GTR3 – Lots of P4/5 Competizione Previews

Simbin has released plenty of new GTR3 previews, showing off the production of the P4/5 Competizione.

The previews show the virtual work on the Italian GT car all the way from the base shape to the finished car in game, we also get to check out the detailed cockpit model.

The P4/5 Competizione is the first confirmed car to be included in GTR3. Build by James Glickenhaus, the car is a one of its kind creation powered by a Ferrari V8 engine putting out 450hp. The P4/5 competed in the 2011 Nürburgring 24 Hours, finishing in 39th place overall.

Even though the car is based on a Ferrari F430 chassis and a Ferrari engine, the car isn’t allowed to sport the prancing horse badge which is a good thing as it allows the car to be included in Simbin’s upcoming title.

  • Anonymous

    ******* awesome!

  • Firefox

    Looks really good!
    If it gets released this year 2012 is not only going to be the end of humanity, but also the beginning of a new era of simracing!!!

  • Anonymous

    That sound preview still is a major pulling factor for me, they seem to have the edge on ISI in that area. Should be a very interesting year for sure!

  • Marc Matten

    you should know that the motion blur in the screenshot is not added by Photoshop as you can read in in a commentary on facebook:

  • Diego Colafabio

    looks fantastic. Great job guys!

  • Laurent Cortier

    However impressive and exciting was that sound sample from GTR3, don’t you think it’s a liiiiittle bit soon to compare what we’ve seen of GTR3 with what we have in rF2 already ?
    Let’s not speculate and make the same mistakes over and over again, shall we ?

  • Markus Ott

    Oh come on…
    not again that we have to research which shots are photoshopped and which show real quality. Plz Simbin… don’t do it :/
    Especially the motion blur is a nuisance as it dosn’t allow a closer look at the track side visitors, if they are 2D or 3D. at least it seems to have better gfx than rF2 (ok, ok, it’s unlikely you can have a more worse gfx than rF2) and propiate for a full price game in game stores.

  • Laurent Cortier

    Oh come on, Markus, don’t come and pollute here too with your hatred and biased illogical arguments… Get a life, man, really. That was a peaceful thread without trolling before you came.

  • General Rush Hour

    How can you blame him? He just has a higher demand for a game then you. 

  •ć/755554111 Luka Oslaković

    he should keep his ‘demands’ for himself and not whine about how his demands weren’t fullfilled,. if he doesent like it he can simply gtfo it’s not like ISI was doing the game for him.

    on topic: screenshot looks great altho its most probably photoshop so if not else, its a nice car and nice reflections on it. renders also look impressive (Y)

  • 6e66o

    From SimBin facebook page: “Motion blur not added in Photoshop, we will make you a believer once you see the game in action!”

  • Laurent Cortier

    How can I blame a no life to come a puke on our daily news ?

    And what am I doing, answering to another master troll. Over and out.

  • Laurent Cortier

    This is very possible, look at pCARS rendering… I have no agenda and no crystal ball, so I’ll just wait and hope for the best. 

    Anyways, worrying about the future is about as useful as trying to solve a mathematical equation by chewing gum…

  • Theroro29

    Looks great!
    With great physics, it will THE worthy successor of GTR2.

  • badracer

    Hehe,  there seem to have seen a lot my annotation on Facebook and the answer of SimBin :D

  • * LeazesNDR *

    Love the way this bloke is always moaning about graphics then on his Facebook page, has his fave game listed as Tribes Ascend. :-)

  • * LeazesNDR *

    Hope so. It should definitely be an improvement on the (IMO) disappointing Race series.

  • Justin ForzaBarça Cruze

    Damn thats a nice model.

  • gt3rsr

    Where is the ‘trolling’ in his comment? And how is he ‘polluting’ this thread? We all know Simbin’s habit of photoshopping their screenshots. If GTR3 will in-game looks just like they present it, good for them, but worries are not inappropriate here.

  • gt3rsr

    Everyone disagreeing with your worldview is a ‘puking nolifer’? Anyway, if Montoya needs a totalitarian censor of comments, he knows where to look for.

