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HistorX Mod for Assetto Corsa? Preview Video

A new preview video shows the HistorX mod in Assetto Corsa – Is a major rFactor player making the switch to a new platform?

The HistorX Historic Touring Car & GT mod surely is one of rFactor’s most popular modding project, created by a very talented team with a passion for historic racing and details.

Now, it seems like the famous mod is heading for a new home as Rantam, head of the HistorX team, has posted the following video, showing one of the HistorX cars in Assetto Corsa!

Ever since Kunos Simulazioni released the modding tools for Assetto Corsa, modding has picked up dramatically as promising projects are starting up left and right, revitalizing the mod community in a way that many people hoped rFactor 2 would have done.

If Team HistorX would be moving on to the new platform as well it would be a further boost for the AC modding community and further shape the title as the place to be for mods in sim racing.

  • Clive Lomax

    Wow! Cant think of anything better I would like to see for AC, these recent tracks and cars being announced how will I find the time for iRacing?

  • melanieuk1

    lol Rob is so quick, I hope the The HistorX team take their time with this mod, and give use something with 3D detailed cockpits, the audio should be improved once kunos upgrades to fmod, looking forwards to this new content in AC.

  • Marc Collins

    I can only hope that it gets released for both AC and rF2! It was always my favourite mod in rF1, but just can’t go back after being spoiled by rF2’s vastly superior physics and FFB.

  • Michael Hornbuckle

    Can’t wait guys!!!! Your mod and AC should play very nice together.

  • Kabonfaiba

    Wow that’s a rather significant triumph for AC.

  • Jukka Karppinen

    So it begins ๐Ÿ™‚ This is really great news!

  • Max

    So why modder’s keep avoid rFactor 2?

    • Jovica Ilic

      Do you really need reasons?

      • vcorp

        Agree ๐Ÿ˜‰

    • 5hitm4k3r666

      Who said that modders avoid rf2?

      3rd party section in the ISI forum is quite active if you ask me. Many people just expected an instant shift of modding teams what was a bit naive. New technology doesn’t only offer new possibilities but also new challnges.

  • faybn

    There is a godโ€ฆ
    Just great news the last days/weeks regarding new content for AC.
    Good times!

  • monsterZERO

    Oh. God. Yes.

  • kenpat .

    Happy days right enough.

  • toyvonen

    Right now i’m completly devided in love between AC and RF2, it took me sometime to arrive there, but after some new contents and many tweaks (and i’m still not there…), those 2 opened a new window of possibilities and pleasure for anyone who are hardcore simlovers…infact, with my motion simulator, and new Fanatec equipment, the way those simulators behave, i’m closer then ever of beeing in heaven..the joy i feel when trying those diferent machines in such diferent locations, both of the current as of older times, it’s not easy described by words…i would say, IMPOSSIBLE to describe!
    So a news like this, is just FANTASTIC…but i would like that both simulators would deserve the highest atention from the best modding teams…yes, AC was more in the spot straight from the begining, but the amout of features that RF2 and it’s potential, also makes id deserve a special place….to be honest, i want BOTH to win this “fight”…and i would also don’t care if PCars pr anyother jump to the same wagon….GREAT days indeed for virtual simworld…probably the best EVER!

    • Chris Wright

      I totally agree with your sentiments. It would be nice to think of a wide spread of mods between AC and rF2, but I would imagine that the news of the past week or so has been troubling to ISI, as it is becoming clear that much of the community’s support is Italy-bound.

      I am not a modder, so I cannot make anything like an objective appraisal of why this appears to be happening. What one can say is that since the launch of the AC SDK there has literally been an explosion in activity for this title.

      It’s exactly what this hobby has needed for a number of years. Modding has always been an integral part of the scene and I, for one, was concerned for its future. It appears I needn’t have worried.

    • David Hughes

      I think AC will race ahead in popularity in the short term because of the 4 reasons Chuck gave above.

      I think longer term the limitations of AC physics/tire model will mean a few hardcore mod teams will concentrate just on RF2, but there won’t be many, and maybe not enough for RF2 to survive as so much attention will be on AC.

      Of course that depends what AC do with their tyre model, maybe they can get it to the level of RF2… in which case there would be no reason to go with RF2 at all, but I am not sure AC can develop their tyre model to quite the same level, so I do hope RF2 weathers this storm and comes through the other side.

