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Guest Authors Welcome

Guest Authors Welcome

When I added the “Report News” feature a while ago, I was not too sure if many people would use it. Seems that I underestimated your fun of participating as its used quite a lot. It’s not just used by modders who want to tip me off about their projects but also by normal readers who spot a mod or track being released.

Sometimes I even get multiple messages about the same thing and even though I never manage to follow all the leads, it’s been a big help. This got me thinking that maybe some people would be interested in getting involved even more.

That’s why I am asking everybody who’s interested in writing a guest story or item to send it to me. This could be a review you wrote yourself, a technical piece on modding, a story on your sim racing career or your thoughts of the community. If it’s interesting for sim racers, I´ll publish it.

So If you want something to get read by thousands of sim racers, sent it to [email protected]. Of course, every guest author will be introduced and I am more than happy to link to your personal page, league or forums.

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