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Historic GT & Touring Car 1.95 – Released

Team HistorX has released a new version of their famous Historic GT & Touring Car mod for rFactor.

Last December, Team HistorX released a new version of their highly-popular Historic GT & Touring Car mod for rFactor.

Seven months later, the team still isn’t done completing their masterpiece as a new version of the mod has just been released.

The new version comes with plenty of changes as listed in the detailed changelog below, also available is a new version of the mod’s extensive manual.
[toggle title=”Click Here for the full Changelog”] —- Graphics / skins / structure —-


– Mini cooper s 1275 65, headlights, fixed transparent tape.

– Fixed skins on BMW 2800CS #11, 07 are broken in dx7 & 8, saved in wrong dx mode, alpha channel causing it.

– Elan dash, polygons in shadows problem fixed.

– Separate the FIA BOSS from the TransAm cars (different physics).

– Moved Alfa GTAm to B1.

– Moved BMW 2002ti to A2.

– Updated icons for GTAm & BMW 2002ti.

– Ferrari 330 P4 #24: this car is now a Coupe, not a Spyder.

– Alpine Wide w201 and w323:fixed class and category these two cars are not “Fictional”, but are bassed in real models.

– Cobra 98X (from Mod folder): this was not appearing in the game.

– Cobra 89 (from Mod folder):deleted duplicated skin, is the same of Cobra_89 (from the same folder).

– Now all sprites have 3 digit numbers now is easier to sort though the skins, and pick the one you want.

– Fixed ’64 Mk I Ford GT40 #9 (this is the LM Trials model) and #12 is said to be ’67 model in the skin instead of 64.

– Edited driver name in 300SLR Roadster #658 was driven by Juan Manuel Fangio.

– Fixed veh file in AMC Javelin’s The #1 from Woods racing, had a Chevrolet engine.

– Fixed Small issue with the R8 driver’s back seen from behind in the car (across the seat).

– Some of LHD Mini cockpits were showing only the texture of the GTL LCD display (the digital speedometer).

– Fixed veh on some 67 Camaros that were in the wrong year.

– Mini 1071 did appears on races which have only been selected for A0 opponents (but the 1071 is an A1).

– Fixed A110 310 banner.

– Fixed A310 midi lible , for midi libre in .veh and skin.

– The cobra 873 now is showed ingame as 289.

– Fixed Porsche 914/6 #12 Zamudio Racing has been placed in wrong place in menu. It uses 2.0 physics, but has been placed under 2.5.

– The minis 1071cc are A0, they are showed in the car selection menu as A0 and have correct A0 icon but in-circuit they were showed as A1.

– Fixed the 330 brakelights, had an error in the material settings, they were not set as “glass”.

– Fixed Capri driver/helmet, were not in the correct place.

– Fixed Simca ’76 .vehs

– Fixed mirror position in Minis.

– Fixed alpine nº 318 (1800cc wide) now it will not be selected together with the 1600cc.

– Fixed cobra helmets and the position of both driver and helmet.

– Fixed Renault 8 driver names.

– Fixed mapping on the Firebird , in the chassis, between the trunk and rear windows.

– updated materials on the Mirage’s wheels to fix CTD.

– New set of black gauges for the typo 61.

– New steering wheel textures for the typo 61.

– 3 new cockpit/cockpit_chassis for the SLR.

– New car: 70 Camaro Chaparral.

– Added vintage helmet/drives for some cars, right now the Shelby daytona’s, ferrari GTB, Elite, porsche 906.

– New skins: one typo 61, one 904, one 914 and fixed one more 3 GTO , one R8 1100, fixed various R8,two 911S, 7 ferrari GTB and some GTAm.

– New textures for the T/A wheels darker, and probably will fix the error in old ati cards.

– New shaders for all of our scratch made T/A 02 cars.

– New Mercedes SLR 772 co-driver.

– Fixed material on the Challenger’s tach.

– Porsche 904, 10K tach for the 904-8.

– Updated rims for the 911S, new set of black rims.

– Fixed position of all GT40 cockpit_chassis.

