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Historic Replicas & Rally Cars Mod – Released

JosephCurwen & XRCTeam have released the first version of their Historic Replicas & Rally Cars Mod for rFactor.

JosephCurwen & XRCTeam have released the first version of their Historic Replicas & Rally Cars Mod for rFactor.

The mod is dedicated to the memory of Frank#55 who created the original Historic Rally Cars mod for rFactor. Unfortnuately, Frank passed away in 2009 but his work of bringing stunning historical rally machinery to rFactor is continued by the XRC team.

The mod includes some of the finest historic racing machinery from the 1960s & 1970s, you can check out plenty of previews and a video below. This release is just the first part of the mod as the team plans to deliver more content with future releases.

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[boxdownload]Download Historic Replicas & Rally Cars Mod Here[/boxdownload]
  • Damon Clewlow

    Awesomely serene video at least, had me glued to the screen.  

  • Rhys Gardiner

    Beautiful video. 😀

  • Anthony Birch

    Looks like a great mod guys, a fitting tribute to Frank#55. well done to JC & XRCTeam

  • Павел Драндийски

    Very cool video!

  • Rantam

    Not the kind of thing I like to do, but frankly i had enough with you:

    It’s fun to read “*RESPECT the WORK and ASK for PERMISSION*” or “If you decide to update this work, to export it to another platform or to incorporate part of the same one in another project, contact with the authors previously.” in these files… you have to be kidding me. Even more considering you do just the opposite regarding other mods.

    You ripped Historic GT & TC mod and shared it without any kind of protection on P2P networks. You also shared a method to override the DVD check. Even more, you created a modified version of it without asking permission about it and you shared it to anyone willing to download it. You even write that explicitly in that forum of yours:
    “Todo el material ha sido usado sin solicitar el consentimiento de sus autores originales.” (All material has been used without asking permission to the authors).

    And there’s even more: when I contacted you regarding  that you simply said “sorry, but we aren’t going to get rid of that” (post by Crobol

    You’ve used some of my modding tutorials to learn how to do some things. That’s fine, at least some of you are doing the effort of learning. But please, at least don’t include any of my stuff inside that release of yours.I don’t want it to be there.


    • Laurent Cortier

      Montoya, it would only be fair to remove this news altogether as this is a clear rip off of HistorX by unrespectful people. This kind of behaviour doesn’t belong here.

      Rantam, respect for your hard work !

      • Rantam

        Well I’m not saying they’ve ripped our models to create this mod. These models aren’t ours, that’s for sure. 
        But i can see stuff created by me on these files. That’s what I’m asking to remove.Regards

      • crob ol

        I have not idea about what material from yours is used by JosephCurwen. But i will contact him to prevent him.

        In other way, he is worried about the origin of the Simca you are using on your v2.0 mod.Please contact JosephCurwen to clarify this Simca model is not the model created by Toto le Dingue. Thanks

        About the HistorX mod shared in eMule, I’m the only responsable and all about this was clarified with Gonzas on 2008 in forum

      • Rantam

        This is starting to look like a school’s playground, so let’s finish with this: Tell Joseph to contact Papagis. He claims to be the author of that car, as you can see in the credits.

        I’m not going to say anything else regarding what you did with HistorX mod, I’ve already said enough. This is not a thread about it. But once again, you never asked so I didn’t give you any permission to use any of the stuff created by me, did you?


        So be it.

      • Pork Hunt Racing

        i have a question that i imagine most of us who dont follow the mod scene closely would like to understand.

        If they do/did just ask for your permission to reuse bits and peices, is it automatically a “yes but give credit” ? or is that you would never actually give permission?

        just trying to understand the lack of love here. 

        what would Frank55 think about all this? hmm?

      • Rantam

        The reason of that “lack of love” has been explained above. That’s why i don’t want anything, not even a bit, of my work being part of any project close to some of these Xtremeracer guys.

        I have given permission to other mod teams to use my stuff. And I’ve felt happy because of that. I’ve writen a good amount of modding tutorials and I usually try to help people regarding modding whenever I can. HistorX as a team has done the same countless times, even if we have seen our work being ripped and used once and again.

        I think all that shows enough about how we are about this. If “no” would be the only option believe me, the difference on all that would have been obvious.

        Personally It’s very hard for me to respect anyone who doesn’t even take a minute to contact us/me just to ask for permission. It’s very easy to find us and our response is fast and affirmative in most of cases, so that’s the first mistake IMO.

