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GTR3 – New Teaser + Simbin Sale

Simbin’s christmas card reveals some new GTR3 previews.

A week ago, Simbin released the first ever screenshot of GTR3, showing off the Ferrari P4/5 Competizione race car of James Glickenhaus.

Now, the Swedish studio has sent out some Christmas wishes, spicing them up with some new screenshot teasers. Simbin’s virtual Christmas card can be seen below, including several shots of the P4/5 on the Nürburgring.

Furthermore, the previews also reveal the back of an Aston Martin DBR9 or DBRS9, confirming the second vehicle of the title that is due to be released sometime in 2012.

In related news, Simbin has launched a holiday sale on their Raceroom website, lowering the prices of several popular titles. The price reduction goes as far as lowering the price for RACE07 to just 1.50€. Picking it up for that kind of money is pretty much a no-brainer given that there’s a rich selection of mods & tracks available for it.

  • Anonymous


    • Joe Pineapples

      yeah lovely baubles….oh you mean the shots 😉 – cant really tell myself – a bit ‘too’ teasery.

  • Kareem

    If only it actually looks as good, I really hope so, yet I highly doubt it.

    • Hompe Mozzarella

      Yeap i hope it looks nice like christmas tree balls 😛

      • Kareem

         Haha, well I suppose I’d never say no to a racing ornament. I’m just worried about how it would handle though.

  • Markus Trott

    i think, on a screenshot is the nurburgring 😀

  • Eddie Jansson

    Merry Christmas all sim:ers out there! 🙂

  • badracer

    I´ve already seen this card atwo weeks ago. So this is no big thing for me.

  • Yuri Shaposhnik

    a big doubt for these screenshots as SIMBIN always makes heavy use of photoshop on their titles. Just remember any Race title or its addons. so have they made some advancement in graphipcs – actually we don’t know. same for physics.

  • Travis Chalmers

    Going by the wing, it is a Aston Martin DBRS9. But I agree with the fact that simbin use very heavy photoshop effects on their preview screenshots.

  • General Rush Hour

    Seems like Montoya reads Racedepartment 🙂

  • Anonymous

    i was hoping for some more detailed shots but anyway…just seeing these cars and the nürburgring makes me twitch in anticipation, you could almost think tomorrow was xmas…wait!