GTR3 – First Screenshot Released

Following the impressive audio previews revealed a week ago, Simbin has released the first official preview of their upcoming GTR3 title.

The screenshot shows the Ferrari P4/5 Competizione race car, a one of its kind race car build by James Glickenhaus. The P4/5 competed in the 2011 Nürburgring 24 Hours, finishing in 39th place overall.

  • Phil Oakley

    Looks stunning, nice job SimBin.

  • Anonymous

    Looks very good!

  • Chima Madujibeya

    looks fantastic

  • General Rush Hour

    I will stay quiet until i see videos and more pictures. 

    I really hope this is something special because GTR2 introduced me to simracing but i can´t help but feeling Simbin has missed the bus in terms of certain almost mandatory things a sim should have. 
    Like a better tire model.

  • Joe Pineapples


  • Anonymous

    Looks very SHIFT1 visually after looking closer, impressed

    • Anonymous

      looking at the vegetation i have to say imo it looks even better!

      • Anonymous

        Yep,  theres no better way to judge a great looking sim than by the vegetation 😉

  • Anonymous

    Released where? 🙂

    • Anonymous

      What do you mean? It’s right above 🙂

    • Jean-François Chardon
  • Tomas Beha

    Could it BE any more low-res ? – And can we trust that it hasn’t been post-edited ? (as seen before)

    • Anonymous

      Better than ISI’s attempts at building hype for a game with screens at least

      • Tomas Beha

        It definately looks amazing, no doubt – but I have my doubt and worries when it comes to Simbin titles. I’m not gonna be the one who pays to debug their sh*** 😛

      • Anonymous

        Yeah, simbin did plenty of photoshoping with their gmotor2 titles. Even a GTR evo trailer from 2008 was with tons of postfx effects (hdr and bloom). Bullshots are common on the gaming industry, but with gmotor2 its like night and day when you compare marketing material with real in-game footage.

        But I think this time its diferent. looks really good. Now the engine is not dull or bland to need massive PS tweaking.

    • Tomas Beha

      I see it here: and it still looks very edited to me… please confirm source which says it’s a screenshot.

  • Ross Siggers

    Like Tomas said, SimBin are keen on their photoshop. I’ll wait for some gameplay maybe, to get a slightly better idea.

    • Anonymous

      You can’t photoshop a crap image into a good one.  You need a solid base to work off.

      So even if it’s been retouched I just don’t care.  It’s going to look and sound great and I can’t wait !

  • Mojo66

    If this is an authentic screenshot and the final game will actually look like this, it will be a stunner. At least visually. GTR2 car handling was realistic, except maybe for the tire model. That was corrected in Race07, so we can expect realism in this department. Gameplay-wise I’d say this game needs online driver-changes to make endurance races possible. Everything else would be a major dissapointment.

    • Anonymous

      Edit: Sorry clicked the wrong post. 🙂

  • Anonymous

    Even if it has been touched-up, they can’t fake the model or shaders – both of which look sublime.

    • Damon Clewlow

      You’re obviously not up to speed on what you can do with Photoshop. Shaders mean nothing when you have something as sophisticated as PS at your finger-tips, trust me I do a lot of editing. Even simple dodge and burn techniques can drastically alter an image and give the impression of amazing shaders. Anyone with a bit of know-how and skill can add a range of post-processing effects, post-screenshot.

      If the pic is post-edited in Photoshop, it’s by somebody who isn’t that good. I hate how they always concentrate on the jaggies on the outsides, but then leave the rest on show – sloppy work. 

      The model is nice though..

      • Anonymous

        RaceDepartment are reporting the opposite and stating it is 100% unedited and taken directly from in game. Maybe best to wait and see what Simbin say before jumping to conclusions. People said the same about both SHIFT titles and more recently pCARS when screens were released and both SHIFT titles looked exactly the same. Looks very SHIFT1 to me which could be achieved by Simbin without a doubt

      • Anonymous

        To be more exact 6e660 said that. 🙂

      • Jean-François Chardon

        Yup, this is how the game looks like.

      • Anonymous

        It looks very similar to NFS shift to me too, wich is a good thing.
        I personally think Shift 1 is more attractive and pleasant to look than Shift 2 and even Cars on present stage (both look good as well). The fact that it run so smooth and maxed on my old 9800GT back then, it was a plus.

        These marketings screens are my favorites and they’re pretty accurate on showing the game. 

