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GTR3 – Website Reveals First Sound Samples

Simbin has released first sound samples of their upcoming GTR3 title!

As announced a few days ago, Simbin has released first material on their upcoming GTR3 title that was announced back in March 2010.

The newly-launched website gives players a first chance to listen to the game’s sounds.

Upon arrival on the website, visitors have to launch the sounds by flipping the start switches, what follows is a mix of internal and external sounds of various cars, featuring some impressive effects.

All sounds played are in-game recordings from cockpit view and tv camera, alongside the sounds, visitors also get to check out some sneak peek screenshots showing the Nürburgring and details of several GT cars.

The sounds are the first solid peace of info released on GTR3, both the release date and the title’s features and content are unknowns so far, the game’s title confirming that Simbin is going back to their roots of simulation sports car racing though.


  • Anonymous

    Crazy good sound! GTR3 is mow firmly on my radar

  • Jann Dircks

    Awesome O.O

  • Lemming asdfafh

    0.0 I think I’ve wet myself…

  • Borut Verbancic

    Wow new Rfactor 2 sounds is awesome, lol.

  • Danny Bouwes


    Suddenly GTR3 is right back on my radar…

  • Jukka Karppinen

    IF these are ingame clips it will sounds totally awesome!

    • Trux1

      They are ingame samples

  • Anonymous

    Sounds amazing.  (puts GTR3 right back on my radar 🙂 )

  • Anonymous

    Very, very good!

  • Anonymous

    Nice teaser, got my attention, but the GTR series is my all time favourite sim’s

    GTR3 will be awesome !

  • Pork Hunt Racing

    copious amounts of reverb. not exactly gameplay “ingame” sound though is it

    • Alexander Loodin Ek

      *Big Grin, nodding* :)) – I can personally assure you that it is 100% in game sound recording and nothing else!

      • Nicolas Grignon

        Alex, let’s hope that you have the graphic which goes with this fabulous sound, a simple evolution of the Lizard will not cut it…  we want this sound with pCars-like graphic! 😉

  • Jamie Waters

    They’ve instantly endeared themselves to me by revealing the sounds first. Which are awesome. Sound is nearly always the deal-breaker, it adds so so much to my immersion.

  • Dani .

    I think its a lamborgini sound, and i think for the screens showed its rfactor 2, animated crew and other things, makes me feel its isi’s next engine…

    • Anonymous

      It’s hard to tell from just the small previews but i would have to agree. The cockpit shot even though brief didn’t look anything spectacular but the sound is! Don’t think pCARS has anything to worry about visually but it has alot to worry about with them sounds.

      • Laurent Cortier

        Why should CARS worry about anything ?
        It’s not a competition, where only the best would get the right to be played and the rest should rot in prison !

        People are seriously fucked up, all sense of empathy and respect has been lost… Sad, sad world…

      • Anonymous

        What you talking about? Sort it out! What the hell has empathy got to do with it. Seriously man take a chill pill and stop acting like the bloody internet police for gods sake.

  • James Capper

    The label say’s it will change the way you play games forever sorry???????does nowt for me. sounds just like any other racing game to me but with a little bit of reverb thrown in for good measure.
    I think i’l leave my judgement untill the demo or the game comes out, it’s been my experience that when some one hypes up a game like this when you finaly get game its a total and utter letdown and if injection is anything to go by………..well you get my point don’t you

    • Anonymous

      No I don’t actually.

      I’m sorry but I just can’t jump on to this bandwagon, that a lot of sim-racers are on, where the trend is to look for the negatives in anything regardless of relevance or accuracy and put them out there in an attempt to let the world know that no-one is pulling the wool over your eyes.

      Race Injection, providing you don’t have most of the RACE07 series, is great value for money as it’s a brilliant sim and has a shed-load of content.

      Also please learn to interpret marketing-speak.  It’s not meant to be taken so literally or seriously.   It’s purely marketing.  
      If you let yourself believe all the hype then don’t expect any sympathy from anyone if you feel let down later just because you soaked up the market-speak and took it all literally.