      • melanieuk1

        Just had to laugh at this comment, a content creator has already said chuck doesn’t know what he talking about, and here’s you trying to verify chucks nonsense, typical hijacking ac threads with praise for rfactor2, and why would kunos want to get there tyre model to level of rf2, just reading the comments about rf2 physics, consumers are not happy with its low speed spinout and this so called realroad, they are not leaders anymore.

      • David Hughes

        From your understanding of physics models, I would put you in the non-hardcore sim racer category. Your comment reinforces what I said above.

        And for the record, I really don’t care WHO makes the best physics, but I will support whoever does.

      • melanieuk1

        Hardcore softcore semi sim simcade arcade, keep your little category to yourself, they are all computer games, you play them at home on your home computer, physics alone cannot will not sell a game.

      • Noel Hibbard

        Did you not read Gonzalo’s posts or something? Yes he disputed Chucks points, but he in no way did he say rF2 physics were inferior to AC. Infact he said the opposite. He did list some valid concerns about the modding process though. It’s actually refreshing to read some constructive criticism rather than the typical “modding is too hard in rF2” with no details to back that up basically leaving one to assume they are just drinking the anti rF2 Koolaid with no real experience modding in rF2.

      • Deatroy

        Do you have a look into the source code of both physics to make this statement: “I think longer term the limitations of AC physics/tire model will mean a few hardcore mod teams will concentrate just on RF2” ?
        Which limitations you know off ?

      • David Hughes

        The limitations being the general ability of AC dev’s to develop the best tyre model.

        AC may be relatively new, but Kunos has been working on tyres for a long time. Similarly ISI have been working on tyres for a long time. The fact that the RF2 tyre model is at a more advanced stage at this moment (I can’t prove this to you because I don’t have the source code, but that is my experience backed up by certain information available if that’s what you enjoy researching and also other opinions that I happen to trust) means I have more faith in RF2 to deliver the best tire model long term.

        That doesn’t mean that AC definitely won’t end up as the leader in that department but I would say at this moment RF2 is the most likely.

      • Deatroy

        ah ok, i think everyone just feels the differences between both models as they use the exact opposite on how to calculate the physics, etc.

      • melanieuk1

        It’s all he’s opinion, to him a ten year old physics model is better than all the other simulation titles that virtualR covers, lets move along and not reply to him. ๐Ÿ™‚

  • kronik

    Great news for GTL drivers and lovers of old touring cars ….. like me ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Roger Wallentin

    OMG, someone pinch me!! This is like sim racing dreams comming true!?

    Not only will we get one (if not the) best mod ever created in one of the best modern sims, but its an explosion of amazing mod content with cars and tracks + the official updates for AC!

    I think this week must be the best with regards to new quality content for sim racing in history (availability and announcements)?

    And its not only AC, pCars has finally (basically the last few weeks) reached a stage where I really enjoy multiple cars on multiple tracks without any major flaws to ruin the experience. Once finished it will be a strong contender for my wheel time!

    • melanieuk1

      I think the good thing about the Historic mod coming to assetto corsa is, that they don’t have to release a pack of cars all in one go, at this very early stage in assetto corsa’s life, the HistoriX team could release a few cars every now and then, because Kunos plans on upgrading AC graphics, ai, sounds, and multiplayer engine.

      • Roger Wallentin

        That would indeed be great, there is a HUGE amount of cars and variations in the rF mod. A pack of 2-3 cars every other week would be amazing to keep some time to focus on each car and something to look forward to! ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Noel Hibbard

        A constant changing GFX engine is what most modders complain about with rF2. Why is this a negative aspect of rF2 but a positive aspect of AC? Also, why are you saying the HistorX team could release a car here and a car there for AC but not any other sim?

      • melanieuk1

        I’ve not mentioned rf2 in my comment, I don’t care about rf2, as of now it just looks dated and the graphics everything about it looks flat and bland, this isn’t a rf2 thread.

  • Marcos Cecchin

    Best Ever! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Metal Machine

    Awesome, insane and epic! Your Historic Touring Car & GT with right attitude players, can make a godly racing league expirience ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Derek Speare

    This is GREAT news!

  • Eric S

    Oh hell yes!!!

  • Daan Loos

    Wasn’t the rF1 version mainly ripped from Simbins titles?

    • Rantam

      I invite you to give it a try and comment afterwards ๐Ÿ™‚

    • Noel Hibbard

      Most of the 3D models were from GTL but the physics were 100% new and utterly destroy the original GTL physics. HistorX is the best mod for rF1 hands down. Too bad the CD/DVD check doesn’t satisfy SimBin anymore.