      • Anonymous

        Can you please not condemn my Photoshop knowledge in making your point. I don’t need to trust you, your opinions are no superior than anybody else.

        They say it was easier to put men on the moon than to stage the whole performance.

      • Damon Clewlow

        Then don’t state things that aren’t true.

        It’s perfectly possible to fake things such as this. Don’t start bloody crying, you obviously have an inferiority complex. 

  • Juhan Voolaid

    state = erected;

  • Marcus Caton

    They could of released a High Rez pic ffs

  • Nicolas Grignon

    Too bad all the hype was just to show us a single Low Def screenshot… please, at list give us a little movie about this cute baby moving…and ROARING!

    Lizard engine seems to have matured greatly… at least, we know now that GTR3 will look like a 2011 game!

    • Jean-François Chardon

      There’s a higher definition shot, though on our website… just click the image to make it appear in full res. Don’t know why the one posted here is low res.

      • Nicolas Grignon

         Ok I saw it (but you could have taken it at full HD (1080p) with all the bells and whistles AAx4 or 8  😉   ), Merci Jean Francois…When can we expect a little more than a single screen and a (wonderful) sound teaser?

      • Jean-François Chardon

        Yes, the SimBin Insider website will be updated every now and then with new info. And for those who have read the articles, there’s not only a screen and a sound teaser, but a track is also mentionned 😉

      • Anonymous

        Added the high-res version…

      • Anonymous

        I think it looks fantastic…and believe it’s the real McCoy!  I will give SimBin a break here and believe what is being said and is posted; after all they delivered some of the best in Sim Racing we have today!

        Cheers SimBin… I’m All In….!

  • jswarthoff
  • Ricoo

    Great car, nice choice. Pleased to see that Microsoft exclusivity with Ferrari’s licence was not a problem. 🙂

    Nice lighting on the car and the trees. 🙂

    • Pandamasque

      Because it’s not a Ferrari, not officially anyway. It’s called N.Technology P4/5 Competizione.

    • mike mansor

      I don’t think Ferrari licensing is exclusive to MS only unless it pertains to perhaps the xbox although I’ve read somewhere that Test Drive Unlimited on the 360 has a couple of Ferraris.  GT5 on the PS3 has a bunch of Ferraris.  Also on the PS3 is Eutechnyx’s Ferrari Challenge (and PSN downloadable game Ferrari: The Race Experience).  Ferrari as far as I know will sell its license anyone who’s willing to pay the asking price.

  • Wim Bries

    Happy Wix… 

  • Anonymous

    Looks like more deceptive advertising… Reminds me of the Race series “screenshots”.

    • Anonymous

      Why can’t we have a ‘Dislike’ button ?    So sick of the cynics.

      • Anonymous

        Well you can’t blame people for that, look at the screenshots for all the Race 07 addons on Steam. Photoshopped so they look a whole lot better than the game really does, some even have completely fake smoke effects,

      • Anonymous

        Maybe, but it’s not as if they were going to or trying to fool anyone, as the add-ons couldn’t look any better than the game they were adding on to.  
        GTR3 is a new game with a new engine.  It just seems oh so easy to pre-judge without knowing all the facts.   It’s commonplace with a lot of sim-racers to constantly bite the hands that feed them.
        rFactor 2 has been getting criticism, and now this, and all we have seen is small crumbs from 2 not yet released products.    

        People will never be satisfied to matter how much you give ’em.  

      • Lemming asdfafh

        I think people are right to be cynical at this point. It’s a good looking screenshot, but the screenshots for those addons looked better than they turned out to be in the end. It’s happened before, and could easily happen again, so we can’t rule it out yet.

        Besides, what’s the point in coming up with these screenshots if they’re not going to be indicative of the final product? I’m confident the game won’t look like it’s drawn on an etch a sketch when it’s finished, but it’d be nice to have a good idea of what it is I’m paying for BEFORE I pay for it, without being expected to telepathically know how the real product differs from what it says on the label.

      • Anonymous

        Lemming,  I’m not so sure that the reason you outline in your first paragraph is enough for people to be cynical.   If this was another RACE07 add-on, I`d be the first one agreeing with you.
        But aren’t I correct in thinking this is a brand new title on a better game engine ?   And we`ve seen what Shift 2 and PCars look like so this screenshot isn’t really that unfeasible.

        I mean it’s fine to question it and it would be nice to know for sure (although haven’t Simbin already said it’s unedited?).  I’m not into post-processed screenshots as its a kind of deception.
        Let renders do that stuff.   Screenshots should be unedited, I totally agree.
        I hope this one is but I’m just not going to be one of those that jumps to that conclusion based on their last game on a different game engine.