– Fixed transparency of Alpine A310 cockpit_windows.

– Fixed Dino collision model.

– Fixed position of rear wheels on some Corvettes (added two new

– Pantera #84 was named ingame as Private instead of Factory.

– Fixed 914 vehs files, all 2.0 were showed ingame as 2.5.

– Fixed some 911 vehs files, ingame were showing 011 instead of 911.

– Fixed a lot of veh files because there was no distinction between engine versions in opponents tab (904, Camaro 67, A110,Mustang 67, Simcas, Renault..).

– New chassis for the Renault 8 1100cc.

– New cockpit for the Renault 8.

– Fixed some GTO veh files, because of incorrect team name.

– Shelby Mustang ’66 moved to A3.

– Shelby Mustang ’67 & ’68 moved to A4.

– Ford Mustang and Falcon moved to A3.

– Ferari Dino moved to A2 except the Le Mans version.

– Ferari Dino LM moved to B1 updated icon.

– fixed .veh name on one BMW LM.

– Fixed one material on BD4 rims.

– fixed UV mapping on left mirrors on some corvettes.

– fixed flickering on escort’s spoilers.

—- Physics —-

– Engine compression values for TransAm cars (except Camaros), Corvettes and GT40s adjusted at lower revs.

– Alfa GTAm setup update.

– 2002ti setup upgrade.

– Mini 1071 clutch not slipping anymore.

– Alpine a110 1100 engine/gbox adjustment.

– Austin Healey 3000 gearbox ratios for a four speeder config.

– Most of TransAms (69 Stang, Javelin, Cuda and Challenger) have new physics.

– Starter in Ferrari 330 has revised values to have a better start up (specially 412P).

– camber and undertrays fixed for the Capri 2600.

– Alpine 1100 engine from the Renault 8 1100.

– New Renault 8 (All versions plus Gr2 new version) and Simca Rallyes (all versions).

– small setup update for the Zagato.

– Camaro 67, 68 and 68 Penske have same (new) setup now and only differences are from hp, weight and inertias.

– Fixed iddle for FIA68Maro.

– Erased excessive zeroes from the escort gearbox (although it makes no difference whatsoever).

– Dodge Challenger was not using post 1.9 physics yet. Hopefully this time it’s better and closer to the Cuda.

– +5% grip in all T/A car over two litres.

– all engines have this values:


– decreased the brake heating by 5% in T/A cars.

– All cars have this in the hdv for the undertray values: UndertrayParams=(262500.0,11600.0, 2.0).

– updated upgrade files.

– fixed mismatches on the SLR coupe.

– updated physics for the TVR, Lotus Cortina, 904, GTO, Ferrari Daytona, BMW 2002 ti, BMW 2002 tii, GTAm and Pantera LM.

– Updated AI for all cars. AI behavior has improved a lot compared to v1.9 (for recommended settings check the AI section in the manual)

– 740 new talent files (different drivers will have different behavior)

– new P330 physics.

—- Sounds —-

– updated sounds : Cuda, Abarth, Ferrari GTB4, Sprint.

– two A110 wide version were not using the correct sound.updated sounds.


  • Approximately 750 liveries.
  • New physics for all cars. The 65s cars have been completely redone. 76s and LM72 have been improved but are similar to what you found in v1.
  • Improved Force Feedback (powered by RealFeel plugin).
  • Realistic shifting behavior (powered by Grinding Tranny mod).
  • New sounds for many of the cars.
  • A lot of new cars: including a lot of models not included in GTL and hundreds of new liveries.
  • New and more flexible classes system.
  • Race standings support racing categories (classes) now.
  • Improved user interface.
  • Now ALT+TAB can be used to switch between the game and Windows Desktop.
  • And more!

Important: This is just an update, make sure to have version 1.9 of the mod installed before using it!

[boxdownload]Download Historic GT & Touring Car 1.95 Manual Here[/boxdownload] [boxdownload]Download Historic GT & Touring Car 1.95 Torrent Mirror Here[/boxdownload] [boxdownload]Download Historic GT & Touring Car 1.95 Mirror 1 Here[/boxdownload]