  • Brandon Miller

    Amazing news, I can’t wait!

  • Chris Wright

    Current pattern of life:

    Wake up – read Virtual R – learn of a least one amazing new development for AC – repeat

    This is incredible isn’t it.

    • 5hitm4k3r666

      Could have different reasons. rF2 tyre model seems to be alot more complex and as consquence it gets more difficult to get reasonable results in reasonable time frames. High quality modding takes time.

      We’ve seen the first previews of the 300SL of HistoriX in rF2 something like two years ago. So I would be careful to call a platform abandoned if there is no clear statement. F1ASR for example are releasing their mods for AC aswell as for rF2. There isn’t just much news about rF2 modding here on vR, that’s all.

      I just hope that we will see the HistoriX mod for rF2 because the historic cars in AC are underwhelming from my POV. I just don’t have the joy while driving the Lotus 49 or the 312T compared to the Lola T70, the Matra or the BT20. They just offer more depth in the physics departement and FFB.

      • melanieuk1

        Quote “There isn’t just much news about rF2 modding here on vR, that’s all.” End Of Quote

        There’s also no new news of up coming mods on the ISI forums as well, so stop this rubbish trying to blame virtualR for not post news of up coming mods for rfactor 2, there is hardly any, I read the ISI forums, not just virtualr or bsiming or RD, and none of these sites are reporting new mods for rfactor2, your hatred for virtualR and ac is becoming a joke

      • 5hitm4k3r666

        Really? Why don’t you stop and spread misinformation and interprete my posts as it pleases you? How about that? I thought you didn’t want to discuss with me anyway?

        I didn’t blame vR for anything so please show me in my quote that you used, that I blamed vR for anything. I will help you a littlebit:

        “There isn’t just much news about rF2 modding here on vR, that’s all.”

        It is up to them what they write in their news. Only thing I mentioned was that it it misleading to trust this blog only if you want to get basic information about upcoming mods for rF2. There are enough examples just in case that you are not in ignore-mode while browsing ISI forums. If you think that there is no active modding community, then you are clearly relying on the wrong sources or not reading things correctly. But I will let you believe what you want to believe as this fits your attitude.

        I am not hating AC. Hate is such a strong word considering that we are discussing a PC sim that showcases something virtual. I just don’t hype things blind while being brain AFK and have a more sceptical and careful approach to modern products. That’s all. Sorry that the Lotus 49 and the 312 T bore me, but they are just not exciting and have zero fidelity. I hope that doesn’t offend you.

    • Chuck

      There are a couple of reasons why modding teams are focusing on AC.
      1- Easier to mod than rfactor 2. A simple conversion is way faster and easier in AC cause they dont need to work on realroad, dynamic surface with rain, etc. Thats why a track in AC appears each day and in rf2 it takes longer. The work is completely diferent, more demanding.
      2- Bigger “audience”, Bigger “potential buyers/donators”.
      3- Personal choices.
      Personnaly im dissapointed with the majority of modding teams. Most of them (not all) are going trough the easy path and avoinding what should be a better achivement with rf2. Its like asking a motor racing engineer if he wants to work on F1 and he replies saying he prefer some local street series cause theres no need to work too much and dont need to worry about tires, consumptions, whatever.
      Thats my interpretation on this subject, much probably will get some replies of AC fans not agreeing…….im used to it, no problem.

      • Chuck

        Should add….
        4- Better looking……it looks better in social networks….

      • Noel Hibbard

        I don’t see why people think AC looks better than rF2. I do agree though that it looks more popular in social media. It is “cool” to like AC and also “cool” to hate rF2.

      • Chris Wright

        Not in my house, we love both ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Gonzalo Rodriguez Sastre

        Hi there

        viewing your profile I have to say that is one of the best posts from your repertoire. xD

        the thing is you don’t know about what you’re talking about

        1- AC is way more complicated to mod than rF2, you need to have knowedge about 3dmodelling programs and even have some modelling knowedge to put a car/track ingame in AC. is more hard to do and requires a lot o time and dedication more.

        you only need a 3rd party program and a text editor to convert a car/track to rF2.

        i can do it in 15 minutes, with only one hand and pressing the ctrl key with the nose.

        2- if you look inside rF2 modding community is where you will find payware mods.

        and HistorX have NEVER accepted donations in any manner from anybody.