        And when you notice that happening and you go and ask them about what’s happening there and you’re rejected once and again, no matter how polite you’re asking about it, then be sure about this: I for sure will say NO to them after that.

        As long as you don’t show any respect to others you shouldn’t expect others respecting you that much, should you? that’s simply too optimistic..

        I think It’s a quite reasonable way of behaving. Think most of the people do exactly that, not only regarding simracing but almost with anything in life.


      • Pork Hunt Racing

        Thanks for taking the time to clear that up. 

        Knowing now your position on giving permission, i too think its pretty lousy your werent even asked. Perhaps they assumed they wouldnt get permission but its no excuse.

        Shame on anyone who blatantly steals another’s work and calls it their own!

        As part of an obviously very talented modding group, I hope you can channel all the emotion and passion into providing us, again, the best damn historic rf mod known to simkind 🙂


      • Wish Bone

        It’s more about pride to Rantam I think… then having sharing and fun. As if he is losing anything here.

      • Rantam

        Classic… do you really know me that much Wish bone?

        Probably not. Well, that comment clearly shows that.

    • crob ol

      @ Rantam, you are mixing things. This mod is a work of JosephCurwen and he has asked permision to Frank.55 before his death. He have the email giving permisions.

      This is not a mod from XtremeRacing’s Work and not any relationship with materil of HistorX mods

      @ Laurent Cortier, no cars from HistorX are used on the HR&RC mod from JosephCurwen.
      All 3D was made from scratch or asked permision from orifinal designers.
      Please, take care about what you are saying. Informe you best.

      • Rantam


        would be better if you read more carefully. I didn’t say you, Lauren, Josehp or anybody else took 3D models from HistorX to create THIS mod, did I?

        You guys appear on those credits, am I wrong? I think not. So, I don’t want stuff created by me in this mod. As simple as that. This may sound mean, but you didn’t give me other option considering what happened in the past.


      • Juhan Voolaid

        Joseph Curwen? The undead sorcerer? Hes evil has no end!

  • Miguel Vinatea

    Great mod! I love Seat 124!!!!

    Rantam, where are the HistorX cars in this mod? i don’t see anyone.

    Good job XRC Team

  • Phantom Mark

    Guys guys guys, spend 5 or 10 mins more on your LODS, will make things look 100x better, better still use a special full detail lod set for your vids 😉

    Nice job on the vid tho ( if you ignore the lod popping 😀  )

    • Joseph

      Hi Phantom Mark.

      You have two packs of LODs that you can use in HR&RC. If you have a PC with low hardware specs, you can use the default LODs, as for the pilots, reach a distance of 60ms. If you have a machine with enough graphic capacity, you can choose the specific pack in the folder “Alternative LODs”, and that as for the pilots, reach a distance of 300ms.



  • D.A.

    Cool Vid, nice mod. Thx a lot for your work!

  • Anthony Roche Gaillon

    It’s realy cool to see a MOD in 2011 dedicated to Frank55… I think for many simracers, Frank will always be remembered. Very good job guys!

  • Gerardo

    The R12… (L) hahahhahaha

    Amazing mod! 

  • David BEHAL

    Pleasant mod but definitively need a decent FFB, or at least a good config of it.

    As is there is almost no FFB at all, perhaps it would be better with realfeel installed but i don’t use this crappy thing and surely won’t install it just for one mod.

    I had to modifiy all the .hdv files to change the “SteeringFFBMult” to have something decent, the default value of 0 is definitively wrong, with 4 things become a lot better and then the mod show what it is capable of (and it is cool when you have something to feel with your hands)

    Come on, all these good old cars are “real men cars” and need “real men arms”, they are not “pussies cars”, make them feel like they deserve to, with a “real men FFB” 😉

    My wishes are you add a possibility to modify this in the cars upgrades, like most mods do.

    Also i find the grip is a little to high for these oldies but it not a big issue here

    • Joseph

      Thanks for your opinion, David BEHAL.

      Our mod is designed to work with RealFeel, establishing an average value as for the FFB, and this way, it is possible that every user establishes to its preference the wished, major or less force.

      Anyway your comment is very interesting as for the users who only want to use the native rFactor FFB. Values might be established in the upgrade.ini, for example low – medium – high. We will bear it in mind for the future updates.