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iOpener – Beta Test Signup Open

iOpener – Beta Test Signup Open

Have you ever dreamt of facing your favorite drivers on track, check out how your sim racing skills stack up against professional drivers?

Soon you can, thanks to iOpener Media and their innovative new system. Using GPS and other modern technology, their system transmits the location and telemetry data of real race cars on the track into your simulation, letting you race these drivers right at home.

Their project has already gained major recognition, winning several prizes and securing the involvement of the European Space Agency. Watch the preview video below to find out more.

And the best thing is: iOpener is giving you the chance to join their beta test programme, simply follow the link below to sign up. 5000 testers will be picked and will be the first to experience their innovative system that could add a major new touch to sim racing.

[youtube PEJ_sIH631w nolink]

Sign Up to the iOpener Enabled Beta Test Here

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