  • * LeazesNDR *

    .. and as expected, here on cue!!! :-)

  • Anonymous

    does anyone know what engine this game will be running on?

    is it ISI or SIMBIN’s own?

  • Theroro29

    own engine

  • Robert Gödicke

    Then there should be an option to activate/deactivate it whenever you like.
    For example, disabled motion blur when driving (your eyes will do that for you already) and enabled motion blur for screenshots/videos (like simulating a photo/livestream camera).

    So yeah, it’d be nice to have, but it shouldn’t be active all the time. The worst features which almost every modern Shooter has nowadays are depth of field and motion blur, in my opinion. In a simulator it would be even worse. When driving at very high speed, the slow refresh rate and timing of most LCDs will give you motion blur already…

    But like I said, it would be nice for screenshots and videos to properly simulate a camera. :)

  • Chris McLellan

    Looks nice…keep it up Simbin. (That’s all you need to say people, keep it positive)

  • zerez86

    Simbin always marked their edited screenshots as “artworks” and if they state these are real ingame shots I believe them (and I think nearly all ppl do that).
    And If you would take a closer look at the crowd in the background you can clearly see that they are 3d and also cast shadows. If you do a 2d crowd they would all stand next to each other without these huge gaps which occur here. They were mostly also 3d (and animated) in race07 so why should they be 2d in GTR3 ???

  • Rolands Svetins

    Low poly, fuuuuu!

  • Knifesedge

    This looks very nice. I hope physics will be on par with graphics. We don’t need another pCARS.

  • utdtud uygfyuifiy

    pCARS is still WIP, you moron.

  • utdtud uygfyuifiy

    I hope that the graphics will not look like shit. We don’t need another rFactor.

  • Marco Conti

    I like the car, I like it a lot in fact. And I love Simbin, even Race 07, but I am ready for some of the other cars that will be in the game. 

    And as far as comparing rF2 and GTR3, I will do that when they are both out and officially released. Even at that point I’ll do it for purely academic reasons as I will buy both for sure (or I should say: I will buy GTR3, since I already have rf2)

  • Fabio Pittol

    Acctualy an option to set a % of the effect would be even better. Your point about the eye automatic simulating those effects etc. is valid. But it doesn’t end up like real life either. I mean, when you’re driving your (real) car through some road the motion blur effect will be different from the one your eyes generate by only seeing a video on a screen.

    In resume, maybe just a little of motion blur would be great! And sure, a lot less than seen on some modern games.

  • Laurent Cortier

    rFactor2 is also still WIP, although I won’t call you names just for that reason.

    Trollspotting is fun :)

  • Laurent Cortier

    Don’t try to reverse-logic me, mate…

    I only disagree with the “worldview” of trolls. Or rather trolls’ tiny window into reality.
    If you were genuinely expressing constructive criticisms, I would let you be or have a pleasant conversation with you, like I have with many readers of VirtualR, including modders and game developers.

    If only you and your “friends” weren’t making it so difficult to have a pleasant conversation with, we’d all be having a blast talking about our favorite hobby… Instead, we have to get in conflict with you because it’s the only way you know how to interact with other people. And that’s very sad.

  • Laurent Cortier

    Very true, Marco :)

    I also don’t understand why people need to make it a competition between sims… It’s a great thing to have so much high quality software to chose from, this is a period of abundance in the sim world…

    What’s quite funny, is that what I love about rF2 beta, is that the FFB is finally better than my last favorite : GTR Evolution. Will GTR3 take the crown back ?
    (I’m not “comparing” with iRacing nor nKP because those are different games IMHO)

  • * LeazesNDR *

    We dont need anymore simple minded meffs like utdtud on here either.

  • * LeazesNDR *

    so is rF2 you bell whiff.

