Historic GT & Touring Car 1.9 – Released

Team HistorX has released their Historic GT & Touring Car 1.9 mod for rFactor, introducing the successor to one of the most popular rFactor mods of all time.

Released back in 2008, the first version of Historic GT & Touring Car is still a favorite in the community due to the endless amount of care & details that is packed into this mod.

The team has improved the first version with new physics, sounds, liveries and most importantly, plenty of all-new scratch-made cars for even more historic racing fun.

  • Approximately 750 liveries.
  • New physics for all cars. The 65s cars have been completely redone. 76s and LM72 have been improved but are similar to what you found in v1.
  • Improved Force Feedback (powered by RealFeel plugin).
  • Realistic shifting behavior (powered by Grinding Tranny mod).
  • New sounds for many of the cars.
  • A lot of new cars: including a lot of models not included in GTL and hundreds of new liveries.
  • New and more flexible classes system.
  • Race standings support racing categories (classes) now.
  • Improved user interface.
  • Now ALT+TAB can be used to switch between the game and Windows Desktop.
  • And more!

Along with the download links to the mod, you can find the mod’s 48-page manual below. It’s very much recommended to consult the manual as it’s packed with controller settings and other helpful stuff that is needed to make most of this stunning mod.

Important: Since the mod uses content from Simbin’s GT Legends as base, a legal copy of GT Legends is required for the installation!

Click here for the full Readme

HistorX Mod Team
Gonzas: Integration, Testing, Comedian
Graag: Skins manager
Grasshopper: Models, Testing
Hugh Jarse: Showroom, Testing, Skins
Munty: Skins guru
Papagis: Models, Textures
NotLaw: Models, Testing
Rantam: User Interface, Testing, Installer, Manual, P.R., Models, Textures
Wolferl: Car sounds, Testing
Yutja: AI
Yoshimura: Physics, Testing

Techade: Realfeel Force Feedback
Richard Jackett: Grindding tranny

Physics Consultant
Niels At Home: Physics Guru

New Members

Former Members
BradK: Models, skins, cockpits
CharleeSkywalker(DinoLover): Models
Falkrum: Mercedes SLR models & textures
JorgeAraujo: Models, forum videos
Juju: Models, textures (We really hope you`re doing fine!)
Eric Bugs: Skins
Jules327: Skins
Hompe: Skins


  • http://www.facebook.com/nabil.abdool Nabil Abdool

    Thanks guys! This prompted me to finally go out buy a new gaming PC! Cant wait to run huge fields @ max res!

    $2500 later… still downloading @ 10kb/s…. so in about 3 weeks i’ll be good to go :)

    • http://twitter.com/SuperRantam Rantam

      Get the torrent! There A LOT of seeders :)


    • numrollen2000

      I postet already another hoster:

      New Mirror Uploaded.to
      Part1: http://ul.to/r1d6ruvu
      Part2: http://ul.to/hlgas44j

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1624631567 Coen van den Nulft

    Great work guys! But the installer doesn’t work for me, the progress bar stops at 61% when installing part 2 all the time…it says there is an error with the 7zip file, can someone help me?

    • Borut Verbancic

      Download part 2 again, but from some different source, like: http://www.campeonatopdlr.com/boxes/HistorX.php

    • Philip Antonia

      Also make sure you have a few gigs of space on your windows drive as it has to expand the installer first b4 installing. The 2nd part is nearly twice the size of part 1 and needs more temporary space during the install process!!

      I know it sounds silly, but I have quite a small partition for Windows and as I hadn’t cleaned up the drive I didn’t have enough space at the first attempt and got a zip error, but removing temp files etc clearing nearly 2 gigs and it installed fine afterwards :).

      • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1624631567 Coen van den Nulft

        That indeed was the problem, i didn’t had enough disk space on my C drive, so i enlarged the partition with 2 gigs and it worked! So thank you very much! 

  • http://twitter.com/Trux1 Trux1

    Loved version 1.0 downloading 1.9 via Torrent now.. Will seed once downloaded

  • http://twitter.com/6e66o 6e66o

    Great job Team HistorX!
    Keep it up in rF2 :)

  • Anonymous

    Awesome work guys! Classic cars, immersive and realistic interiors, throaty engine roar, controlling the wheel spin on turn exit, countersteering to balance the car… wow! all this just on pit row exit!

    honestly, this mod will become legendary!