        I’m sure either way it can’t look a million miles from that shot because you can’t have a crap screenshot and tart it up to look like this one does.  I’m pretty well versed in Photoshop being a photography nut but I`d say, what’s the point ?  Why even bother going to all that effort ?
        We`ll surely be seeing in-game footage at some point before release so we’re going to know at some point one way or the other.

        And since when have gfx really mattered to the sim-racer all of a sudden ?  All these folks who say physics and FFB are more important than graphics and yet a screenshot comes along and we all become forensic detectives, even down to examining the vegetation. 🙂       We are a fickle bunch sometimes.    
        Now we’ve got a screenshot after that sound sample, people are already demanding a video and such.  
        I also can’t help but wonder how many of those who are so demanding and/or hyper-critical to detail will be buying the game on release (if you know what I mean).     I think those who can appreciate the efforts of those trying to feed our addiction will. I already know I’m buying this regardless of an alleged photoshopped screenshot.

      • Lemming asdfafh

        You’d be surprised. Coming from Garry’s Mod, where it’s common practice to use the likes of Photoshop to make the game look better than it actually does, I’ve found myself suprirsed by how powerful it is. Even while I engaged in doing so myself.

        People have felt deceived by pre-release material from Simbin in the past, and so assume the same could happen again. Of course it’s not impossible that the final game looks like that. People are just thinking twice before getting their hopes up.

        I’m personally not too picky about the graphics. I don’t think a game looks good just because it’s got loads of post processing effects. In fact, despite it’s age, I’d say RBR is one of the best looking racing games around. The only thing I expect is consistency between what I see before I buy the game, and what I see after, which hasn’t been the case with the recent Race 07 expansions. Even now, on the Race On page on Steam, there isn’t a single non-edited picture of the game.

        That doesn’t sound like too much to ask, does it? Hell, this wouldn’t even be such a hot topic for discussion right now had it not been for Simbin’s patchy history in this regard.

      • Anonymous

        Photoshop is indeed all powerful.  
        Well, it will be interesting when the first in-game video teaser gets released.    For those that are sceptical or  don’t believe people from Simbin who say the screenshot unedited, the video should give us a clearer picture (no pun intended). 
        Not that video’s can’t be post-processed of course but not in the same way as a still piccy. 🙂

      • Lemming asdfafh

        Oh, I didn’t know they said this picture is unedited. Well, that’s good enough for me. But I still see the point of view of anyone who’s skeptical at this point.

      • Mikkel Gram-Hansen

        As already said in a different reply, the visuals sent out for the RACE addons were always marked “Artwork”, not “screenshots”.
        … and I agree with you Lemming that a screenshot should be indicative of the actual factual product otherwise it makes no sense 🙂

      • Damon Clewlow

        So you’re saying people shouldn’t judge things, or share opinions on something they have been shown or told, because you’re either sick of hearing them or simply don’t agree?

        Just because we don’t know the full story, doesn’t mean we can’t form opinions on what has been presented thus far. People have a right to say what they think.. and to be honest I’d rather have them posting, than someone moaning about people who he says are moaning… 

        Chill out bitch-tits, it’s Christmas.

      • Anonymous

        Who rattled your cage, chimp ?

        You are not qualified enough to judge or even guess what I’m saying.  Proof of that is in your post which clearly shows you have no freaking idea what I was on about.    I can’t believe you can be THAT way-off !
        So instead you try to put words in my mouth and make out like I’ve said or meant something else.  On top of that you include a line defending ‘The People’  in a lame attempt to get them on your side (yawn!)

        I mean do you seriously believe that I don’t think people have a right to say what they think ?   If anyone is an example of that here, I am.    I wouldn’t have it any other way.
        And how on Earth am I going to say people shouldn’t judge things or share opinions ?   This is the place to do just that.  However, you seem to want to deny me of mine, which are no more or less valid than anyone else’s (although, lets be honest, markedly more valid than anything that can come out of your tiny mind).

        I’m not against peoples opinions either.  Quite the opposite in fact. The more the merrier I say.
        I come here because I like to read them. Sometimes they are pathetic and stupid, without any thought or facts behind them (like yours), other times they just want to have a good bitch at whatever is new just for the sake of it and then sometimes people post thoughtful stuff which shows they know that they are talking about and you get the informative ones that will teach us something.  Admittedly they are not as frequent as I would like.  But there’s not much you can get past the hawk eyes of the sim-racers, some of them are very clued up and have long memories.   Essentially a good bunch of guys but a fair few nuts too and it seems you just dropped from that tree yourself.