      • Michael

        It’s difficult not to because the word ‘Simbin’ pretty much defines the cause of negativity and the problems with sim racing.

        Their complete inability to develop a decent game is one of the main reasons why sim racers have looked at titles they know they won’t like and that won’t be good.

        Because the company with “sim” in their name who supposedly are good at writing sims have written nothing worth playing for years now. And worse, together with Atari completely messed up Race Pro.

        Where is the Race pro demo they insisted over and over was coming out for it? That was the start of the decline of Simbin, when they decided banning people for asking for the demo, and BSing people was a better idea than saying “Sorry, the demo won’t be out after all”

        There acted like complete and total scumbags.Really, if they had done nothing for the last 4 years they would be in a better position now and have a better reputation.”Teasing” with a site is the most dumb thing they can do in the present light. They’ve demonstrated over the last few years they are all talk and no action incapable of developing anything new.Contrast with pCars – they announced a game and have released a build of a playable game every week for the past few months. Like that game or not, it’s clear where the brains and ability went when Simbin split.And “Providing you don’t have most of the race series” then you’ve already experienced great value for money by not wasting it. Race 07 et al isn’t worth spending more than £5 on today. Repackaging it is really a dire and cynical money grab. Any money you have to buy a racing game, whether you have race 07 or not, would be better invested into pCars.

        As for this title, if I were them, I’d up their game and see that “teasing” people with pointless flash sites and spouting marketing bullcrap is out of date. It might have worked in 2005. But the competition are way ahead of the game. Showing you the game. Letting you play the game. Letting you develop the game.

      • Boss Player

        Bah I think people are just too crazy, what’s wrong with you Micheal? A company has to sell something for survive. Do you really think they can get NO incomes at all in 4 bloody years and still deveolp GTR3? Seriously calm dawn and use your brain a little.
        The sound of this GTR3 is simply awesome, if you are too closed minded to realize that, well I’m just sorry for you, go play your favourite sim and stop posting delusional crap in here please.

      • Jean-François Chardon

        There are different ways to look at things, I suppose we picked our way. Yes we did repackage things to try and make a living and survive, but we also created original content in the expansion packs for Race’07, always at (I think) a fair price, and we also released two heavily sponsored free games, asking no money from any of you, trying to find the best way to keep going towards our main goal. From that, anyone can make his/her own opinion, I guess. 

      • Anonymous

        There seems to be a lot of negative bias in your post Michael.  Were you personally burned by them or something ?   It seems you have a lot of vitriolic stuff to spurt out in their direction.

        You’re welcome to your opinion but I can’t say I agree with a lot of it. 
        As for letting you develop the game, if you mean, that you think that every sim producer should now be developing their title in the same was as CARS then I think it’s the wrong way to be looking at things.   What may turn out to work brilliantly well for SMS may not suit others.

        For me, the RACE07 series is a great sim despite it’s age and repackaging.   But I only bought the addons I wanted when I wanted them and I think I got great value for money.   I do have all the addons now so Race Injection is pointless for me and yes, if Id waited I could have had it all at a better price.  But I preferred to pay the extra to get it while it was hot off the press and not at a time where it may be past it’s best.

        You seem to have a personal grudge against Simbin for some reason so I have taken that into account when reading your post.   

        “Their complete inability to develop a decent game is one of the main
        reasons why sim racers have looked at titles they know they won’t like
        and that won’t be good.”

        Well Race07 disproves that point.    Plus I don’t agree with what this implies which is that Simbin, in your opinion are a main reason why sim racers are looking at titles they know they won’t like. 
        I’m not sure where you dragged that notion from but I for one don’t look at stuff I know I’m not going to like.  What would be the point.  
        I know there are a lot of cynical negative people out there in our niche community and yes there must be some with not two brain cells to rub together, but I don’t think you can generalise and speak on behalf of sim-racers like that.