  • David BEHAL

    Very nice mod for the few cars i have tried so far.

    Just one thing i had to disable Grinding Tranny plugin, it was causing awful shakes in all onboard cams at all shifts making the game totally unplayable, not a big isue for me though as the first thing i always do with all mods is deleting all unnecessary plugins.

    By the way what’s the use of bass.dll ? it is not documented in the manual.

    • Jorge Azcoitia

      Hi, this is the typical bug of using a 2-pedal or no H-shifter steering setup. For any of those, yeah, better have it uninstalled. Or else, not having the neutral key mapped. which if you do, should solve the problem ;)

      • David BEHAL

        Given the highly hazardous stability of rfactor with third party plugins i usually keep only those which are absolutely required, i’m not very fan of CTDs happenning in the middle of several hours races.

        Hope that rfactor2 will be better in handling plugins.

      • Richard Hessels

        It’s not ISI’s fault people write bad code in plugins

  • Anonymous

    I get a message that gmotor 2 error opening any car mas file.  I escape around that and get the same error when loading a track.  I have multicar.mas file in the vehicle directory.
    Any suggestions?

    • Anonymous

      Problem solved by Rantam, Site Admin at HistorX.  rFactor was loading “all tracks and vehicles” including the pace car.  I removed the three ANY DEV lines from the RFM folder and it’s running with no problems.

  • cee cee

    Hi, having problems with the mod, have not had time to eat or drink anything, GF is now extremely angry (peace at last) etc.
    Nothing less than fantastic ! The hours, days and months of work ooze out in quality.
    Installed perfectly on a fresh rFactor, did the necessary manual and PLR/FF changes.
    I tried my usual cars on the usual circuits and was mindblown by how smooth and polished everything is now. Amazing.
    Will take me way into next year to try all cars and probably wil need a new GF afterwards :-)
    Thanks a million guys, great job.
    And…Merry Xmas and a Happy New Year from all of us thankful enthusiasts !

  • rui silva

    can anyone be as kind as to make me a ” Bandit” skin for the Firebird ^^, its Xmas be kind heheheh

  • http://pulse.yahoo.com/_Z4XMCOHKT66HKTQPW6DE6SRHYE Pork Hunt Racing

    great mod, possibly the greatest. this will no doubt inspire other modders which is great for us all.

    you guys worked your magic on this one. thank you! :)

    i take back every negative comment i ever said about this mod taking way too long lol

    where can i donate?

  • http://twitter.com/GeraArg Gerardo

    Anyone have a calendar?, I need one to take my laptimes with the sprite. :)

    • Steven Ciofalo

      You may have a laugh.. But the downhill of the Transfagarasan highway.. I would take nothing else. 50ish HorsePower is plenty.

  • Holger H

    Where are the Porsches 934 RSR?

    • Jorge Azcoitia

      We decided against releasing it by now. We are waiting for a proper reproduction of the Turbo [lag in the] engines to be able to get the best of releasing a car with those characteristics for rFactor 2.

  • numrollen2000

    Yesterday i got on a server. Trained about 50min, quali about 15min and on race my motor blew up after 3 corners, my friends blew up after 2 laps (he already killed his engine in training), both with the GTO 250 and 330. Raced on the same server with some other cars, nothing happend with the engine. I have only 2 peddales and i lift my food on gear changes. Is Ferrari this hard to drive? Never get to ~9000rpm (dont remember where the red begins)?

    Btw. where can i find the best rpm driven for the car and where stand the best brake temps?

    • Jorge Azcoitia

      You should have read the manual before asking this… I hope you did read it for a proper install an configuration.

      There is info on this regard there, although I will elaborate here so that you can all know more about the engine’s use. The new mod has a completely new approach to engine durability. 
      This applies to all cars in the 1.9 version: The engine will give its best and will last for 30h approximately as long as you drive it BELOW the max power range (which you can check when you select the car in the main menu). Once your engine is revving (either coasting or accelerating) above those max power revs, the engine will get damaged (the worse the higher the revs, of course). 

      We recommend for the ultimate performance to shift around 500rpm after the max power revs, but this will reduce the engine life to around what a regular 2-4h race takes (if you don’t have any miss-shifts!). This 500rpm above max power will also be represented by changing the background of the rFactor UI gear indicator in the tachometer from yellow to red.

