GTR3 – First Zonda R In-Game Previews

Following first development previews a few days ago, Simbin has now released first in-game footage of GTR3’s Pagani Zonda R.

The shots show the Italian AMG-powered machine on track alongside the P4/5 Competizione, the first car to be revealed for GTR3.

Making its debut at the Geneva Auto Show in 2007, the Zonda R is powered by a six-litre V12 engine from Mercedes Benz. The car weighs little over 1000 kilos, 15 examples of the car have been built.


  • Anonymous

    Looks nice. 
    But still is photoshopped. Even they still deny it. ūüėČ

    • Ricoo


      • Anonymous

        Just a set of normal eyes. ūüėČ
        Dont saying its wrong or something. Offcourse they can do it like every other developer. But dont deny it as clearly everybody can see it. ūüôā

      • Ricoo

        ¬†It could be ingame… you can’t know it’s a new engine.

      • Eric Zehnder

        ¬†The fact that motion blur has been in racing games for years and isn’t difficult to do well?

      • Ricoo

        ¬†Strange proof…!?

    • Big Ron

       It would be pretty hard to photoshop motion blur around a corner and already at their last images they mentioned on Facebook, that this motion blur is ingame.

    • Anonymous

      Yep cos we all know, only Photoshop (or any other leading graphics package available to buy online now) is the only possibility when motion blur shows up.   I mean no way can it possible be done by a game engine.   OK Shift had it, but a hardcore sim ?   Naaaaaaaaah.

      • Anonymous

        Why is everybody shouting about the motion Blur?
        I never said anything about that..
        I just find it hard te believe this is ingame. The same feel i get with these screens are the screens we saw from the Retro add on. Those were clearly photoshopped also as we all know it doesnt look like that ingame. For example. 

        Just my opinion. 

      • Big Ron

        ¬†It¬īs no offense. But if they would have updated their engine or use a new one, it would be possible to have motion blur out of the game.

      • Anonymous

        Again.. Were do i talk about Motion Blur.

      • Anonymous

        Usually its the motion blur that make people cry Photoshop.

        Why is it hard to believe ?¬† Assetto isn’t too dissimilar and look at pCARS.¬†¬† So why is it so hard to believe from Simbin ?¬†¬†
        Are you saying you think this is in-game Photoshopped or a render ?

        But hey, lets carry on doing what we do best, being critical to the established sim-racing developers.  No need to break with a well worn tradition.

      • Anonymous

        Yeah i have been very critical on the game… Comment on one screen..
        My money is already set aside for this game, so no worry. That doesnt mean i start to look at the game with my Simbin glasses, i still look at it open minded. And it still looks photoshopped to me. 

  • Nicolas Grignon

    ok, Simbin, let’s get the gloves off and show us the MONEY! (a video compiling the teaser sounds and these cars in motion) you have a chance to knock out the competition… tomorow it will be too late (Project CARS and AC are around the corner…)

  • Ricoo

    Really nice! That’s how I like showing a car. ūüôā

  • Damon Clewlow

    I’m not so sure it is a photoshop edit. There’s plenty of jaggies on the cars and the lighting is consistent, so if it is post-edited it’s not very good. Though we do know Simbin like to ‘alter’ their images from time to time.¬†

    I’m looking forward to this title though I think it’s looking really good, I just hope Simbin can deliver as I honestly think they really need to in order to survive. I spent a good time as a Beta tester for them in developing Race07 and I can tell you they’re a great bunch of guys, and although some think they lost their way slightly, really deserve our support – so let’s buy the thing when we’re allowed it ūüôā¬†

  • Hompe

    2nd screen has a marshall hut with tango logo on it? oh yeah zandvoort!

  • Valtteri Vienonen


  • Anonymous

    Promo images from SimBin don’t work on me. I’ll judge when I can play the demo.

  • Rolands Svetins

    Probably this is going to be short term sim. No offense.

  • Anonymous

    I think Bart Simpson put it best when he (or she, depends how you looks at it), said “Aye Carumba!”

  • jswarthoff

    simbin should be simblur ūüėõ

  • Laurent Cortier

    I’m not discussing if this is photoshoped or not (we’ll have to wait still), but to the photographers among you, isn’t this kind of a shot taken at great speed ? I mean, could it be realistic to see the crowd out of focus like that in a real photograph of a race ?

    • Ricoo

      ¬†Since the cars are focus, the camera is following them, and then it’s moving compared to the crowed. For me it’s logical.

      • Laurent Cortier

        So at least the focus is realistic, it’s not random blur.

        Thank you for the quick answer !

