRacing race at Richmond.

The video below shows Allmendinger in action as some lucky subscribers got the chance to race the real life Cup driver, included is footage of him getting wrecked and handing out some payback later on.

  • GTEvo

    GoodMorning RaceFreaks 😎 .

    Its just a Joke“!
    LOL..not this Show..not this Game themselve.
     The Joke is, that a Professional Racedriver made the greatest and unbelievablest Mistake, what a Simracer can do..
    He seats just to far away from the Wheel!
    Thats really a Joke.
    His Arms are those DistancePosition, its pretty unimpossible to race safety, to race, sorry to drive any Car quick and save.

    Im speachless“^^ =-X

    Have a Nice Weekend Guys and press your Thumbs that this F1 Weekend ends without a fatal crash! 9/11 :-[

  • ac

    If you cut corner in Iracing they dish out some hefty punishment, but if you an intentional wrecker. I guess that’s ok if your a twat named AJ.

    No wonder Nascar is a joke, all the time the drivers behave like a bunch of twats on and off the track what else could it be.

  • Knarf

    Oh my god 🙁  What an idiot…

  • Francisco Costa

    Both presenter and driver :S They make the sport look stupid.

  • wakkawakka

    Wrecking intentionally? What a douche

  • wakkawakka

    To clarify: If anyone wrecks intentionally on iRacing, they get suspended. Which is one of the nicest things.

    But AJ is famous, so I guess the rules don’t apply to him. Pathetic.

  • Simfan

    Chill out, it was a hosted race and I’m sure it was all for TV.

    I found it funny.

  • qawaza

    omg, the art of oval racing. Nothing in this world can be more exciting then an american doing that.

  • felipe

    you guys don´t get it! if it doesn´t end up in some huge crash it ain´t fun in America intentionally or not AJ (who btw is an horrible driver) did his job! 

  • Riches

    The video has been taken offline.  🙁
    Probably because this ontrack behaviour is not in line with the iRacing regulations.

  • Mike Oppenheimer

    What are you on about? You’re “speechless” because who ever put that rig together built it for some one taller than AJ?

  • Chad Smith

    So many douchebags in the comments, as always. 

  • stabiz

    I didnt like this either. Weird seeing the host laughing after AJ punted a driver on purpose.

  • Jonathan Stewart

    I’d let AJ wreck me if it was on TV!

  • Eddie Itt

    It was in a hosted race, that AJ hosted for the show on SPeed, the rules do not apply for private races…

  • free2game

    AJ is a great driver, he’s just a great road course open wheel driver who’s totally out of his element driving in Nascar.

  • Mike Oppenheimer

    He finished top 10 at Richmond tonite…has had several good runs this year too….he’s not that bad on ovals, just needs time.

  • jux

    The link is not working because the uploader replaced the original video with a more complete version.

  • zer0ryd3r

    hah leave it to a non american to throw his nose up at nascar. I for one appreciate all types of racing and dont make it a point to throw digs at it. You might not think nascar is exciting but it’s one of the purest forms of racing out there, constantly side by side action, grueling it out for sometimes 3 hours. The same cant be said about F1 where there is hardly any ever side by side action and the same top 5 guys are almost guaranteed a win. Whats exciting about that??? At least in nascar, a low budget team can hit a good setup and take a victory. That’s very exciting to me.