        Yes opinions here are all varied but I don’t have to pick out just the thoughtful or clever ones to respond to.   Now and again I like to mingle with the other herd and give em some of what they are dishing out.   That’s how I operate so get used to it newbie.
        Anyway, aren’t you now moaning about a person who is moaning about people moaning ?

        Oh and I`ll burst your bubble now, about Christmas…there is no Santa Claus.   It’s your parents. Yeah, well sue me.
        Don’t expect me to lighten up or chill out because its Christmas.  I don’t do sentimental.

        If others can moan then so can I….and then some.

        Well Mr No-Clew, if you really need me to explain myself, drop me a line and I`ll explain it to you in terms even you can understand.   (Can anyone help me out with illustrations ?)

        I know this is a long post for your little mind to digest but I expect you’ll get through it in a few hours and your lack of understanding will twist all the meaning around again and top it off with another non-sensical insult, as is your way 🙂

        Happy Christmas lad, hope you get the doll you wanted.

        BTW this is me when I AM chilled.  Just so’s you know.

      • Damon Clewlow

        Well done.

        I couldn’t have made you look more of a pedantic, idiotic, offensive, self-righteous, big mouthed, immature drama queen myself.

        If people want to share their opinions, respect their right to do so without whining or jumping on their posts like you own the place. Nobody cares. You’re a sad and lonely individual. At least that’s the impression you give with your pathetic attempts at riling people up.

        Now put your fucking dummy back in.

      • Anonymous

        LOL,  ouch!  Did I touch a nerve, Clew-less ? 🙂

        “If people want to share their opinions, respect their right to do so
        without whining or jumping on their posts like you own the place.”

        Oh really ?  Just like you are doing with me right ?
        Maybe you need to check on who is the offensive one here.
        Compare my replies to Lemming and MaddmattH to the ones I wrote to you. See, the other two guys replied to me in a more respectful way so they got decent replies as they deserved. You on the other hand are a petty child who likes to stir. Your reply to Carbonfibre was insulting too. And you tell others not to be offensive and big-mouthed and immature ? Check the mirror first.

        “You’re a sad and lonely individual. At least that’s the impression you give with your pathetic attempts at riling people up.”

        You see what I mean about pre-judging ? 🙂 I’m not attempting to rile anyone up. The only ones that do get riled up are the ones who know nothing better than to get personal and insulting. Know anyone like that ? It was all ok until you dragged your sorry ass in here. You even had a pop at someone else too so don’t make me out to be the bad guy. I don’t do insults unless I`ve had one fired at me first.

        Well I hate to tell you but Im neither sad nor lonely.   Although it seems my pathetic attempts work on you pretty well.   To be fair you are easy.
        Oh…. was it the Santa thing ?   Sorry I broke that to you.

      • Damon Clewlow

        I’d say you’re getting ahead of yourself in thinking you touched a nerve. Being faced with the writings and wit of a mentally-challenged child on the internet is hardly testing stuff, so you’ll have to come up with something half-decent and original if you want to upset.  

        Anyway, Fiona, can I call you Fiona? So what if I told you to chill-out? I don’t think it’s acceptable that you act like a bigot, slating opinions because you don’t agree with them. But don’t worry sweetheart, It’s not personal, I’d say the same to anyone else behaving like a shit to others and that doesn’t mean I’m doing the same as you were in the first place. You just so happen to be the arsehole of the hour, and you’ve made my argument easy. 

        You’re such a drama queen, Fiona. But I like you.

      • Anonymous

        Jeez, is this the best you have, Clewless ?    Christ man, give me a challenge.  Show me some wit, some intellect.  Anything !

        Fiona is fine if  that’s what gets you hard.  But you’re right, being faced with a retard (I’m not PC either I’m afraid) isn’t testing.  Thank you for proving that.   You obviously don’t want to give away to anyone here that you were upset but it’s all in your words.   You can’t control your language or your insults.

        You are no-one here to question or determine the acceptability of anyone’s posts or opinions when you write the kind of posts you do.   I slated no opinions. Maybe you would care to show me where I did ?
        Every adjective you have thrown my way, funnily enough, fits you very well.  Haven’t you noticed ?    Practice what you preach boy.

