Heusinkveld Engineering – New Steering Wheel

Aside from having become one of the most accomplished sim racing physics experts, Niels Heusinkveld is also making a big impact on the high-end hardware market.

Following pedal sets and more recently a shifter prototype, Heusinkveld Engineering is now tackling their next goal – A steering wheel.

Below are the first two photos of a prototype Heusinkveld Engineering is building for the simulator of a Formula Renault team.

The final wheel will come with various buttons, a built-in display and shifting paddles. One key goal is to make the wheel as lightweight as possible to reduce a negative effect on the more subtle force feedback effects.


  • John Krisfalusci

    Listen, is there a way for me to test this out? Like a beta tester? I’ve always been an advocate of lighter steering wheels so please, let me know thanks! ^^

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