        3- read my answer to point 1 , apart of that, you, (we) only have to care about making good dry and wet tires.

        realroad, dynamic surface with rain, etc…. are in the core of the game engine and is ISI the ones who have to take care and improve them, modders can not do many more apart of good realroad profile & HDR presets for their tracks

        there are more important things than how to control the wear and heating of the tires, if you are going to use an algorithm with exponential numbers as in Rf2 or curves like in AC,

        the question is what you can achieve graphicaly , in the physics and very important…. the online code.

        right now , in the graphycal area, i can do whatever i want to do with the material/shaders of the cars, they respond perfectly to the changes i do on them , and they look exactly as i imagine that they are going to look whitout problems and surprises. and that is really cool, is some kind of fresh air for modellers.

        that video shows just that , now we are investigating the physics of AC and what they can offer to all of us, nothing more, there is not any oficial statement.

        sadly the online code is not what we were expecting , i literaly can not play with my friends at the other side of the world because of the lag.
        i really hope that Kunos will solve that soon.

        we have more that one car in rF2 in face almost all of our scratch made ones are in rF2.

        why didnยดt us release anything yet?…

        well that’s another history and it will need a lot of lines more xD

        Regards , … and sorrry my english

      • 5hitm4k3r666

        I see you have some knowledge with modding. What I don’t get is your argument about AC being more complicated to mod because of the knowledge in 3D programms that is required. Isn’t that a basic when you want to mod, no matter wich platform or game? Maybe it is just a language barrier …

        I don’t question your skill, but converting a track or car is not the matter of discussion I guess. Anybody can do a halfassed conversion and there are plenty of examples allready. What I consider more a challenge is quality modding and the quite small amount of quality mods in rF2 shows it.

        You say “We only have to care about good wet and try tyres”, but in the end it is the thing that makes your mod really good or underwhelming. Tyres are one of the most important aspects in racing as they connect you to the road. Same goes for a sim car, so I wouldn’t underestimate it. Not saying that the MAK-corp mods are crap, but they are struggling with the physics and FFB in all their mods for rF2 so far. As they are clearly WIP I hope that this will change to the better as their moddeling is top notch.

        Btw, there is only one modding team for rF2 that relies on payware, so you can hardly call it the rule. What will you say when URD releases their mods for AC?

        And it would indeed be interesting to know why you didn’t release any of your cars for rF2 yet?

      • Gonzalo Rodriguez Sastre


        first of all let me say that i agree with you in almost everything you said , but my post were for the fan opinion mixed with liars of Chuck.

        well,in my post, when i talk about “mod” i mean the process to put the car/track inside the game , after you model it.

        you have to have the knowedge and tools to model it no matter the platform/s you choose.

        but as i said that part in AC is more tecnical , complicated and requieres more effort and knowedge than for Rf2.
        the good part is that it allows more options to get what you want to achieve.

        for example in rF2 you only have to write in a text file that a certain object/s are part of a wheel , and rf2 will move them ingame like a wheel, you write “this is a part of a spindle” and your brake pads will move as it should , you write “this objects are a suspension” and rF2 will TRY to move them as a suspension.

        in AC you have to keep a certain hierarchy on the objects, edit a lot of null objects with his childs , a lot of pivot points, a lot of hubs nightmare in the suspensions and you have to do it using 3Ds max or blender, and only the user interface of those programs could make some begginers to run with the tail between the legs when they try to make bad and fast conversions to AC as he said that happens everyday.

        in AC you get the benefict of 3d gauges but apart of model them you have to do more things in the 3dprogram to get them working , on rF1 & 2 you edit a text file and one texture move over another to get a gauge/needle working.

        for certaing supension movement you need to make animations apart of the natural movement of a suspension , for expample you can try your best in rF2 to get a good suspension movement for cars like the Ariel Atom or the KTM amd you will not be able to recreate it as you should, that is possible in AC but requires more effort.

        animations on suspension parts , driver shifting , wings ,doors etc etc…. is another long history.

        yes, physics are the most important part for me too, and tires is the most important part of it with no doubt.

        when URD relase their mods for AC i will probably buy them as i did in rF2, i did not say any lie or call it the rule, Chuck did it, and more important , you can read between letters that we could move to AC looking for business, and that have been never our goal.

        about your last question… i can talk about of myself , not for all the team.

        the thing is that today , july 2014 rF2 is a great videogame, it offers the best FFB of all the simulators , only GSC is close to it thanks to Niels. two years and half after their launch is graphicaly correct , and offers to the players a lot of very important things for the simulation that no other game can offer ATM.
        but for the modding point o view is quite different.