  • Anonymous

    OMG, goosebumps all over the place when I heard exterior sounds! Apsolutely top notch work SIMBIN! No doubt, one of the best sounds I heard for a long time. I remember that I had the same reaction when I launched GTR1 for a first time and picked Lister for a spin, I have almost wet myself then!

  • John G. Hill

    The best part of the SimBim sims are the sounds and the physics.  The worst part are the graphics.  It makes sense that they want to hook you on the sounds before you see the cars.  Still, should be great, however graphics on other games keep getting better, while SimBim appears to be stuck on one look.

    • Anonymous

      if GTR 3 uses the lizard engine, the graphics on a powerful PC will be like a dream. The problem of Race pro on xbox 360 was the low-res textures, lack of AA and unstable frame-rate. All these problems were due to hardware limintations and time constraints. 

      The Lizard engine provides lots of post-processing effects unlike gmotor2. So, will be a big step up on the graphics department from race07.

      • Michael

        “The problem of Race pro on xbox 360 was the low-res textures, lack of AA and unstable frame-rate. All these problems were due to hardware limintations and time constraints. ”

        No, all the problems were down to incompetence.

      • Anonymous

        I disagree. Atari pushed Race Pro’s release.

      • StarFoXySxv550

        I was also the first time they coded for a console was it not? Very different hardware to work with and a steep learning curve. Had they had the time it would have been much better. Probably also why there was no PS3 release, that machine even harder to code for/get the best out of.

        Simbin hired a few guys with console experience a few months after Race pro released. I’m interested to see how that panned out. Makes sense to build on the experience they gained rather than throw it away.

        And yes. Atari push every driving related title. Look at TDU

    • Anonymous

      And since sounds and physics seem to be what a lot of people apparently think is the most important, the Simbin stuff should be perfect sims for them.  And yet….

      It’s very confusing to read so many complain about graphics and how old or new gen they are and then on the other hand claim that graphics are not the main thing and that they would prefer good physics and sounds for immersion.
      How convenient that must be to be able to shout from both sides of the argument whenever it suits.

  • Nicolas Grignon

    Don’t like the graphics in this teaser, they look old gen (iracing, RFactor 2)…. BUT THESE SOUNDS, OH MY!!!!  if it’s really the experience we will live ingame, it will be no less than a true REVOLUTION: for the first time the Sounds will be taken as seriously as the graphics part….. as other said, this teaser gave me goosebumps all over…. maybe the Sound messiah that we were all waiting foe AT LAST!!!

    • Ricoo

      lol rF2 old gen. It’s not even released.

    • Alex White

      You’ve not even seen graphics yet… :/

  • Trux1
    • StarFoXySxv550

      Thanks for that link

  • scoldan

    it is mainly the economic model that is important.
    daund seen rfactor paying online car’s too
    we can be worried about the future of our games and our money

  • Pandamasque

    In case anyone’s wondering, that’s a naturally aspirated V12. Probably Pagani Zonda.

    • Pandamasque

      …or a Murcielago.

      • Anonymous

         Or a DBR9! Sounds very much like a Lamborghini V12 though.

  • Anonymous

    What hasn’t been said already… this is extraordinary news! Somebody out there understands sound as a serious bane of sims, and it’s SimBin of all companies! What is this? Sweden homes the worlds best sound designers? Lol I’m waiting patiently for two sims now.

  • Wish Bone

    Well… I couldn’t listen to this since I am at work and can only comment on what I saw. First “This will change the way you experience racing games…” Keyword: game. This let’s me know sim isn’t really a priority, further substantiated by the fact they still have the obviously inaccurate Mercedes building in the Nuerburgring (still showing the top ornaments/supports going perpendicular to the ground instead of an angle). I’m just wondering now how much sim is really going to be there. The only thing I really care about much is an updated Nordschleife and after around 4 years I expect all the neglected elements to be fixed. They can Google all they need for reference photos and use satellite images to get buildings/objects in the correct spots can they not? That’s what I did… I surely hope my amateurish effort to update their track isn’t more accurate than their pro effort… I’ll be sorely dissapointed.

