Historic GT & Touring Car 2.0 – Ford Mustang Preview Video

Stabiz has put together a new preview video of HistorX’s Historic GT & Touring Car 2.0 mod for rFactor, showing the Ford Mustang Boss 302 in nightly action.

Built between 1969 and 1970, the Boss 302 was a Ford Mustang model designed with Trans-Am competition in mind. The car was powered by a five-liter V8 engine, less than 10.000 examples were built.

Using GT Legends as a base, the Historic GT & Touring Car mod for rFactor proved to be one of the most popular releases for the simulation. The second version of the mod will be made up completely of scratch-made material, bringing several famous historic racing cars to rFactor.


  • Der_KHAN

    whoa 😮

    .. love the engine sound! … and the music of course :sd:

  • commodore

    Quite a cool video but we didn’t see much of the car itself 😛

  • DrumStick

    Great film! It’s feeling is like The Wraith movie. What track is that?

  • PieterN

    Great video, love the sound of the car ! It sounds brutal :sd: .

    Also curious about the track. Where can we get it ?

  • Octavarium

    PieterN: Great video, love the sound of the car ! It sounds brutal .
    Also curious about the track. Where can we get it ?

    Nice vid, even if my laptop is playing up and wouldn’t play it properly. :roll:

    The track is ‘Out in the fields’ by Gary Moore. He is one of my favourite artists – he was for a time one of the guitarists for Thin Lizzy, before he started his solo career. If you prefer blues to hard rock like this, he more recent material is very bluesy.

  • GonZo

    Yeah, I like Gary Moore too 😎
    BUT, I think PieterN means the track that the Mustang is driving on :sd:
    I also would like to know what track it is and where to download 😉

  • stabiz

    Thanks for the comments, guys!

    The track is the very funny wip track “My backyard” by Legendsatlunch. You can find it over at Nogripracing.com, in the rfactor/tracks section.

  • carbonfibre

    Awesome work again Stabiz, filming at night and using that new WIP track, that’s very original!

    It also gives me confidence about the suspension models in Historic 2.0 because as we all know most rFactor mods can have great difficultly grounding out over those jagged, low poly off road tracks, particularly after getting airbourne. :tongue:

  • PieterN

    Thanks guys ! Like the Gary Moore song as well, but meant the “race-track”. Anyways, found it and installed. Now we’ll have to wait for a nice Christmas-present…….. :sd:

  • f0xx

    Great vid!

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