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Hungaroring WTCC 2011 – Released

Hungaroring WTCC 2011 – Released

Zerez86 has released his Hungaroring WTCC 2011, bringing the Hungarian WTCC venue to RACE07 and all Simbin simulations based on it.

Originally created by 6e66o and mrk37, the track has been extensively modified to reflect the 2011 WTCC round status, including new trees, textures, objects and more as listed below.


– remapping/uv mapping of the whole terrain
– I replaced every tree on the track to bring it to Simbin standarts
– retexturing (darker look)
– new sideobjects, a lot of new details:
marshall stands, trucks, ambulances, cameras, cranes, lightpoles, …
– nearly 100% correct ads from the WTCC race 2011
– 3d grass all around the track
– new cams
– new walls and fences, new 3d crowd in the first part of the track (bridge)
– new startlights, pitin-/outlights
– photoflashes
– new loading screen, grid walk

Located near the state capital of Budapest, the Hungaroring has been hosting an annual Formula One Grand Prix since 1986, being the first behind the iron curtain. The track layout consists of 16 turns that make up a total track length of 4.3 kilometers.

Download Hungaroring WTCC 2011 Here

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