        everybody at the team were expecting a lot from rF2 and all of us fight with our computers to buy it as soon as it was avalaible, instead of play most of us take a look at their files, at the modding tools and start to think about “lets start modding it” and we did it.

        but in MY opinion

        the firsts months , the modding tools were something like a nightmare or a bad joke.
        Errors in the dev mode that you discover days later on the forums because other modder had them , but you lose hours trying to understand why things happens on showroom, or on the dev mode, with almost no help from ISI.

        apart of the Trans Am we started to work with the SLR, and i’m still waiting 30 months later that ISI finally comes with animations on wings . will be cool if we could represent in game that nice aerodinamical braking of the SLR.

        apart of hands animations on the wheel, i do like to have shifting animations , i whould like to see he right (correct xD ) hand of my driver going to the shifter and even make an animarion for the shifter.

        im still waiting,

        rfactor2 have the best recreation of rain and wet circuits , with the dry line, you can even feel the aquaplaning on your wheel. is awesome

        but im still waiting fot the rain over the windshields as was announced four years before.
        im still waiting to have the rain outside the cockpits , not inside too
        im still waiting for the vertex damage, we have a cool
        damage layer in the shaders, unused , and we have to wait more fot it,

        i guess we have to wait more, because rF2 is the game with the biggest potential of all the simulatiors.
        it really shines like no other when all is set up correctly , in a certain hour , with a certain light with the correct rubber on the road, it looks and behaves perfect, like no other, but errors are still there. yor car can look photorealistic ingame at 17:00 and HORRIBLE at 13:00 or in night,

        we have to wait until it turns into a good modding platform, right now it is not
        it is a great game. just that , problably the best simulator.


      • Chris Wright

        Thanks Gonzalo for your really excellent insight. I read your comments with great interest.

        You also point towards the feelings I have harbored for some time that there are quite a few loose ends in terms of aspects of rF2 that are seemingly never tweaked, while new ISI content has flowed reasonably regularly.

        I totally share your view that it has the best potential of any of the current sims. As I’ve said previously here, my hope is that the dev team will consolidate what they already have before releasing more content. That might make quite a lot of difference to the modding community, from what you’re reporting and suggesting.


      • Noel Hibbard

        It’s been said a militon times that the content doesn’t slow down development at all. Infact, content development is extremely beneficial because the content guys also find limitations of the engine or bugs and have direct access to the devs to resolve the issues quickly. People should stop thinking that the dev team has to take a break to develop new content. The content comes from separate individuals.

      • Chris Wright

        Well all the more mysterious and troubling why there are still so many outstanding issues then…

      • 5hitm4k3r666

        Wich outtanding issues do you have with the released ISI content? Core engine is a totaly different matter and not only ISI is struggeling with this aspect.

      • Chris Wright

        Read Gonzalo’s posts.

      • 5hitm4k3r666

        Still don’t see the problem, sorry. If wing animations, wich should work smilar to the DRS implementation btw, and shifting animations are a real problem, thus holding the mod back then I don’t get it tbh. Shifting animations don’t work in AC as they are out of sync and I switch them off for that reason, same as they won’t work in any other game for obvious reasons.

        And yeah … the graphics, all concerns are about visual aspects. If those guys really think that this will hold their mod back, then maybe they should ask themself what made their previous work so good. Driving the Porsche 906 on Targa I didn’t think one bit about shifting animations or the track being a GPL conversion. It was just a sensational driving experience and shiting animations won’t take this to a new level. Dynamic weather, TOD, racing line, tyre model on the other hand might work wonders.

        But as Gonzalo said: it is the best simulator. What else do you want? A proper game? The graphical wow moment fades away.

      • Gonzalo Rodriguez Sastre


        Honestly i turn off virtual steering wheel and driver arms when i am driving, they even disturb me. but, as we do them , we want them looking and moving as realistic as possible, and it is possible in 2014, well , was possible in 2005.

        is a compound of many things , we are not become like maniacs looking only for the visual part of the game.

        we will use only our own content from now and on in rF2 , AC or wherever. so no 906 on rF2… xD but right now imagine the 330 or the 904 in rF2 will be the same as in RF1 but with maybe worst tires. we can improve the engines, the suspension, the chassis flex, we can try to make a good simulation in wet road , but right now the true is that we doesn’t have the tires that will let you feel a real jump in the fidelity of the physics from rF1.

        will be better? for sure , yes, better physics..yes

        will all the process that have to be done worth it? i dont know , probably, im not sure.

        and if we do something we whould like to do it right.

        modding in rfactor 1 started in ยฟ2005? but in my opinion good tires arrived 3 or 4 years after , in rfactor2 will happen the same.

        who knows maybe we can find a good one xD.

        and no, i dont hate rFactor2 , im just sad , as you said :

        Dynamic weather, TOD, racing line,good tyre model….

        that shows the tremendous potential of rF2, but seems that when ISI sold his engine to 3rd party developers is when we see the real power of their game engines, because they can extract a lot more.

        have happened in the past , is happening and will happen.