    • Beh

      So from the tagline and an old modeled building this will = arcade.  Got it. 

    • Alex White

      Oh be quiet. Seriously, its from Simbin. It will be a sim.

  • Tomas Beha

    Last 1/3 has way exaggerated reverb-effect, unless the car is actually racing in the basement of the ROC compound. First 2/3 is awesome…

    • Nicolas Grignon

      here that… (Le Mans Practice Session)

      The reverb is so right in this teaser that it is just insane! everything in this sound teaser is just so SPOT ON!  for the first time in a Racing game!

  • Richard Hessels

    You guys are incredible, simbin lets a sonic fart and you know to write full pages how the game is not up to standards graphical or that is wrong with it.

    We did not see one moving pixel yet.
    I guess you guys like to read your own stories over and over again.
    That you so eager to post bullshit

    • John G. Hill

      There was enough to see in those previews that told me the graphics aren’t that great.  Still, like I said, I will prefer great physics over graphics any day.  My only experience with SimBim was the XBOX 360 game, “Race Pro”.  That game convinced me that PC sim racing was the only way to go.

    • Nicolas Grignon

      From the teasers shot… yes it is disappointing, it looks like a slight update of their Lizard engine: same old shaders, same old reflections=same old look… Now, maybe they did this on purpose  to hide their new engine with old pictures, but it’s doubtful…. but this been said, God knows that I would be in heaven if I was proven wrong.

      • Ricoo

        Really I can see nothing on those black pictures, you have bionic eyes. lol

      • Adrian Herrera

        lol you can tell all that by looking at blurry black and white little pieces of images? 

  • Ryan M J Callan

    I’m really not that impressed tbh; yes they are better than anything we have now in simracing, but everything we have now in simracing is 6 years old or iRacing.

    Conveniently gear change sounds seem to be missing most of the time.

    The sounds are not as good as Forza4. (and no I am not a Forza fanboy in any way, shape or form).

    TBH SimBin have been making good strides with sound lately; no-one seems to comment on it but the sounds since the GT Power Pack have been very good.

    • StarFoXySxv550

      You could call me a “forza fanboy”, and if those are in-game sounds colour me impressed. I think GTR3 would edge it. I took a C6R out in FM4 right after listening to to compare too lol.

      No matter what though, everybody should be happy come next year. It will be good times for our sim racing pastime/passion. So many titles to choose from, there should be something for every taste.

    • Nicolas Grignon

      “The sounds are not as good as Forza4.”

      Maybe we don’t have the same ears… because this is MILES AHEAD of anything out there concerning the sound dpt only… specially Forza.

    • Niksounds B

      your statment is unbelivable

  • Anonymous

    Waiting for December 15th. Hope the graphics are good.

  • Guilherme Cramer

    The shallowness of some people here is just hilarious, hahaha.

  • Anonymous

    I’m sure will be one of most importants sims, like GTR2. Can’t wait guys, sound is really good. I hope physic and graphic will be accurate like sounds! 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Sampled Lambo, i think ? sexy gear shifts and trany wine….put a good set of headphones on preferably with good sound card …turn up the volume and bass …woh in game samples yet for me….SIMBIN.. are back !!

  • Anonymous

    Awesome sounds!  I hope that this won’t get ported to consoles or else it’s not a true GTR game.

    • Ricoo

      I hope they will port it on console and will earn truck loads of money. Like that GTR4 will be even more awesome.

  • Chris Wright

    Given the maturity of this hobby, it’s about time a developer really gave proper focus to sounds. This is an incredibly important part of the immersion factor. Don’t believe me? Well go out and buy the PMDG NGX 737 for FSX and compare it to any other 737 model and you’ll be amazed.

    Maybe, at last, cars will have the aural ferocity one associates with attending a real race meeting.

    Cannot wait to find out more.

