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Historic GT & Touring Car 2.0 – Porsche 911S Previews

New Historic GT & Touring Car 2.0 previews show us a first look at the Porsche 911S.

A week ago, Team HistorX unveiled three new models that will be part of their-well progressing Historic GT & Touring Car 2.0 mod for rFactor.

Among these cars was the Porsche 934 but that won’t be the only Zuffenhausen-built machinery to enjoy, as the team has now unveiled the Porsche 911S as you can see below.

Using GT Legends as a base, the Historic GT & Touring Car mod for rFactor proved to be one of the most popular releases for the simulation. The second version of the mod will be bringing many popular racing cars from the past to rFactor, including the Ferrari 330, the Porsche 904, the Aston Martin DB4 and many others.

  • Anonymous

    Please Rantam..could you bring us a new Preview FullHDVideo with all the new Cars?

    • Rantam

      We’d like to, believe me. But we prefer to focus 100% of our resources on the mod itself. I guess you understand (and prefer) that.

      We’ll see if we can get a video for you.Kindest regards

      • Anonymous

        o Yes..”I understand” your cradl to cradl Focus:-)

  • Adam Špaček

    I love old Porsches 🙂 Nice work HistorX team!
    PS: Rantam, this mod would be nice christmass gift to the fans 😉

    • Rantam

      Yep, it would, I agree. But before we should check if  you’ve been good kids this year, wouldn’t we?

      Kidding! 🙂

      • Adam Špaček

        After reading comments on virtualr regulary, I wouldnt be surprised if there are no gifts this year… 😉
        Anyway, take your time with tweaking/modding and good luck.

  • Guy

    blah blah blah whatever.  We’ve been seeing reviews daily for a year now.  Enough bullshit, come out with the damn mod already or stop wasting our time with previews at least.  Just STFU until it’s released.  Oh wait- rFactor is a dead sim that will be outdated by the time this mod comes out.


    • Justin Schmidt

      then try to find all the cars in this mod in the “up to date sims”.
      + where can i find a review of the 2.0 mod?

      some people don’t know how much time it takes for a massive mod like this. just the research for accurate physics alone.

      and btw. they don’t waste your time. they would if they release a crappy unfinished mod after a few moths of development.

      it’s ~500? premium cars perfectly recreated in a few years. not even gran turismo can do that. and the physics in that game are hmm so so~.

    • Sam Binfield

      It’s disturbing to think that you can complain this much for
      something that you are getting for free. You are not entitled to this wonderful
      content that has created, and the modders are not asking for any of your money.
      I hope this is a case of very misjudged sarcasm, but more than likely you are
      just being rude.

    • Rantam

      I’m afraid you’re wrong mate: you haven’t been reviews for a year now, but for more than three…

      Smile, life is nice! 🙂


      Ps: “…stop wasting our time…”. Man, you’re SO fun! I guess that comment was meant for Montoya, as he’s the one posting these news… Doh! 😀

    • Anonymous

      What a worthless piece of shit this Guy is.

      Btw, these new cars look great.  Really looking forward to this release!

    • Ben Beacock

      As abraisive as this post is, he’s got a bit of a point.  Given the frequency of these updates, and the excellent quality of the mod, the title ‘preview’ is closer to a ‘tease’.  I’d personally not like to hear anything more about it, unless it’s ready to release.  We all know it will be good.

  • Luke Maple

    truly stunning work guys…will there be an RF2 conversion when the time is right?

    • Rantam

      First we’ll have to see how rF2 is modding wise. Then we’ll see 🙂


  • Gonzalo Rodriguez Sastre

    we know that the wait is quite long but im sure it will worth it.

    you will not uninstall rFactor 1 as soon as you could think , believe me.

    Gonzas – HistorX