        As for your argument being easy, well I don’t know how that can be as you didn’t have an argument in the first place.  Your first post to me was based on misinterpretation and lack of understanding.  Ignorance really. 

        Well, I wan’t going to tell you this Damon J C (or do you prefer @d4mo85?) but there’s no Easter Bunny either.

        Say Hi to Peter for me will ya and give Hilda my best if she’s around.


        Fiona (Damon’s favourite wank).

      • Damon Clewlow

        I said original and half-decent.

        Come on Fiona, keep me interested – it’s late.

      • Anonymous

        Your words (or lack of them in this case) give too much away mate.  They are clearly a defence mechanism and mean the pretty much opposite to what you want to say.   I get it. 

        So come on then… is the screenshot unedited or not ???

        Shouts out to everyone in LE9.

      • Robert Gödicke

        I want to moan as well.


      • Anonymous

        Heh, sorry Robert 🙂   Well don’t forget there’s two of us doing this.  But.. I was trying to see how far down the replies would go before they got to 1 letter per line 🙂   We are nearly there.   I’m hoping my new friend Damon will help out in getting us to the end and see what happens 🙂

      • Damon Clewlow

        Sorry I was on the toilet.

      • Anonymous

        So it comes out of both ends then 🙂     Sorry couldn’t resist.

      • Anonymous

        Good lord! I’m so glad I choose to ignore Damon’s obnoxious tone when I did lol.

      • Damon Clewlow

        Well I’m sorry I sounded obnoxious Carbonfibre, I don’t have the best way with words without being face to face. Apologies if I offended you, it was never intended. 

      • Damon Clewlow

        We are definitely breaking VirtualR..

      • Jason Madigan

        I only see half the reply button … just saying is all, continue on as you were lads 😉

      • Juhan Voolaid

        Hahaa … I win!

      • Damon Clewlow

        Here’s the thing, It’s tiresome. You keep asking me to do better but you’re not bettering yourself, so rather than put effort into keeping you entertained I’ll continue to sit here and laugh at you. You’ve been playing on names and addresses all this time, which shows how shallow your wit is, see I don’t need your name or address to keep you coming back – you can’t help yourself. You’re just a child with a bad attitude, and if you’ve got some balls you’d chase up my address properly and pay me a visit. Instead all you’re doing is typing. The funniest bit of all is that you’ve persuaded yourself that you’ve upset me, or that you’ve got me beat. In actual fact, I’ve told you what I think of you, and so it was over long ago. Nothing else you say matters. I can sleep easy in the knowledge that I’ve told another prick what I think of him, and that makes me happy inside.

        I’ve explained why I told you to chill-out, obviously you have a problem with people telling you what you should and shouldn’t do. Your rants and personal insults show that. 

        So come on, what more do you have apart from the same personal, unoriginal shit you’ve mentioned in every post? 

      • Damon Clewlow

        Oh and you need to be QUICKER in EDITING your replies once you’ve made them.  


      • Anonymous

        That is true !   I do tend to think of extra stuff later.

      • Anonymous

        Well to be honest Damon,  I’m bored at the moment.  Waiting for my computer for finish a chunk of renders.   So… in the meantime I thought I’d pop here and lo and behold, you came along to entertain me.   I guess I have to thank you for whiling away the time while my main rig was busy.  It’s been fun for me.
        I’m sure you thought you had me on a reel and that you were just playing with me.  Well, many have done the same.  I’m old at this game mate.  You don’t control me or make me do or say anything I don’t want to.   I enjoy the banter with people like you who think they are a smart arse. 
        In your case you wanted me to respect peoples opinons and at the same time you did not respect mine.  BTW it is possible to disagree with an opinion and still respect it.
        But then YOU got personal.  So if it’s personal you want, then personal you shall have.  I can get right down and dirty if I need to. So far, I haven’t.  

        It sounds like you meet a lot of pricks and tell them what you think.  Isn’t this what you think you are having a go at me for ?

        What you need explaining to you is that you think you have me all figured out.  Go back and read over my first replies to people in this thread.  Before you came in and started with your shit.
        No-one was telling me any should’s or shouldn’ts.  There was no rants of any kind. 

        All this stuff you are moaning about is stuff that happened after you came in.  
        So yes, I have a problem with YOU telling me what I should and shouldn’t do.   You’re an arrogant kid.    Are you saying you don’t have a problem with people on the net telling you what you should or shouldnt do or say ?   Or do you expect me to be fopping my hat to you and obeying your every whim ?