    • Anonymous

      Exactly! I often found myself choosing mods with awesome engine sounds for rFactor and GTR2, and scrap away ones with bad sounds no matter how good physics is, damn that immersion thing. 🙂
      Also for online leagues I often choose cars with better engine sounds, just to enjoy every second  listen to it while driving.
      For me fantastic engine sounds are main ingedient for a full immersion experience, and it also adds some proper amount of adrenaline if you like driving with a cranked up volume. 🙂

  • Wim Bries

    I am exited!!   and its clear as crustal what they are pointing at. GTR3…. sounds like magic

  • jswarthoff

    awesome external sounds, incar sounds are a bit distorted though, like shift.

  • Ricoo

    I am not surprised. I was always confident SimBin would do something awesome with GTR3. This is just the first confirmation. 🙂

    • Nicolas Grignon

      Too bad that Alex Loodin (coder @ simbin and answering some of these posts here) wouldn’t disclose any more info… like for example, if the graphic engine is as amazing as the sound in the teaser…  😉

  • gt3rsr

    The sound reminds me a lot of the EOAA GT’s Lister Storm. One of the best sounding mods for rF btw. But God, I am so looking forward to this game, GTR2 brought me into “serious” simracing, I still think it’s probably the best overall package of all racing games, although in long term I’ve played rF more, but just because of mods. “GTR3” – sounds like a magic to me.

  • Lasse Jakobi Ougaard

    It’s definately some kind of v12. It isn’t a Lambo, they said so on the RR forums. My guess would be a DBR9, an F575 or maybe a Lister Storm.

    The reverb and disortion is a bit overdone at some points, but it is a huge step up, compared to any other sim out there.

    • Nicolas Grignon

      I don’t think so… look the my Ferrari video up or hear  a recording of LeMAns track session below in this thread, reverb is like other sounds in this teaser… SPOT ON!

  • utdtud uygfyuifiy

    Zonda R sound.

  • Nicolas Grignon
  • Koen Calleyl

    Wooaah! All I could was imagining how this would sound with F1 cars 😀

  • Guilherme Cramer

    The sound volume and clarity is excellent but it sounds so artificial from the cockpit, external is great but man they must record things internally.

  • Marc Pylarinos

    I’ll agree that the samples are indeed very good, especially externals. But to be honest, it still sounds like all the Gmotor stuff. No induction sound, no dB variation when you hit the gas, very noticeable sample pitching and no real drivetrain flex “wobble” when you hit or let off the throttle. So far out of all the sims, iRacing’s got the best basis, but it’s also flawed. For example, take a Corvette, it’s generally loud but idle compared to on-throttle has an immense difference in actual volume, due to the simulation of the throttle body, but the sound generally lacks other features. Good effort though, bit of wishful thinking when it comes to the “warning”.

  • Dani .

    Listening to it better i prefer to say, it´s a Lexus LFA or a Mazda Furai, more a Lexus than Furai

  • georgecr43

    Wow, I would say that was a bit over-dramatic, wouldn’t you? I don’t feel like my life is ALL that different than it was a couple minutes ago. As others have said, same old Gmotor engine, which isn’t bad. Its just that they missed the easiest stuff. Traction control warble, more immersion from the cockpit, etc. Maybe they’ll add dedicated pit lane rev limiter sound as well. I hate editing car sounds in RF and GTR2 cause you only get one shot at getting the rev limiter right – its either you have a recording of the car on the limiter in the pits, or you have one when its at racing speed. Either way, they’re very different sounds. Sorry, that just always perturbed me.

  • Marko Jozef

    Awful ! We need new realistic sound engine, not tweak-remake of the old one.

    • Alex White

      What old one?

      • Marko Jozef

        ISI game-engine, base of the all GTR serials gtr2,race,evo,stcc,…

  • Karol Gronowski

    I highly doubt that those samples on website are raw sounds straight from game engine…

    • Alexander Loodin Ek

      Why would we lie about it, if we are it would only come back and bite us in the ass at release. You may have your doubts, it will just make you a much happier gamer the day you first tryout our game! :))

      • Anonymous

        Sounds are great, looking forward to GTR3.

  • Hugo Ramos

    might as well remove the gtr3 link above…