        30 months passed since version 49, now the game is working fine for AMD users , 2 years and half ago a crossfire of two amd 6870 was very good,but for example two of the modellers have that combo, and have been almost impossible to enjoy rfactor2 correctly until latest versions, im talking about unplaylable on 3 screens, well one of them still have problems…

        me too, i bought the one of most expensive and powerfull AMD cards one year and half ago,
        and im enjoying rFactor 2 now , and with some limitations.

        so everything counts as you can imagine , the graphycal part too.

        but now rfactor 2 is starting to shine as it should have done years ago, time to get some motivation….. xD
        and we have some cars in the garage

        but what the… im telling you my whole live, time to go to sleep,

        good night everybody!

      • Patrik Marek

        from visual point of view, AC is more demanding, because it gives you more options on shaders, can give you better result – but it’s way more work to make it work ( speaking about cars now mostly)

        also the recommended triangle count is way higher in AC, that alone makes the car longer to build, of course you can put same car into rF2 , the rF2 is intended for lower triangle count

      • 5hitm4k3r666

        I am not only talking about the graphical side of things only. I read other opinions of people who spoke about different possiblities and variables while working with the different tyre models. More and different shader options will enhance you workload for sure, I don’t question that. But the model of the car, as nice as it might look, is not going to work well if you screw up the physics and tyres. Always difficult to tell how credible people and their opinions are, considering that only few of us have driven the real cars, but the technical asepct is the thing that really interests me about racing. The recently released MX5 shows the problem quite good.

        I don’t know whether rF2 is intended for lower triangle counts and I doubt that statement tbh when looking at the more up-to-date released stuff. Optimization is one of the mandatory goals when you want to support multyclass racing with larger fields and this applies for AC or any other sim aswell.

      • Patrik Marek

        regarding the physics its hard to compare, because AC is in much earlier stage of development then rFactor is,

        I know you didn’t speak only from visual pov , but I did, becasue that’s something I have good knowledge of, and therefore can make a good assumptions/conclusions from

        physics will be difficult and hard to get right in both, but if you take whole time to make fully working car in rF2 and AC, I’m convinced that AC will take you longer to develop

      • melanieuk1

        Well said, from someone who knows what they are talking about.

  • Patrik Marek

    would love to see some external screenshots, but yeah, will see them once some are available,

    this is a good news, although they never said they are going to release it, did they?

    • Phil Oakley

      I think if they show it off on video we can assume it will be released at some point.

      • Patrik Marek

        didn’t they show some updated version of the historyX mod .. which wasn’t released ? and many people cried about it ? ๐Ÿ™‚

        but yeah, probably will release it, we shall see

    • Rantam
      • Patrik Marek

        cool! thanks for the link ๐Ÿ™‚ it’s not the AC quality yet, but it’s getting there, really nice to see those exteriors shots

  • Jojo

    In Power & Glory I trust

    • Mar Mar


      P&G3, HistoriX, EnduSeries, WSGT, VLN and NAGT soon.

  • Chuck

    Biggest dissapointment in years of simracing……

  • vrasuk

    that’s great news! i’m really looking forward to their releases, historX was my favorite mod for rFactor.

  • AL_D

    it feels like there are more mods released or in progress as for RF2! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • Blatant Abuse

    Please. PLEASE!

  • F1Racer

    As it’s only 1 video with 1 (maybe 2) cars that they have in AC, I am not getting any hopes up quite yet. Maybe they are carrying out feasibility tests. But if they do port Historix over to AC (which would make sense for now as if they wanted to re-do from scratch it would take a long long time) then I think this will be the biggest mod new AC has had so far. And WOW how cool would it be !!
    Ok less track selection that rF1 but slowly slowly….

    • MiniFan

      They cannot port the HistorX mod to AC or rF2 as Simbin have said conversions of their titles to other platforms is no longer allowed and Rantam has said they weren’t intending to do so anyway. Only non Simbin parts such as the Camaro could be used.