      • Anonymous

        From a photography point of view, yes as Ricoo says, it would be blurred like that if the camera is tracking the car.¬†¬† Depends on your shutter speed too though ūüôā¬† Snapping at 1/4000 will put everything in focus.¬†¬† Do it a 1/125 or 1/250 and you`d get something like this.

      • Anonymous

        If the second shot was taken in real life I doubt the crowd would have that much motion blur  even at a lower shutter speed  however the shot would likely be taken with a telephoto lens and have a shallow depth of field so the crowd would be out of focus from that but not from motion blur. 

        from the DOF of the shot it seems analogous to an image taken with a telephoto lens and in that case you probably would not use a low shutter speed due to camera shake. 

        I would say the focus is realistic but the motion blur is not.   

  • Richard Hessels

    Always a pleasure to see new screenies of GTR3

    Only the cars I have seen till now, don’t really impress me.
    A one of a kind¬†“home engineered” prototype with a¬†Ferrari engine.¬†
    The Zonda R¬†is not legal for any race as it’s not FIA homologated.

    Till now GTR3 is starting to look like a fantasy collection of exotic cars.
    I hope to see a bit more “mainstream” GT Cars like Porsche’s, (real) Ferrari’s, BMW’s.

    The part of Zandvoort i can see on the second shot, i just can’t place what corner they show there.Crowd is much to close to the track, as the real deal got double fencing to keep you further away from the track.
    Also the two corner that have those specific curbstones we see don’t have such a low soundwall/dune behind it.
    So i hope the track will be more accurate as the horrific Race07 attempt they made.

    Still it’s all blurred alpha shots as we seen so many before… such a long way to go.
    Knowing Simbin we can expect many more screenshots to come.

  • Anonymous

    The game has Motion Blur feature, nothing new in gaming.
    But I have a feeling that SimBin is trying to hide everything except the cars with blur, in every single shot.
    Maybe they are finished shaders for cars, but not the tracks and trackside objects? That should explain everything. ūüôā

  • Anonymous

    The game has Motion Blur feature, nothing new in gaming.
    But I have a feeling that SimBin is trying to hide everything except the cars with blur, in every single shot.
    Maybe they are finished shaders for cars, but not the tracks and trackside objects? That should explain everything. ūüôā

  • Anonymous

    it looks a tad photoshopped, but the visual engine looks promising nevertheless.

    From all the upcoming sims this year, GTR 3 will be my main one for sure. 

  • Anonymous

    Looks good to me even if the cars don’t quite have the insane detail as pCARS.
    Would like to see a shot taken with a static camera so we can see how good the track looks though.

    One thing Simbin do get right is car handling – see Race 07 and GTR Evo, and their AI is excellent. So even if it’s not the most graphically intense game I think it could be great.

  • Dave

    Looks great but if they dont sort their netcode out then it will be a waste of time. GTR2 just does not stack up to the sims these days as far as netcode goes.

  • Charles Sami Amyouni

    Probably a heavily modified Lizard Engine. It is their self-developed engine so I wouldn’t even wonder if they’ll use it or not. And I’m thinking that isn’t a Photoshopped motion blur.

    You can see the alias on every edges of the car especially visible on the Zonda R. Those edges should have been blurred as well if it is edited.

    Just take the SHIFT2U’s screenshots with less AA applied to it and grab a screenshot. It generates the same effect.

    Well the only thing I’m hoping for this successor of GTR2 is the announcement for the support on extensive Mod addons for Cars and Tracks. If not… well there’s always Assetto Corsa. Already bought 2 HD6970 videocards.

    Still GTR3 is promising… still pending if this will be my first priority or second priority.

    • Anonymous

      Looks very much like SHIFT graphically, different to SHIFT2. It’s a good look IMO, looks nice i agree. I also don’t think it’s shopped, it could just be DOF or anything

      • Charles Sami Amyouni

        ¬†True at some point. The replay camera views used on the shots are somehow alike to the ones from SHIFT2U. But we’ll never know for sure. At least for now since SimBin is yet to announce the details of it.

  • Todd Lai

    The whole idea is good, and the graphic is great for a sim racing game, but they really need a real GT Series(Super GT, FIA GT1, FIA GT3), otherwise they may need to buy more individual license than they need to make their game looks awesome~

  • Markus Ott

    I find the second screen a little bit odd. It doesn’t mak sense the background is blurred, as the cars are moving towards the camera, which doesn’t need to follow them sideways, so there shouldn’t be any focused related blurring. Also the curbs behind the Ferrari aren’t blurred, but the curbs in front of it are. Can’t help myself, but I also think this is photoshopped.
    The first shot however looks more like an unedited screen to me.

    • Ricoo

      The camera is slightly above the cars, so to follow them the photographer has to move the camera slightly toward the ground. So there is a forward blurring not sideway.

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