      Oh, and if you want to know how much time it takes to break an engine as fast as possible, all of the engines have been tuned to self-destroy once you have been revving as many revs they can take for about 3 seconds (varies slightly from each engine). 

      We have done this to make the users engine-caring conscious as you would in real life. I hope this adds more to the immersion that we have pushed for in all the aspects of the game. ;-)  

      • numrollen2000

        Did you really read my comment? I always changed gears early enough (when red appears, mostly 200-300rpm earlier). I drove about 10 cars yesterday and i never killed the engine, except the GTO and this one too fast (in race).

      • http://twitter.com/TrippTeam TRIPP

        numrollen2000  i host servers and notice this problem in v1,01 that to much high rpm does that engine crash !

        I  solved that i set mech failure to off in servers i host.
        I now most drivers anyway in public servers not like that the engine died in the race.
        They not join server again if that happends every race.

        I now that modder wanna do the mod so realistic as possible and it is ;)

        But as a hoster of servers i set servers to try get as many as possible enjoy to race.
        If that is , allow abs tc aoutoshifting no restrict to have cockpit view it is fine.

        All drivers can use what they like so better have more options then less then it is up to each drivers set/have what he like :) 

        I get a server up called  ! Race Every 30 Minutes ! with Mid Ohio Track just public no liga server 

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=621361738 Chris McLellan

    Is anyone else finding some cars have no ffb? Whilst I do get feedback from curbs etc the is no sense of tyres on the road with some cars. For example the Escort feels great whereas I can’t feel anything in all the american muscle cars. Also I have been able to solve a few issues by reversing ffb with realfeel control keyboard shortcuts. Any ideas people…because this is spoiling what is obviously a fantastic mod.

    • Jorge Azcoitia

      Hi, have you installed the controller settings as recommended in the manual?

    • http://www.facebook.com/people/Gonzalo-Rodriguez-Sastre/100001541060342 Gonzalo Rodriguez Sastre

      you have to use the realfeel.ini file provided with the mod, 1.9 version is not compatible with your settings of the 1.0,

  • Joe Stalans

    Downloading now at my full speed (only 1.5). I’ll keep my pc going and do some sharing of this great mod. Will not get to try it out probably till next weekend though.

  • Anonymous

    Well I finally had the chance to try out a few more cars on different tracks.   The AMC Javelin around Laguna Seca was…..fun :)     The Sprite is really, well, spritely.  Not so quick on the straights but it handled sector 2 of Interlagos very nice.

    So… how do you go about thanking a bunch of guys who have worked for 3 years to bring us this top quality mod for free ?    The amount of work that has going into this has certainly been worth the effort because this has to be the finest rF mod out there, without any disrespect to any of the other many brilliant mods that rF has been graced with.

    To think that this will come again in rFactor 2 in what will probably be a yet again improved version is really something to be looking forward too.   Racing these muscle cars in the wet is going to be a handful.

    I can think of nothing else other than to say a HUGE thanks to all at HistorX for their time, effort and dedication in bringing us this sizable mod to feed our addiction.
    I will always be primarily an F1 fan when it comes to sim racing, but mods like this can happily drag me away from the confines of an F1 cockpit.    I will be playing this for a long time to come.
    Happy Christmas HistorX and thanks for the Xmas pressie !

    • rui silva

      i was looking for a way to do this , well here it is F1Racer_RR style ^^ you hit the bullseye

    • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=1440783196 Henry Callahan

      how do you disable the head shaking while in the cockpit views? it’s
      super annoying outside of this mod.

  • Ricoo

    When I see the shit needed to make the FFB works, it makes me want to subscribe to iRacing… I give up for tonight, I will launch GT Legends instead. I hate rFactor.

    • Anonymous

      Ricoo, I think I’ve read in a couple places various solution to the head shaking.   You might want to have a look over on the HistorX forum also, it’s loaded with info like this.
      If not, maybe create a post in the General Support section and it will likely be answered pretty quickly as mine was when I was gettings CTDs – they had me sorted in no time.

      Did you follow the procedures in the manual for setting up of the FFB ?

      I’m pretty sure your issues are solvable so don’t fret too much.  

