Imola 2010 – New In-Game Previews

Mauro Delegà has released plenty of previews of his Imola 2010 track project for netKar Pro.

The previews show a lap around the popular Italian track, letting us check out the textures and plenty of off-track details.

Officially known as the Autodromo Enzo e Dino Ferrari, the track has been majorly revamped after the 2006 season including a brand new pit complex and layout changes. Most importantly, the new layout lacks the final Variante Bassa chicane when used for car racing, creating a long flat-out straight all the way from Rivazza to the Traguardo corner.

  • Cedric Cornelis

    So this won’t be released for rFactor? Because I thought that was the initial plan. Anyway, nice work 🙂

  • Juhan Voolaid

    As said before: “No wheel freaks people out”.

    • Cedric Cornelis

      Actually in some cases not. If i play on one screen I also like the fact of a wheel that moves, but when I play tripple screen, I always turn of the wheel because it’s to close (because of the smal FOV) and to distracting. And you have a wheel right before you 😉 But in this pictures, it’s indeed a bit weird.

  • Ricoo

    It looks very good, with a lot of details, very nice trees, very impressive. Thumb up. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    I’m sad this track will be not for rF..anyway great work 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Seems like this track has some better color saturation. My complaint about many NKpro tracks is that they all look like you are racing a 8:00 am on an overcast day.

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