      • F1Racer

        Well then I hope they do a scratch one ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Chris Wright

        Stay with me a moment on this, but why don’t other developers consider selling mods for other titles? Makes sense – you make money from your own title and also off other ones too!

        We’ve seen a potential route towards this with the release yesterday of a converted with permission Live for Speed track for AC . Why not monetize it?

      • MiniFan

        There are over 300 people racing in the rF lobby at the moment. Only 3 are racing HistorX. I’m not sure demand is that strong.

      • Chris Wright

        Not everyone is an online racer you know. Count me in that number most of the time.

      • F1Racer

        Yep me too. I always play HistorX offline. I enjoy the lone runs chasing my lap times as well as AI races.

      • Quasikoki

        You guys should join the RD HistorX club!
        Great racing, friendly and helpful members, new car/track combo every week.
        I have all the sims except pcars and this little club is still the most sim-fun i ever had outside of LFS.

      • MiniFan

        I know not everyone is an online racer but it is a way of measuring a mods popularity. You tell me what percentage of offline players are currently running HistorX.

      • Chris Wright

        You answered your own question. You don’t know either do you ๐Ÿ™‚

        Have a great day

      • MiniFan

        Using the vox pop approach you would think Reiza are the best selling developer and no one was racing Forza or Gran Turismo. Its not very reliable.

      • Chris Wright

        Bored with this thread tennis match now. You’re pressing home your point when I really have no dispute with you. I merely said that I felt there was an offline player dimension to your argument.

        Let’s leave it there eh?

      • melanieuk1

        More than you think, has you said there is only three servers running the mod online.

      • Marcus Reynolds

        I actually have never raced Rfactor online ever, yet I have played all the mods quite a lot over the years, so I am with Chris on that one ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Almacca

        I asked this question some time ago, and was told by a Simbin dude that they consider that kind of thing ‘supporting the competition’, and other members here couldn’t even grasp the concept. I still think it’s short-sighted, but what do I know about corporate greed.

      • Chris Wright

        I can understand the argument to a degree, but that situation might change if, say, AC became the sim racing equivalent of Flight Simulator X.

      • Ghoults

        That would also require a major influx of new players who would be willing to spend a whole lot more money on the mods. In flight sims payware mods have been a thing for years and years and in sim racing it is still extremely rare. I’d even claim that there is a big crowd in the sim racing community who see payware mods as a negative thing.

        Also I think one of the biggest differences is the whole style of playing. In flying sims (I think) most people who buy the planes and other mods mostly play alone. Sim racing is almost the exact opposite of that. We play online. And as such payware mods will have not just much less usability online but also much less monetary value if the online component is not available. Some good mods even struggle to gain audience when they are free. If you had to spend money to get the mod the chances of seeing it online would probably be even less.

      • Chris Wright

        For me it’s all about what one considers to be payware quality. The Shelby Cobra and GP2 mods I would gladly have parted with cash for.

        As is so clear, modding is a more complex thing these days, hence it’s perfectly reasonable that the most talented modders might feel it necessary to charge for their superb work. We’ve had a pretty free ride in this hobby to date.

        Who wouldn’t pay for a really top notch Group C mod, or even a more modern attempt at Grand Prix Legends.

        Presumably licensing comes into the picture so, again, it is almost certain that, sooner or later, we will be paying for the best quality mods.

        I, for one, have absolutely no problems with that.

      • Marcus Reynolds

        Well actually we have had discussions among some people in the company about pooling resources to create better content for all and reduce costs for all, I mean what is the point in 5 companies all paying nearly 20+k for the same track to be laser scanned ?? the Nordschleife is closer to 80k iirc….

      • Chris Wright

        Exactly my point and so encouraging to know this is being kicked around. The market is so niche, it would only make sense. Look at sim racing peripherals, they are uber niche and yet there’s been a tidal wave of them. mostly all doing the same thing – bound to be casualties.

      • Marcus Reynolds

        The thing that gets me with the tracks especially, a laser scan of a track is a laser scan of the track, and my scan of a track is no better or any worse than “your” scan of the track, the bit where we have the potential to make our version better, or worse, than yours is how much of that scan we can use in detail, and how well the modellers build the surrounding features and how well the artists texture the mesh and surrounding, how efficient the engine is at lodding, how good the lighting is etc etc, so whilst we could all have very accurate layout and bumps etc there would always be some differences between the sharing companies due to the artistic licence involved in making that track from the laser scan, all IMHO of course .