      • Ricoo

        Thanks for input. I looked the manual too fast and was not in mood for more. Any way I will soon uninstall rFactor so I don’t want to loose too much time with it.

      • Anonymous

        You mean ‘lose’.    But that’s a shame because you will be missing out on such a great mod here.   I cannot imagine why a sim-racer who owns rFactor with all its myriad of mods, would even consider uninstalling it.     Well, enjoy whatever it is you race with.

      • Ricoo

        I race with GSC, nKPro, GTR Evo/Race On/STCC 1 and 2, GT Legends, F1 2011, Project CARS, SimRaceWay, LFS, Dirt 3,… I have 20 mods and 200 addon tracks for GTR Evo…

    • David BEHAL

      For the head shake the solution is simple and fast :either disable or even delete the tranny plugin in the rfactor’s plugins subdirectory, it will solve it. (you can also read the manual, all that is explained in it ;) )

      For the FFB “issue” almost every good mods (crappy ones will always feel crappy whatever you could do)  works well with a good FFB settings and these setting are almost always the same for all so if you already have FFB settings that are satisfying to you why do you want to change them ?

      For myself i already have a good (for me) setting for the ffb that is working very well (again for me) for all good mods and almost never change anything in it.
      Hate realfeel (not real at all for me) and the non ending twiddling required to have it working just not too bad for each car so i personally never use it, built in rfactor ffb could have the same or even a better feeling when set up correctly and will work fine for every car of every (good) mod (but it could takes time to find YOUR good setting)

      As for the head shake issue read the manual, lot of good settings are indicated in it, you can also refer to the Endurance Series mod manual which have very good settings that will work fine with a lot of (good) mods in it. (caution with realfeel as settings are different for every car of every mod, that precisely why i hate this thing, with a racing game i just want to race not to loose hours trying to adjust my wheel)

    • http://twitter.com/SuperRantam Rantam

      Solving those issues is just a matter of taking a few minutes to read, but i understand why that is too much for some people.

      In your case i don’t really see the point of getting this mod. You already explained the reason quite well. It must be like having a gherkin sanwdich when you already know you don’t like gherkins. And then you go and complain about that sandwich being awful.

      There’s no need to say much more, but the sandwich doesn’t seem to be the problem here.. enjoy GTL, isn’t it a great game? ;)

  • http://www.facebook.com/moppenheimer Mike Oppenheimer

    Fantastic Work all involved! Only sampled a few cars around Road America, but it was very enjoyable.

    For one of the first times in a multi car mod, you can really feel that each car has different power and your driving style needs to reflect that.

    Thanks all!

    • Anonymous

      Oooh I forgot about trying these at Road America !    I`ll be visiting there the next time I fire this mod up (when I wake up tomorrow) :)

  • rui silva

    Rantam !!!! i think i found a glitch … is the Ford Capri 2.600 suposed to , just, have 0.3 negative camber in the from wheels ? and go all the way up to 2.xxx in positive, or should it been the other way around ^^?

    • http://twitter.com/SuperRantam Rantam

      I think our physics guy answered something like that at our official forums. Check there.


      • rui silva

        hi again and thx for answering but the ” clik here” isnt cliking ^^

      • Jorge Azcoitia

        What do you mean with “click here”?

  • Anonymous

    Guys what a great mod that is! Superb fun with the newly added and older cars. Really top notch mod. Driving on the beloved Targa like crazy atm trying all the different cars :)

    There is a bug though I found on quiet a few cars. It’s that when I’m driving with steering wheel shown in cockpit it just disappears and comes back at random stages just doing that either quickly or slowly. It’s really annoying and I don’t like to drive without wheel shown. I found that it some cars like camaro from ’68 I think the Sprite and some other I can’t remember but hope you guys find the cause because this mod is absolutely best I can play at the moment :)

    • http://twitter.com/SuperRantam Rantam

      Did you move your seat too far or something? looks like a eyepoint problem. But we don’t have it. What about graphics settings?

      Better post these on http://www.historx.net. It’s hard to track issues here.


      • Anonymous

        The seat might be the problem, as I like it far back , I’ll check it and later on I’ll post the problem on your website, so that people will be aware.

  • http://www.facebook.com/people/Robert-Every/678881382 Robert Every

    Ok so why does the game not have all cars unlocked, despite the RFM file being set to 2!  where do you put the TG file that is the all cars bit then?

