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Historic GT & Touring Car 1.95 – Released

Team HistorX has released a new version of their famous Historic GT & Touring Car mod for rFactor.

Last December, Team HistorX released a new version of their highly-popular Historic GT & Touring Car mod for rFactor.

Seven months later, the team still isn’t done completing their masterpiece as a new version of the mod has just been released.

The new version comes with plenty of changes as listed in the detailed changelog below, also available is a new version of the mod’s extensive manual.
[toggle title=”Click Here for the full Changelog”] —- Graphics / skins / structure —-


– Mini cooper s 1275 65, headlights, fixed transparent tape.

– Fixed skins on BMW 2800CS #11, 07 are broken in dx7 & 8, saved in wrong dx mode, alpha channel causing it.

– Elan dash, polygons in shadows problem fixed.

– Separate the FIA BOSS from the TransAm cars (different physics).

– Moved Alfa GTAm to B1.

– Moved BMW 2002ti to A2.

– Updated icons for GTAm & BMW 2002ti.

– Ferrari 330 P4 #24: this car is now a Coupe, not a Spyder.

– Alpine Wide w201 and w323:fixed class and category these two cars are not “Fictional”, but are bassed in real models.

– Cobra 98X (from Mod folder): this was not appearing in the game.

– Cobra 89 (from Mod folder):deleted duplicated skin, is the same of Cobra_89 (from the same folder).

– Now all sprites have 3 digit numbers now is easier to sort though the skins, and pick the one you want.

– Fixed ’64 Mk I Ford GT40 #9 (this is the LM Trials model) and #12 is said to be ’67 model in the skin instead of 64.

– Edited driver name in 300SLR Roadster #658 was driven by Juan Manuel Fangio.

– Fixed veh file in AMC Javelin’s The #1 from Woods racing, had a Chevrolet engine.

– Fixed Small issue with the R8 driver’s back seen from behind in the car (across the seat).

– Some of LHD Mini cockpits were showing only the texture of the GTL LCD display (the digital speedometer).

– Fixed veh on some 67 Camaros that were in the wrong year.

– Mini 1071 did appears on races which have only been selected for A0 opponents (but the 1071 is an A1).

– Fixed A110 310 banner.

– Fixed A310 midi lible , for midi libre in .veh and skin.

– The cobra 873 now is showed ingame as 289.

– Fixed Porsche 914/6 #12 Zamudio Racing has been placed in wrong place in menu. It uses 2.0 physics, but has been placed under 2.5.

– The minis 1071cc are A0, they are showed in the car selection menu as A0 and have correct A0 icon but in-circuit they were showed as A1.

– Fixed the 330 brakelights, had an error in the material settings, they were not set as “glass”.

– Fixed Capri driver/helmet, were not in the correct place.

– Fixed Simca ’76 .vehs

– Fixed mirror position in Minis.

– Fixed alpine nº 318 (1800cc wide) now it will not be selected together with the 1600cc.

– Fixed cobra helmets and the position of both driver and helmet.

– Fixed Renault 8 driver names.

– Fixed mapping on the Firebird , in the chassis, between the trunk and rear windows.

– updated materials on the Mirage’s wheels to fix CTD.

– New set of black gauges for the typo 61.

– New steering wheel textures for the typo 61.

– 3 new cockpit/cockpit_chassis for the SLR.

– New car: 70 Camaro Chaparral.

– Added vintage helmet/drives for some cars, right now the Shelby daytona’s, ferrari GTB, Elite, porsche 906.

– New skins: one typo 61, one 904, one 914 and fixed one more 3 GTO , one R8 1100, fixed various R8,two 911S, 7 ferrari GTB and some GTAm.

– New textures for the T/A wheels darker, and probably will fix the error in old ati cards.

– New shaders for all of our scratch made T/A 02 cars.

– New Mercedes SLR 772 co-driver.

– Fixed material on the Challenger’s tach.