        I couldn’t give a rats ass if you’re upset or not.  I don’t get off on it as you do.    All you are to me is boredom relief.  You’re nothing.

        I like that you call me a child and you are only what in you’re mid 20’s ?   You’re just out of nappies, son.  My balls are way big enough so don’t tempt me.

        You’re running out of time… the renders will be done in about 20mins.
        I suggest we either call it quits now and agree to leave each other alone unless we can be respectful or you can visit me on MSN  f_1_racer(at) and we can talk there and get this shit sorted out one way or another.

      • Damon Clewlow

        Just do me a favour and go over the shit you’ve said to me and ask yourself whether it was the behaviour of a respectable guy or the words of some desperate attention seeking kid. 

        Thing is, I don’t have a problem with people in general – I’m a placid guy who enjoys good company, loves his missus and respects his friends. I even respect the work you do in your rendering, but you’ve really been a colossal goon in making it a personal matter – throwing family names and addresses around here like they’re your business – trying to get a reaction out of me. And what for? Just because I couldn’t abide by your hatred for peoples views on something so silly?

        It may have been good fun for you mate, but for me it’s been a complete waste of time but I’d appreciate it if you at least take my family names out of your post. It’s a little unfair. 

        Besides, my first post wasn’t that bad was it? I called you bitch-tits yes, but really I was only stating that the cynics are welcome to their opinion whether we like them or not. 

        You’re an intelligent fella, but it makes me sad to see you try to rip through someone like that for something so small. So you can have your win or whatever you want to call it, I don’t care, all I wanted was to tell you I thought you were acting like a domineering twat. And then you became one. And forget MSN, you know roughly where I live, you can buy me a pint to apologise.

      • Anonymous

        Damon, on this site you have initially replied to me once before and there to you have a right pop at me.   Today you did it again.  Instead of maybe saying it in a nicer way, which would illicit a better response from me, you came in with guns blazing.  I don’t respond to that (well I do, but not nicely).
        All I would ask is that you maybe not jump on people so quickly or get personal.  This is what happens when you pick on someone that bites back.

        Was it worth it ?  No of course not.  It’s pretty pathetic actually and its sad that other people here have to read this crap that makes us both look stupid.   I’m sure you are placid.  I’m not a bad bloke either.  In fact, checking over your Facebook and Twitter page (I was curious), I’m amazed how many interests we have in common. 
        Under another set of circumstances we’d probably get along pretty well.

        Don’t mistake by views as being hatred.  They are not.  I don’t write in a bad mood or anything like that.  I’m just very opinionated and I say what I think.  Maybe sometimes that doesn’t sit well but I’m not one for shying away.  Been there, done that.

        Even in your last reply you’ve insulted me 3 times.  So you’ve forfeited the pint. You just can’t help yourself can you ? :).  But that’s when it starts to get personal.   I am not one for name-calling ever on this forum or anywhere else.  But if I get it thrown at me, I will fight fire with fire.

        Yes I will remove your personal info from the posts.  That was just there to press your buttons.
        You have an apology for that and that’s all you’ll get.    I am still going to express my opinions in my own way because it’s my character and I’m too long in the tooth now to change.
        It’s not hate and it’s not personal.  Just an opinion and I don’t mince words.  Thats all.

      • Damon Clewlow

        Apology accepted, and I apologise for jumping the gun.

        You didn’t mean the thing about Santa though, right? 

        Anyway, it’s been interesting, night mate.

      • Anonymous

        Nah,  Santa is real.  Just get your mince pie and glass of milk ready.  You see it will be gone in the morning.  Proof ! 🙂

        G’night man.

      • Anonymous

        Holy wall of text, batman!

        just joking man 


      • Timpie Claessens

        Hahahahha, how dare you have an opinion Robert!!

        That is all sir :’)

      • Anonymous

        eh ?  I was replying to TurkeyXD not Robert.

    • Robert Gödicke

      I do feel the same about this “screenshot”. SimBin did touch their shots up for all the Race AddOns, so it’s not surprising people see it this way.

      Waiting for some untouched material now where you can see the content without blur and whatnot.

      • Ernie

        @Rob: Therefore the pictures of the Race-AddOns were titled “artworks”, not “screenshots”. 😉

    • Mikkel Gram-Hansen

      The touched up visuals presenting the more recent RACE series games were always very clearly marked “artworks” instead of “screenshots” when sent out from SimBin…

      That’s hardly “deceptive marketing”?

