High Quality Alpinestars Gear 1.0 – Released

One of the reasons that the cockpits of the World Super GT Mod for GTR2 look as good as they do is the high quality Alpinestars gear, made by BariCZ.

Now, the Alpinestars eye-candy can be enjoyed in all GTR2 mods as BariCZ has released a full standalone pack including the black, red and blue Alpinestars gloves, suit and shoes.

Download High Quality Alpinestars Gear 1.0 Here


  • http://racingrenders.com F1Racer

    Excellent. This is really nice work. Thanks.

  • DeDios

    i hope in rF2 will be this feature!

  • http://www.bsim-racing.com BSR-WiX

    tFactor has got static centered arms.. so it would look weird.

  • 6e66o

    That´s why he wrote rF2 i guess 😆

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