– Porsche 904, 10K tach for the 904-8.

– Updated rims for the 911S, new set of black rims.

– Fixed position of all GT40 cockpit_chassis.

– Fixed transparency of Alpine A310 cockpit_windows.

– Fixed Dino collision model.

– Fixed position of rear wheels on some Corvettes (added two new

– Pantera #84 was named ingame as Private instead of Factory.

– Fixed 914 vehs files, all 2.0 were showed ingame as 2.5.

– Fixed some 911 vehs files, ingame were showing 011 instead of 911.

– Fixed a lot of veh files because there was no distinction between engine versions in opponents tab (904, Camaro 67, A110,Mustang 67, Simcas, Renault..).

– New chassis for the Renault 8 1100cc.

– New cockpit for the Renault 8.

– Fixed some GTO veh files, because of incorrect team name.

– Shelby Mustang ’66 moved to A3.

– Shelby Mustang ’67 & ’68 moved to A4.

– Ford Mustang and Falcon moved to A3.

– Ferari Dino moved to A2 except the Le Mans version.

– Ferari Dino LM moved to B1 updated icon.

– fixed .veh name on one BMW LM.

– Fixed one material on BD4 rims.

– fixed UV mapping on left mirrors on some corvettes.

– fixed flickering on escort’s spoilers.

—- Physics —-

– Engine compression values for TransAm cars (except Camaros), Corvettes and GT40s adjusted at lower revs.

– Alfa GTAm setup update.

– 2002ti setup upgrade.

– Mini 1071 clutch not slipping anymore.

– Alpine a110 1100 engine/gbox adjustment.

– Austin Healey 3000 gearbox ratios for a four speeder config.

– Most of TransAms (69 Stang, Javelin, Cuda and Challenger) have new physics.

– Starter in Ferrari 330 has revised values to have a better start up (specially 412P).

– camber and undertrays fixed for the Capri 2600.

– Alpine 1100 engine from the Renault 8 1100.

– New Renault 8 (All versions plus Gr2 new version) and Simca Rallyes (all versions).

– small setup update for the Zagato.

– Camaro 67, 68 and 68 Penske have same (new) setup now and only differences are from hp, weight and inertias.

– Fixed iddle for FIA68Maro.

– Erased excessive zeroes from the escort gearbox (although it makes no difference whatsoever).

– Dodge Challenger was not using post 1.9 physics yet. Hopefully this time it’s better and closer to the Cuda.

– +5% grip in all T/A car over two litres.

– all engines have this values:


– decreased the brake heating by 5% in T/A cars.

– All cars have this in the hdv for the undertray values: UndertrayParams=(262500.0,11600.0, 2.0).

– updated upgrade files.

– fixed mismatches on the SLR coupe.

– updated physics for the TVR, Lotus Cortina, 904, GTO, Ferrari Daytona, BMW 2002 ti, BMW 2002 tii, GTAm and Pantera LM.

– Updated AI for all cars. AI behavior has improved a lot compared to v1.9 (for recommended settings check the AI section in the manual)

– 740 new talent files (different drivers will have different behavior)

– new P330 physics.

—- Sounds —-

– updated sounds : Cuda, Abarth, Ferrari GTB4, Sprint.

– two A110 wide version were not using the correct sound.updated sounds.


  • Approximately 750 liveries.
  • New physics for all cars. The 65s cars have been completely redone. 76s and LM72 have been improved but are similar to what you found in v1.
  • Improved Force Feedback (powered by RealFeel plugin).
  • Realistic shifting behavior (powered by Grinding Tranny mod).
  • New sounds for many of the cars.
  • A lot of new cars: including a lot of models not included in GTL and hundreds of new liveries.
  • New and more flexible classes system.
  • Race standings support racing categories (classes) now.
  • Improved user interface.
  • Now ALT+TAB can be used to switch between the game and Windows Desktop.
  • And more!

Important: This is just an update, make sure to have version 1.9 of the mod installed before using it!

