- Sim Racing News – 50% Discount For New Members is running another new promo, cutting the prices of their membership packages in half. is running another new promo, cutting the prices of their membership packages in half.

The 50% discount lowers the membership fee to just $6 monthly for a single month, membership includes the base package that contains everything to get your iRacing career started.

Included in Base Package

  • Unlimited head-to-head racing and open practice 24/7 in the world’s premier online sim racing service
  • 7 Cars and 10 tracks included and modeled flawlessly after their real-world counterparts
  • Race against drivers from around the globe in several officially sanctioned series
  • Both rookie road and oval racing licenses to get your career started
  • Create custom race leagues or fun race sessions for you and your friends
  • Experience our interactive iRacing video driving school
  • Many, many more features

As with most iRacing promos, this one is not available to existing members as only new accounts can be opened with the new rates, the offer is valid until October 31, 2012.

  • terrible1fi

    Did they fix the lolspins yet?

  • Anonymous

    … For new members as usual … pfff …

  • Alejandro Gorgal

    I know they are trying to attract new customers but they are not doing a lot to draw old players back in when it comes to deals like these.

    • Anonymous

      There’s usually a 3 months for the price of 1 type of deal deal quite often (even for old members). Those are usually the ones I take, since I don’t feel like devoting enough time to justify a yearly plan.

    • Anonymous

      They used to send “here’s a deal to come back” emails. Heard they haven’t done them recently.

  • Lafleche David

    what for the commited members can’T they juste make a 50% car and track weekend

    • Anonymous

      now now they all ready have you so who cares.. thats there attitude to financial members. have not seen any deals like this for members just new 1s

      • Anonymous

        You haven’t been looking very hard, then… there are people who race iRacing for a yearly fee of under $5 thanks to the current member deals. They did half price memberships 3 months ago, they’ve done 25% off credits on a regular basis, which when compounded with the membership deals can really add up.

      • Anonymous

        thats ok but still to expensive for me to even bother only trying it cause i got for free..

      • Anonymous

        I’ve always said, if you get better racing for cheaper, sont waste your money on iRacing.

    • Anonymous

      What, you didn’t take advantage of the 50% off for current members just this July? I am on a two year renewal that cost me just $99. They take care of us, and if you didn’t start there on at least a 3-for-1 deal you’re silly.

    • Mark

      There’s often special offers for current members – significantly reduced subscription rates and “free” credits.

  • Sam Stratten

    I doing think membership is these issue. I think race participation is the real problem. More cars equals segmented classes. I haven’t been on for a while because I got tired of setting the large majority of races go unofficial.

    • Mark

      This is an issue for the higher class cars but the lower class cars have no such problem – I don’t find a problem getting a race in those cars at any time of day.

  • Kendra Jacobs

    I think IRacing will be forced to do another major physics update (like the NTM 2.0) in order to keep up with Assetto Corsa, RFactor 2 and Reiza Stuff when they all come out.

    IRacing will always have a decent customer base though because of all the marketing, advertising, etc etc crap they do, its like any product, there may be better products out there, but so many people dont know about the other products, so they all buy the one thats plastered all over commercials, ads, music videos, etc and become die hard fans and think its the best.

    There are a LOT of those sort of fans in iracing.

    I honestly dont mind iracing personally, was playing it alot before, and I will admit i am still a fan, come on guys, every sim has flaws, but I un-subscribed, because after getting more into NKP, GSC, and especially RF2, iracing just never felt the same anymore.

    • Harold Winston Smith

      Iracing is a very cheap hobby. It is also an expensive game. So it depends on how you approach the service.

      • Kendra Jacobs

        That makes no sense. If its expesnive, then its expensive. Game Stock Car 2012 costs $20 or $25 I think, one time for the entire game. Netkar Pro i think even less (cant remember), RFactor 2 is $85 one time for life for entire game, or $45 for life (just for offline mode) + $12/year after the first year just for online access, Assetto Corsa probably will be between $40 and $90 aswell.

        So how is that a cheap hobby when you look at the price of these other peices of software for that very same hobby?

      • Anonymous

        Do you know how much money do you need for a track day?

        For example, if you have to trial before a week-end a watkins gleen, the closest experience is on iR.

        If you can’t see the differences on quality between cars and tracks on iR, and rF2 and so on, the best thing to do is unsubscrive and save money.

      • Anonymous

        And SimRaceWay is free, but that doesn’t in-and-of-itself make it better. Sometimes you get what you pay for.

      • Mr Banana

        True. iRacing + one RL race per year w/ the Skip Barber Race Series is a relatively inexpensive ‘motorsport’ hobby.

    • David Wright

      For me its rF2 fans which seem to be the most vocal “blinded” fan boys of them all.

      iRacing still has the edge in a number of areas.

      It has attracted a large on-line racing community (at the expense of neglecting the far larger off-line racing community), and it remains to be seen if others can offer the same on-line service iRacing do.

      They also have the US market largely sewn up. If you want to race NASCAR or indycars online, iRacing is where its at.

      For those looking for laser scanned tracks (and I think most of us would prefer them if price wasn’t an issue) they have a lead. AC will apparently feature them but not as many, same goes for pCARs.

      • Kendra Jacobs

        Like i said there are plenty of “blinded” fan boys for all sims, and all games in general, i was just pointing out that I tend to notice that iracing has more of these than it seems other sims.

        Yes, I agree, every single sim has flaws of course, and therefore many sims have an edge over the other sim in certain very specific areas or situations.

        Although laser scanned tracks are the most accurate, I would prefer the best physics model, over a track that has more accurate bumps because they used a laser to scan it. I mean, these are race car driving simulations we are playing, and therefore physics of vehicle dynamics are what we are supposed to be after, not a contest of who can make with most accurate tracks.

        Of course laser scanned is preferable over non-laser scanned, and yes they are very awesome 🙂 , but thats all a bonus in the end,

      • Anonymous

        I’m not sure if iRacing has a larger ratio of fanboys, but I think it probably has one of the highest active playerbases. Approximately the same ratio but double the users means double the fanboys 😉

        As far as price, the big question is whether people get value from it. If it costs twice as much but gives 4x as much enjoyment, it’s double the value. I think looking just at the price misses the whole picture. The big differentiator is the online service of iRacing compared to the private servers of everything else. With the other big releases soon I think we will see what the majority of the community is most looking for: a comprehensive service like iRacing, or simply the best possible physics and tracks.

        FYI, the 5th iteration of the NTM is supposed to be out in two weeks, at least on some of the cars.

        I pretty much agree with the iRacing way of thinking, that the correct physics physics only mean so much if the tracks aren’t right too.

      • Anonymous

        physics over a laser scanned track any time

      • Anonymous

        +1 mill

    • Mark

      Regardless of whether people like iRacing’s physics, graphics, sounds, costs etc it has a USP above all other sims – it has good online pickup racing which no other sim can match and personally I don’t see any other sim matching in the forseeable future either.