  • Eddie Jansson

    Of course it will be better graphics, looks like to me that they are working on the lightning, and shadows – which the Race07-series almost doesn’t have…

    • Anonymous

      They are using a different game engine this time around though, so that will account for that.

      I think the shot looks great.  I for one am going to trust this to be an unedited screenshot as Simbin are saying.   
      What with this an PCars and rF2, 2012 looks very rosy for the contented sim-racers amongst us.

  • Valtteri Vienonen

    Gonna look much better than rf2, I think i’m more interested on this than new rfactor

    • Marcos Sanz

      hq rfactor2 mods will look the same… 

      • Ricoo

        Not sure at all mods can do good lighting on cars, trees and surrounding objects if engine can’t…

      • noro ardanto

        GTR3 is a new game not addons.. the engine looks suspiciously similar to pC.A.R.S 😉

      • Marcos Sanz

        sorry i though gtr3 will use rf2 engine jeje… maybe the old relation between Ian from Slightly Mad Studios with SimBin made them use some NFS Shift engine version?

      • Daniel Soro

        SimBin will use its own developed engine called “Lizard” in GTR3 when i am right informed

  • Raphael Dos Reis Oliveira
  • noro ardanto

    2011-2012 The Year of Sim Racing! lots of interesting new things we’ve waited for years happening!

    Hope I can finally uninstall GTL, rF and NFS2U from my PC 🙂

    • Juhan Voolaid

      Nothing for 2011 though.

      • Boss Player

        2011 is almost gone 

      • noro ardanto

        Hey 2011 is FUN!.. eagerly wait for Shift – released – dissapointed – modding community fire up with many mods: ferraris, wipeout, no bloom etc… wait for NFS2 Unleashed – better but still dissapointed – not many mods coming.. Net Kar Pro reach its final stage.. Kart Pro.. many rF2 news n screenshots.. pC.A.R.S came out of nowhere.. GTR3 turns out not just a myth 🙂

  • Marco Conti

    So what even if they retouched it a bit? When you take a screenshot of a 3D game you are bound to get a few artifacts that would not be noticeable in a moving picture.  Since these are stills, and since we are going to go over them pixel by pixel it would not be out of the question for the devs to edit out anything that wasn’t rendered properly so that the still pic gives a better idea of the quality in game.

    Not to mention that the game is obviously going to be out relatively soon and we will be able to judge for our own on our own computers. 

    • Boss Player

      Ok we can’t judge it now that’s for sure, but there’s a trend in here to be very skeptic about everything. This is GTR3 goddammit, one of the best Sim Racing brands in the World
      People had years and years of fun with GTR2, let’s give SimBin a bloody chance. There’s no need to bring them down if they show us a bloody pic.

  • Olivier Prenten

    My choice goes to rF2! 😉

    • Scott Holdsworth

      My choice goes to both! Have your cake and eat it 😉

      • Wim Bries

        GPL- GTR – GTR2 – GTL – rFactor – LFS – Race07 – GTR-EVO – iRacing  …   All are nr1 for me.
        Its our hobby.

      • Anonymous

        you missed netkar pro.

        It has best graphics, best physics, Best force feedback of ANY SIM. IT’s so easy to join in the multiplayer lobby, they fixed all the bugs. Just can’t believe it, its so easy to jump in and play the game. and no one plays it?it could potentially be the best multiplayer sim-racing game out.
        Come on people, play netkar pro!

      • gt3rsr

        Netkar what?

      • Anonymous

        Netkar “PRO” !! yes, for me too, it’s the best sim, now, pending the release of GTR3

      • Boss Player

        I have Netkar PRO demo, indeed is good sim but I don’t know how to configure FFB. I wonna reduce strength over kerbs (couze it’s way too harsh). Anyone know how?

      • Anonymous

        Hello Boss Player, I am not at all an expert (enthousiast beginner) but I can help you:
        go to “Box” and click on “view” (top bar) and you’ll see (bottom left) “ffgain” (it’s the FFB strength in Netkar Pro) I found this in a french forum (for G25 wheel) :
        “500 abarth : FFGAIN=1.500000
        F1600 : FFGAIN=1.600000
        F1800 : FFGAIN=0.800000
        F2000 : FFGAIN=0.800000
        FTarget : FFGAIN=0.800000
        KS2 : FFGAIN=0.600000
        OSETTA : FFGAIN=0.770000
        Vintage: : FFGAIN=1.300000 ”
        For ff damping type 0
        For ff friction type 0 or 5 (if your wheel is too soft)

        I hope it will help

      • Boss Player

        Thanks for the tip jrcn50, it reduce kerbs harshness, but it also reduce overall ffb strength. My advice to Kunos Simulazioni is to let us sim racers finetune every single value FFB value like in rFactor with a Controller.ini file because Netkar Pro has lot of potential expecially on “oversteer FFB” and car feeling attached to the road, but there’s not enough options for finetuning it.