      • Kabonfaiba

        Yep agreed with all this, and if not, an alternative idea could be content creators just separating themselves from games entirely. A business model made to sell mods, not just to players, but to the game developers who would have a better understanding of their own physics engines for example and would implement them as base content.
        The problem is, content creators, (the artists) are too closely tied to contracts within the company they work for.

      • Chris Wright

        It’s a small community, relatively speaking, so more cooperation between devs just seems to make sense to me. There would be product licensing issues here and there, but probably not insurmountable ones.

      • tromoly

        I imagine they would build new models for AC, given it can run a higher poly count and other things.

      • Marcus Reynolds

        Speaking with my non Simbin hat on, and purely as a racer I would love to see HistorX with new models, those GTL cars are 10 year old models now fgs, I like the fact people are starting to make new scratch made content for AC instead of the lazy copy paste rehash we saw in the past with other titles. Looking forward to trying what others are making, might even dip my toes into a little modding again in AC myself (and I don’t care if its ethical lol)

      • melanieuk1

        Marcus Reynolds a Simbin employer?

      • Marcus Reynolds

        Above all else I am race game fan, if somehow I find another way of sharing my passions with others and we all have a good time in the process then rock on I say, besides it is good to look outside your own borders for your own mental health occasionally, keeps things in perspective ๐Ÿ™‚

      • melanieuk1

        That’s fantastic, would love to see some of your content (not simbins) in assetto corsa as well as 6e66o also from simbin guiding the creation of Targa Florio, obviously this is in your own time, the best modding platform for sure right now is ac, and the buzz it’s creating is amazing.

      • Alex White

        Which mods have you worked on? .. Would be cool to try some ๐Ÿ˜€

      • Marcus Reynolds

        I have not been active in the modding scene since Simbin were still a mod group, the last mods we did that I worked were GTR2002 and a bunch of addons we did for that, and a whole bunch of separate cars I released before becoming part of the Simbin Mod Team. If I can find the time I will pick up the baton again if I spy the chance to work on something which gets me all excited again ๐Ÿ™‚

      • SimRacer007

        I’m fairly sure I read somewhere that they’re planning to scratch make all models that were Simbin (if they haven’t already, they’ve already heavily modified some). Can’t remember where that was though…

      • Paul Pantel

        Yea im pretty sure you cant copy across content from any sim really, its always best to use them for reference or blueprints instead so you dont have to re-invent the wheel.

      • Jorge Araujo

        And my Porsche 904. ๐Ÿ˜€ Finally it will have a proper engine to power it.

  • GamingCanuck

    Fantastic news. HistorX was the only reason I kept rFactor installed for as long as I did.

  • Leeman

    Am I the only one curious how he drives with all that clutter on his screens? I would think that’d be awfully distracting.

    Anyway, looking forward to this. Nice to see the mods finally start coming out.

    • Rantam

      Well, we were working on the physics of the car when that video was recorded, so we had enabled all physics related AC HUD apps in order to check if the figures had sense or something needed to be tweaked. All these apps are an enormous help if you’re creating a car, I have to say ๐Ÿ™‚

      • Leeman

        yeah, I had a feeling that’s what it was. keep up the good work.
        I’d love to see some external shots/replays! ๐Ÿ™‚

  • myvracelog

    AC lookin more and more like a award winning rf1 current replacement, with all the proper updates. Outstanding.

    • 5hitm4k3r666

      And without all the nice little feautures ๐Ÿ˜›

      • myvracelog

        the cars i have driven so far (without even messing with set up or my wheel) feel more connected to the surface.

      • 5hitm4k3r666

        See, that’s where it is only about how different people percieve things different. I drive AC from time to time but it always feels out of sync compared to isi-motor based titles, and that’s the point when I drop AC for a couple of weeks and go back to GSC or rF1 and rF2.

        To each his own. ๐Ÿ˜‰

      • myvracelog

        ya .. well race 07 and race series all gmotor and rf1 feel very floaty often. depends on the mods, i’ve drove some that i would go as far to say it felt like i was driving a star wars hover craft. ๐Ÿ™‚

    • melanieuk1

      Best choice you’ve made, and I think you know that, the future is bright the future is Assetto corsa.

  • ftrracingtv

    i was just about to make a thread on the AC forums about needing more classic cars to the sim but now I don’t need to with Historx mod coming