Heartland Park Topeka for rFactor 2 1.01 – Released

Ethone has released an updated version of his Heartland Park Topeka track for rFactor 2 that was originally released a month ago.

Based on ethone’s rFactor 1 version of Topeka that was released back in 2008, the new track has been equipped with lots of rFactor 2-specific features such as night lighting, animated marshals and wet weather effects. The track supports 30 cars and comes with several layouts, including a dragstrip.

Located just outside of the city of Topeka in Kansas, the track was opened in 1989, making it the first road racing facility to be built in the United States for 20 years. The track offers several configurations, the longest being 4 kilometers in length and incorporating 14 turns. The track is mainly used for SCCA competition and other minor championships.

Via TrackReview


  • Anonymous

    Released ? 

    looks very much unfinished to me maybe its just a preview / WIP ?

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