    • http://twitter.com/SuperRantam Rantam

      Congratulations! You’re the user 1.000.000th who complains about something which was in fact explained in the manual!

      • http://www.facebook.com/people/Robert-Every/678881382 Robert Every

        My word, this forum is full of very clever people isnt it, so explain this then?  Why do I get a mismatch every tiem online?

  • MARIUS .

    Best rfactor mod ever. 100% better than the last version of this mod.

  • http://twitter.com/CPuffie Constantine Puffie

    Rantam, one question, why does the movement in terms of visual while driving seems slow-motioned in v1.9 as compared to v1.01? Imagine some 250km/h of the GT40 at Goodwood feels like slow speed in terms of the movement. Hmm, how can I solve it?

    • Jorge Azcoitia

      Hi Constantine. I believe this is not a problem anyone has seen or perceived. Are you sure your install or computer is running ok? We can’t make the cars drive slower or cheat the speedometer, so please check everything is OK. Thanks

      • http://twitter.com/SuperRantam Rantam

        Indeed. 250Km/h should look as fast as they do in v1.0.

        May be it’s a matter of those plugins you’re using. Or may be you aren’t using the FOV you had set in your v1.0 installation.


  • Anonymous

    Very fine mod! It dragged me away form Shift2 very easily. Love the detail and handling of the cars I have driven so far, being the Lotus Cortina and 67 Camaro. And those sounds! The roaring of the Cortina with the wissle on the background; just awesome. You did a great job that yo can be proud off guys! Only downside that almost made me put it away was setting up the FF for my RGTFF+clutch. Getting it to work was no easy thing and if I used the Real Feel plugin alone (FFB set to low) I could not sense the curbstones. Found out also that using some aids like steering and stability make the FFB dull and the driving experience with it. I have done some adjustment to the control.ini and set the FFB to high. I can sense the curbs now and with the aids off I get very good feedback. Racing with the Cortina on Sebring-Club is thrilling. I have to explore this gem much deeper that’s for shure. Thanks very much to everyone involved making this mod and a merry Crhistmas to you all! 


  • Anonymous

    I install and get to the UYES cd copy NO digital. I have digital copy, and hit NO for digital, it takes me to the folder, and I click GT lengends folder, then it says incorrect files  WTF

    • Ricoo

      I am not sure it is your problem, but the file needed is the digital GT Legends install file, not the files in the directory after installation.

      • http://twitter.com/SuperRantam Rantam

        Exactly. Once you buy GTL at Raceroom you download a .zip file. Uncompress it to a folder, and point such folder during the mod’s installation.

        Everything is properly explained at our support forums: http://www.historx.net.


  • Vito Romaniello

    Download new server http://www.simracing.it.
    Very fast download!!!!!!!!!

  • http://www.facebook.com/kris.baxter2 Kris Baxter

    Thats a shame, mine simply will not run, I’ve tried a vanilla install, runs fine with stock RF cars, as soon as I ad the mod it crashes on startup, remove HGT, but leave profile changes as per manual and rfactor runs fine, put HGT back in, and crashes.

    Nevermind then, I’ll go without and go back to TCL instead.

    • http://www.facebook.com/kris.baxter2 Kris Baxter

      actually, I’m going to try again with the lite install, rather than my full 1255 setup, hopefully that works

  • http://twitter.com/Ghoults myName

    Just wanted to say: Thank you historix team for this awesome mod!

  • http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100001745111649 Ali Alami

    Thank you so much for this awesome mod.

    Great work :)

  • Anonymous

    I like the TCL but ithought this would be a nice update!!!!! No one else has done yet that i have found and the car im thinking of is 1980′s. many engine options could be available and body kits but i have no idea how build or design in game format mind you im building a real replica here at home. the car is a bathurst legend to me and many others. engines include a L20 series, CA18det but the one im doing here for real has RB20det. have you worked it out yet? well ill tell you its George fury blubird

  • Anonymous

    I was able to proceed with the install and all went well but part2 will not start.  I was able to extract part1 before starting the execution but I cannot extract part2, is it necessary to extract part2 or is that supposed to be automated somehow?  When I review what has taken place it’s obvious something is missing when I look in the “sounds” folder and do not see the HistoricGT folder.

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