  • Laurent Cortier

    daft bell whiff ??? that was mean ;)

  • Ricoo

    Physics tuning as improved a lot in pCARS and since they use a top level engine with state of the art tire model you can be sure they will  match others on the market. Those guys did GTR 2. Stop spiting on them

  • Ricoo

    I find graphics in rFactor 2 very nice and I’m sure there is room for improvement since ISI is willing to add all possible post FX, probably motion blur and DOF for instance, but it’s already very nice. Some don’t like the chosen colors by ISI for some tracks, but that is not linked to the engine. In motion rFactor 2 1966 SPA is just AWESOME.

  • Ricoo

    I like ISI, SimBin, SMS, KUNOS, LFS and even SimRaceWay and iRacing and I back them all.

    We need strong Simracing developpers to get great racing titles.

  • Anonymous

    i have real trouble going back to Evo after playing rF2. The feeling is almost laggy by comparison. It takes me at least an hour to remove the imprint rf2 left and start to enjoy Evo again, the FFB is just that good in RF2 (to me, on T500).

  • utdtud uygfyuifiy

    rFactor 2 is Beta and pCARS pre-alpha, thats the difference. And graphics in rFactor do not have a greater chance of improving to match the graphics even though to the Race07…

    What you care about my nickname, I can not change it so STFU you dumbass.

  • Laurent Cortier

    Well, Fanatec GT2 here, and we have the same issue ;)

    The problem is that now I find rF2 much more beautiful to look at than GTR Evo and I just love the FFB, but we have almost no tracks and no cars to chose from yet… In fact it’s always the same issue, being with CARS, iRacing, nKP, GTR Evo, they are all based on different sim engines, and simulate “reality” in their own sensitive way…  But silly me, that’s not an issue, it’s an advantage ;)

  • Laurent Cortier

    Héhéééé, I caught it, one more insulting poor fella…

    The difference between beta and pre-alpha is in your head, mate. These are just words with different meaning between each dev team. 

    Now that’s an amazing argument : will rF2 ever match the graphics of Race07, which was based on what ? That’s it, rF1 :D

    You must be blind or a troll to not see the improvement in rF2 graphics engine.

  • Anonymous

    Yeah, STFU you dumbass!!!! (I’m a big man).

    After I said this, i closed down my browser, got out of my chair and punched the air. Yeah!! For that small moment, I felt king of the world, like I owned the entire internet and was strong, like some sort of sim racing Hulk Hogan.

    And life felt great again. For now at least. But when it feels bad again in a short while, I’ll repeat the same process. I am a keyboard warrior. I am.

  • * LeazesNDR *

    Heeheehee, look who’s calling other people a dumbass! :-)

  • utdtud uygfyuifiy

    you are fuck’n troll if you don’t see that rFactor 2 looks like shit

  • Knifesedge

    State of the art tire model… who said that? I actually know who – same people who tried to convince us how realistic Shift 2 is.
    Sorry but for me they don’t have the credibility to make such statements without backing them up with some proof. And I haven’t seen any proof so far.
    I wish them all the best tho and I hope this game will turn into a gem.

  • Laurent Cortier

    ROFLMAO :)

  • Laurent Cortier

    Ohh look at someone who couldn’t change his nickname and called me a dumbass for it :)

  • Anonymous

    keep trollin…

  • Laurent Cortier

    You do realize how ridiculous you sound now, don’t you ?

    Keep going, I see some improvement, you’re not using insults anymore… They’re not very efficient against grown-ups now, are they ?

  • Laurent Cortier

    Please be more specific… Shit like what ? Like after you’ve eaten spaghettis ? or burgers ?
    At least enlighten us with your deep wisdom…

  • Anonymous

    This is probably too soon to ask,but does someone know if gtr 3 will have the mclaren mp4-12c gt3 car?

  • Markus Ott

    Yes, Simbin may know it already. Happy trying asking them.

  • Anonymous

    I guess I could try that.

  • Anonymous

    Life is good .. specially when you see this screenshot.

  • Mitt

    AddOn after Addon after AddOn…

  • Stuart

    Good comment, completely agree. No one complains about there being lots of action movies in the cinema or lots of news programs on TV, choice is a good thing and the year ahead is looking very good for sim racing!

  • nameless

    R3E car, GTR 3 does not exist (anymore).

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