    • gt3rsr

      You have seen few videos from rF2 and exactly ONE screenshot from GTR3 so far so… isn’t it “a bit” premature decision, sir?

  • gt3rsr

    Well, you can judge absolutely NOTHING from this “screenshot”. Take GTR2 or any other Simbin product, spend five minutes in Photoshop and you have this. Anyway, my hopes for the final product are still HUGE.

  • Markus Ott

    Hm, dunno what the discussion is all about if the screen is edited or not. It is not impressive either way, somewhere between pCARS and rFactor2 (at least a bit better than rF2), but nothing that amazes me.
    Someone said it looks like a 2011 game. lmao. sry.

  • dog god

    If this is an in game any chance that we can see video of in game footage. I think most people were hoping for more info that a console res screen shot and the travel itinerary of one of the devs, especially after the length of time since that last screen shot.
    Was the screen shot take from a replay ? or set up using dev tools, neither of which indicate anything to do with the game play which is what I buy a game for. I have other software for pictures.

    • gt3rsr

      “assuming that all sim devs sort out the driving physics before graphics” … how did you come to this conclusion? I think that development in all areas goes concurrently.

      • dog god

        I would assume that a good to great physics engine takes longer to develop than good to great graphics engine considering that graphics have improved across all gaming genres for years and with the pace of development in graphic cards there isnt much point in having a very long time of development in the graphics department as hardware will way out pace the engine, yet how much development have we seen in physics engines ?.
        I would also imagine its much more difficult to estimate how long it will take to develop the physic engine compared to the graphics engine and the availability of people with the technical know how to develop a physics engine would be much less than that amount that are available to create a graphic engine.
        It would only make sense to start with the hardest part, the two at some stage will be at a comparable percentage done. One would assume its around the time they start showing screen shots

  • Borut Verbancic

    I think someone is scared that may be GTR3 better(visual at least) than peoples preferable tittles, or at least i smell fear 🙂 Maybe this picture really don’t prove anything, how it look when we will playing it. But if i hold on words “not edited ingame shot” we can say pCARS will MAYBE getting the real visual competitor. In my opinion, environment in extended ( picture is much better than anything we see in cars.

  • Anonymous

    nice.  la de dah.

  • Bernardino Moreira

    After hearing the audio preview, i just had an orgasm

    • gt3rsr

      You mean eargasm?

  • Anonymous

    one screenshot wow !

  • Borut Verbancic

    Yes yes yes. Kunos Simulazioni will release next title:
    Will be 2012 freaking great or what? 🙂

  • Aaron Carlisle

    I’m not buying into any hype that comes along w/ this screenshot because of how notorious SimBin is at highly photoshopping screenshots.

    If that really is in-game, untouched, then the over-done motion blur completely kills it for me.  In a lot of instances, it’s there to cover up details that aren’t actually there.  I’d prefer the much more natural, “eyesight realistic” look of rFactor2 over this blurry mess.

    • Ricoo

      This is outside view, wait for cockpit view… It’s reallistic for this point of view.

      Environment lighting is exceptional in this screen. Lighting on trees is far superior to even Project CARS.

      • Tomas Beha

        I agree on the trees-part, CARS engine looks really cool, but the trees are off. And to be fair, the human eye DO view highspeed motion as blurry, it’s simply a limitation of our visual perception. Also I’ve been personally asured that this is an unedited screenshot – so visually stunning, but I still have lots of worries when it comes to the full package and stability of Simbin titles – prove me wrong please 😉

      • Aaron Carlisle

        The human eye only blurs what we aren’t focused on.  Anything we turn our eyes towards comes instantly comes into focus; this is why it should never be in a racing game because we’re focused on the entire screen in front of us.  Every complained about this type of motion blur w/ Shift, but everyone is all of a sudden OKAY w/ this because it’s GTR3?  Give me a break.

      • Jean-François Chardon

        Could you be confusing motion blur with distance blur?

  • Anonymous

    Exterior sound need popping sound in shift changing.

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