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Ikea-Based Sim Racing Cockpit

Ikea-Based Sim Racing Cockpit

After seeing this item, you´ll probably be keen to hit the next Ikea near you. Stopshere has made himself an impressive cockpit, mainly made up of laminated cupboard and shelving panels picked up at the Swedish furniture outlet.

Now even though Ikea’s furniture can be of questionable quality, it seems to do a perfect job for building sim racing cockpits as the photos below show. Ikea…better living… sim racing!

  • no1

    IKEA FTW! LOLLL :mrgreen: 😯 😆

  • F1Racer

    Im curious how much that cost to build. Its not too shabby at all.

  • Kill4Food

    Looks professional. Please post some schematics. That may encourage many simmers to build their own pits. I will of course since we’re all a little short on change these days. :mrgreen:

  • GBTW

    not much info there on parts, price is low aperntly, verry low 🙂

  • Kill4Food

    Thank you for the link. :mrgreen: