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iOpener Signs Deal With Simbin

iOpener Signs Deal With Simbin

iOpener Media, creators of the innovative system that will allow sim racers to compete against real life drivers thanks to GPS technology, have signed a deal with Simbin Studios that will be announced tomorrow.

Right now, not much is known about the planned partnership, the logical conclusion is that coming Simbin simulations will have the iOpener technology built-in, bringing the realism to a whole new level. More details on the deal are scheduled to emerge tomorrow.

In the meantime, here’s a little food for thought as iOpener Media announced to be part of an upcoming World Rally Championship simulation back in April. Is this just a coincidence or may Simbin be changing the motorsport genre for an upcoming title?

Update: As expected, the deal was confirmed today as Simbin is working on a iOpener Enabled title, allowing sim racers to race against real race drivers. Both iOpener Media & Simbin gave away no further info what the future title will be about other than both parties will fully concentrate on working on the new title in the coming months.

In the iOpener technology I see the start of the next generation of race gaming and a major leap in optimising the race experience for the gamer. What is better than racing against the real pros?!” , Simbin’s Henrik Roos commented. “Besides playing live, the gamers will also have the opportunity to select recorded races, based on stored data”, Roos added.