[boxdownload]Download Historic GT & Touring Car 1.95 Manual Here[/boxdownload] [boxdownload]Download Historic GT & Touring Car 1.95 Torrent Mirror Here[/boxdownload] [boxdownload]Download Historic GT & Touring Car 1.95 Mirror 1 Here[/boxdownload]
  • F1Racer

    If I may quote finger-boy Vettel….  “Yes boys! Yes!  That is what I am talking about”  (never did find out what he WAS talking about).

    Cannot wait to try this update out tomorrow.  Heck I’m tempted now but its 05:15 🙂

  • hoodge1

    Looks absolutely gorgous downloading now. These guys know how to make a rFactor fan happy with classics and classic muscle cars. Way to go Historix.

  • Matt Orr

    Good lawrd. There is an hour of just driving the ‘Cuda around Sebring toasted. It’s 1AM now. lol

    Elbows out. Oh yes. I need more tracks it looks like. 😀

  • noneofyourbusiness

    So much better. Cheers for this 🙂

  • Márcio Oliveira

    I wonder how this would be like in rFactor 2 engine with all improved physics. =O 

  • Derek Speare

    I’d like to see this great Mod for rFactor2.  

  • Ali Alami

    Thanks so much for the update

    You’re doing a great Job

    Such addictive Mod 🙂

  • Marcel Penzkofer

    The most enthusiastic modding project in the world… I love what you do guys. The amount of passion, time and knowledge you put into these creations is something else, real Sim-developers should look up to. rF2 will be nowhere near your quality :).

    I hope to see more work of you guys for future sims, especially Assetto Corsa :). Forget about rF2.

    • Derek Speare

       iRacing needs to hire this team to do a Historic GT addon! 

      • Brooke Derry

        Wow, that’s got to be the best idea I have heard all year. Good job!


    Thanks for the update, much appreciated, but why are the ’72 cars now 5 seconds a lap faster?!!

    • Gonzalo Rodriguez Sastre

      you mean the IA? , you can slow them a little bit if you need it.
      if you mean the ’72 GTB4 daytona, yes, could be faster than before , the ’72 Dino have changed too, but should not be much faster than before.

      T/A O2 will be a bit faster , the rest of the 70’s cars are still more or less the same, except the GTAm.


  • Augusto Samaranch


  • Augusto Samaranch


  • Richard Hessels

    The best got even better!!!

  • Rantam

    Thanks guys, we really do appreciate your words! 🙂


  • Marco Conti

    Downloading now. Possibly the best mod ever. Can’t wait to drive it.

    • Jorge Azcoitia

      Thanks buddy. We hope u like it 😉

  • IAg Gai

    Anyone got some better links of where to download this as none of the links work

    • Jorge Azcoitia

      Please doublecheck as you seem to be the only one having this issue 😉

  • Chris Karsten

    Nice work guys epic update once again.

    Just wondering what tracks are in that cuda and alpine wide body screenshots seem like nice tracks

  • Anonymous

    Very good.

    ‘cept I had the flashing screen thing when changing gear.

    Easiest solution is remove GrindingTransvestite.dll

    • Rantam

      It’s usually easier just to map the neutral key. And doing that you’d enjoy the plugin, which I think makes driving even more enjoyable. Just my 2cents in any case 🙂

  • Frans Brink

    Gold, silver AND bronze!!!

  • Steven Ciofalo

    The GTB/4 is back! It was so unstable in 1.9, a complete reversal from old HistorX

  • Lemming77

    I’m personally struggling with this right now. It feels like the FFB strength is way too high on all the cars, causing loads of clipping. So you can’t feel anything that goes on apart from when correcting a slide or on a straight piece of road.

    I may experiment with tweaking the FFB parameters myself, see if that helps. As there seems to be some great things in this mod (Ferrari p330 looks and sounds!). Although the new UI certainly isn’t one of them! 😛